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Blowout in Denver, Colorado

Time to Treat Yourself

There’s nothing more fabulous than a luxury blowout service in Denver, Colorado. Deseo Salon & BlowDry isn’t simply a place for amazing haircuts. Our style experts deliver the best shine, volume, and flair to hair styling services in Jefferson Park. It’s the in-between phases that matter the most when it comes to keeping your look fresh and on-trend, and that’s where a salon-quality blowout comes in.

A hair blowout service is strictly style. Imagine the best day of pampering your hair has ever experienced. A VIP wash and blow-dry service give you that straight from the salon look without cutting or coloring. It’s the perfect fix for growing out short hair, keeping up on your current look, or always looking your best for special occasions. 

The best reason of all to get a blowout service in Denver, Colorado? Treating yourself! Every diva deserves a little pampering.

All About Blowouts

Everyone loves the relaxing feeling of having their hair professionally shampooed, conditioned, and blow-dried to perfection. The softness and lightness of ‘fresh from the salon’ hair create one of the best moments in any beauty guru’s week. A professional blowout service is like having your own personal glam squad on standby. Our trained hairstylists spend extra time at the shampoo bowl. We give your hair the luxury package of clarifying, nourishing, and revitalizing it deserves. We also use vitamin-enriched, high-end salon products to bring out shine and brilliance in every strand while protecting your color and smoothing frizzy ends. Consider adding a deep conditioning treatment to your blowout service for a little extra pampering.

Once we wash and renew your hair, we’ll blow-dry and style your lovely locks into your favorite look. A blow dryer is a powerful tool in the hands of a hair salon professional! The magic of salon-perfect hair styling will have you asking the age-old question of, “Why won’t my hair do that at home?” The simple answer? Because it wants more ‘treat yourself’ days at Deseo!

Curly, Straight, Wavy, or Natural — So Many Ways to Pamper Your Hair!

A blowout service is so much more than a simple wash and blow-dry. At Deseo, we customize every treatment to suit your hair goals. That means tailoring our services to your favorite style, whether you prefer curls or pin-straight, shiny locks. Flat ironing and hair curling are always part of our professional blowout package. Let us know what look brings the biggest smile to your face, and we’re happy to make your hair-loving dreams come true. Beachy waves, soft curls, and deep conditioned, extra-smooth straightened hair are the top choices to pair with a blowout service.

Of course, some of our clients are blessed with naturally gorgeous hair that lies perfectly on point when blow-dried and professionally round-brushed or styled. Whatever your most selfie-worthy hairstyle is, a blowout service brings out the best in your hair.

In addition, blowouts are a great way to maintain hairstyles longer. Keeping up with a cut is all about moisturizing your hair and providing every strand with rich nutrients, alongside extra clarifying and deep cleansing. This ensures your ends blend perfectly with layers and depth, never frizzing or breaking. Blowouts are also a color-safe service.

When it comes to making hair color last longer without constant touch-ups that risk over-processing your hair, the secret is maintaining expert color care between dying, lightening, and bleaching. Add a restorative masque treatment to your next blowout and enjoy the difference of soft, silky hair with killer color for days.

Treat yourself to a blowout service in Denver, Colorado, at Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver!

woman with freshly styled hair after a professional blowout in Denver

A salon-quality blowout in Denver is a little dose of magic for your hair. You’ll leave our salon feeling enchanted by the results. While we can’t reveal the secret to our hair styling spells, we can answer a few commonly asked questions about blow dry treatments. Learn everything you need to know about luxury blowouts before booking your first appointment.

Can a Blowout Help Fight Frizz?

When blowdrying your hair at home, you may have noticed your attempts to smooth frizz don’t always catch all the flyaways and stray strands. Heat treating your hair can often make frizz worse and lead to breakage.

Think of a blowout in Denver as a professionally done blow dry treatment. Where it’s difficult for home beauty gurus to style their own hair and gauge the appropriate heat level, a blowout is tailored to your unique locks with results that are more predictably fabulous. Blowouts smooth frizz during the styling process so the result is a more seamless, ‘fresh from the salon’ look.

How Long Does a Blowout in Denver Last?

A professional blow dry service is designed to hold your style in place. You can expect a fresh blowout in Denver to last three to five days before you’ll need to wash or refresh the style. This makes a blow dry the preferred option for special occasions. A blowout is resilient and can keep its shape from receptions to ceremonies and even on long plane rides. 

Any Tips for Extending the Life of a Blowout?

Your photo-ready blowout can stay fresher longer with a few simple tips.

  • Invest in a satin pillowcase or wrap your hair before bed to fight the dreaded static.
  • No dancing in the rain! Avoid swimming, washing, and harsh elements as much as possible so your style keeps its shape.
  • Wear a shower cap to protect your hair during your morning routine.
  • Avoid exercising to prevent sweat accumulation on your fresh look.
  • Target your roots with a quick home blow dry treatment to revitalize the look.
  • Opt for dry shampoo whenever possible.
  • Avoid tying your hair up in tight styles and keep your blowout loose for as long as possible.

Can I Get a Blowout With Short Hair?

A blowout in Denver isn’t simply for long hair. A luxury blow dry treatment is all about enhancing volume, shine, and dimension. That makes this treatment a great fit for short and medium hair. In fact, a blowout in Denver is the perfect way to revitalize a pixie cut that’s feeling a little flat or a bob that simply needs a little extra drama and flair. Blowouts are an amazing hack for the awkward in-between growth stages too!

I Don’t Have a Lot of Time. How Long Will a Blowout in Denver Take?

If you’re short on time, then we have great news! A blowout in Denver is one of the quickest treatments on our hair care menu. The entire process typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes. With results as fabulous as these, you’ll fool everyone into thinking you spent hours in the salon chair.

Can the End Result of a Blowout Differ Depending on Preference?

The short answer is yes! Blowouts can be customized to define more waves or more straight locks — or simply emphasize volume. We can tailor the degree of fullness to suit your hair goals.

Are Blowouts Safe for All Hair Types and Textures? What About Color Treated Hair?

A blowout in Denver is a universally magical hair treatment that works well for all types and textures. The method is gentle enough for color-treated hair while still having enough hold for Type 3 and Type 4 curls.

Contact our glam squad today to book your blowout treatment.