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Whether you have a short bob or long locks, keeping your hair in excellent condition is a top priority. But going to a salon with highly trained stylists like Deseo Salon & BlowDry isn’t just the best way to keep your hair healthy and looking great every day. It’s also the best way to get your hair colored to its perfect shade month after month. If you want to change your hair’s color, you might be wondering whether you should DIY with a box kit or go to a salon. Go with a professional stylist every time. Here are seven things to keep in mind about salon hair color.

1. Education and experience make all the difference.

One of the most important reasons you should go to a professional hair stylist for your color treatments is because they have the knowledge and experience to keep your hair healthy and strong. With years of schooling under their belt, a stylist can create a wide range of styles based on your individual needs and personal preferences. A highly skilled colorist can also offer advice on what styles and colors are most suited to your face shape and skin tone.  You achieve a look that accentuates your features in the best ways possible. Box color advertises the best possible result on the front cover. But that’s not necessarily going to be the result you get.

2. Different salon hair color techniques are essential.

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity and thought you’d love to have their hair, going to a professional stylist is the best way to make that happen. With access to different color techniques like ombre and balayage, a professional stylist can help you transform your current hairdo into a gorgeous new look. Even if you meticulously follow all of the YouTube tutorials available, it’s impossible to give your own hair the custom highlights or healthy color you’re looking for.

3. Listen to their product recommendations.

When it comes to choosing hair care products, it can be hard to know which ones are best for your hair. That’s why going to a professional stylist is really helpful. They can recommend products like Bain Chromatique Riche that are specifically designed for color-treated hair. A hair care professional can also offer a variety of tips to keep your hair looking great between appointments. Hair color treatments make take a couple of trips, especially if you’re switching from a darker shade. That’s prime time to get invaluable advice.

4. Color corrections are hard to handle yourself.

If you’ve ever tried coloring your own hair or had a bad experience at a salon, you know that color mistakes can happen. Fortunately, when you visit a professional salon with highly skilled, experienced stylists, they can correct any existing damage. They can also apply products that will help restore your hair to its naturally healthy condition. A skilled hairstylist can also test your hair strands and create a plan to remove old color and repair your hair. Color correction isn’t just for mistakes, either. A colorist can help lighten your dark hair to beachy blonde or ombre highlights.

5. Dimensionality is all about the technique, not the chemicals.

When it comes to getting the definition and dimension you want for a natural, youthful look, only a professional hair stylist has the knowledge and expertise to make this happen. Some box colors claim to provide dimension. But it’s just not possible to achieve a multi-dimensional style with a single color application. Stylists can combine a mix of colors and application techniques to ensure you walk out with the definition and dimension you deserve.

6. Professional-grade hair color stays vibrant longer.

Another great benefit of having your hair colored or highlighted by a professional is knowing that they are using high-quality products and supplies. Boxes just don’t provide the same quality. Since these products are not offered at your local drugstore, there’s no way to get this peace of mind any other way. Professional-grade hair products also contain ingredients that rejuvenate your hair to create a healthy shine. Fitting a couple hours into your schedule now is a lot easier than having to re-dye your hair every month.

7. Stylists know which colors are the best fit for your hair.

When it comes to coloring over existing color, a professional hair stylist can make recommendations based on your existing hair. They can look at your original hair color and help you decide what changes you’d like to make. For example, you may think you want to go darker. But you’re not sure if it will complement your skin tone or make you look too pale. A professional stylist is trained to pick out the best color matches, and they have years of experience. That means they can provide you with options and give recommendations for what shade will look best on you. Walk in with a few examples of what you want. Then a colorist can zero in on the best shades for your skin, hair, and facial structure.

If you want beautiful salon hair color that complements your skin and offers a radiant glow, seek the advice of a professional hair stylist. For more information or to get the process started, schedule an appointment with one of our highly-skilled professional stylists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. Whether you want a new look, you want to repair your current hair color, or your roots need a touchup, contact us at the best salon in Denver today.

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