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Flat ironing, combing, tearing, and shouting… what happened to the effortless chic of your pixie? Growing out short hair from a pixie cut or bob can make it seem like all the love you once had for your fresh, short cut has turned to despair. Folks in the mile high city know that the best part of life is finding joy in the journey. Explore these great tips for growing out short pixie cuts and bobs brought to you by Deseo Salon & BlowDry, Denver’s premier luxury salon.

Get into a Routine

Regular trims are key when it comes to growing out a pixie or bob. While short haircuts are relatively low maintenance, keeping your style on point and intentional can be a challenge. A-lines, rocker chick pixies, and any kind of asymmetrical cut will be tricky to grow out as sections of hair inevitably grow faster than others. This is true even of the most seamless bob.

Mark off your calendar and set a reminder on your phone. Stylists recommend getting a trim every six to eight weeks for pixies and bobs. Book in advance to save yourself the struggle of a last minute wedding, party, or special occasion that calls for fabulous chic and no loose ends.

Reinvent Your Style While Growing Out Short Hair

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that all short hair will go through an awkward phase. Much like our 7th-grade yearbook photos, your once edgy pixie maybe one day become a sight you’d rather hide than flaunt. The good news is that there’s no reason to wait out the awkward phase! Embrace the “in-between” by making the most of your ever-changing style.

If your top and bangs grow more quickly than your ends, try a punk poof or a fo’ hawk. DIY your look with the help of Kevin Murphy’s Rough.Rider strong hold clay with soya bean extract and golden bamboo to strengthen ends and minimize breakage. Careful not to overdo the goo. A dime-sized dab is usually enough to keep your style rocking.

For a more sophisticated chic, try a classic lob or a shaggy A-line. Layers are a great way to sculpt your hair and make any uneven pieces seem intentional.

Give Yourself Free Rein to Create

You’ll inevitably find yourself coming up with a lot of tricks and twists to keep your hair from outgrowing its welcome and that’s okay! Growing out short hair is the perfect time to play with new styles and accessories.

Headbands offer the classic solution to growing out short do’s. From retro chic to boho vibes, this simple accessory is incredibly versatile. Try pinning back your bangs to create a rolled curl in the front for a Rosie the Riveter aesthetic. If the back of your hair is growing faster than the front, try the reverse of this trick by wrapping loose end pieces into the back of your headband for a bohemian look.

Formal occasions can be difficult to navigate with fewer options for short hair that isn’t quite black dress ready on its own. Don’t be afraid to try new styling products! Kevin Murphy’s Free.Hold is a lightweight, shine enhancing styling paste perfect for envisioning sleek sophistication with a daring, slicked back do.

Add a Pop of Color

The great thing about short hair is that you can rock almost any color. Now is the time to experiment with funky fashion hues and bold nearly-natural all over hair color. Changing up the color is a good way to keep yourself from getting bored with your hair (and chopping it again!).

Not sure which color works for your look? Stop in today for a color consult with one of our world-class stylists! No matter how you transition from short hair to long hair, our stylists are here to help you find your perfect style every day.

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