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All Over Color

Long-Lasting Colors and Shine

Looking for all over color in Denver, Colorado? Discover your perfect hue at Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Jefferson Park. Our highly trained colorists are ready to paint your world a new shade with fresh, vibrant colors that dazzle. When applied by a professional, our salon-perfect formulas last through every adventure. 

We love to bring our clients’ beautiful inspirations to life. From seasonal trends to bold fashion hues, all over hair color is so much more than a simple salon visit. A whole new look brings excitement, change, and energy to your daily routine. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about damaging your hair. Our stylists are experts at assessing your hair type, providing a color consultation, and achieving your hue dreams with gentle, nourishing products that won’t leave your new style looking dull or fried.

Make a change and feel amazing with all over hair color services at Deseo!

What Hair Color Is Right for Me?

From celebrities to influencers, catching the all over hair coloring trends can be an exciting but overwhelming process. Most clients have a general idea of their dream hair colors. Maybe you’re looking to go lighter or darker, add a pop of auburn, or try out a whimsical, pastel, unicorn-inspired look with fun fashion colors. The number one question on every beauty guru’s mind is, “Will it look like the photo?” 

The beauty of glamour is that every goddess is a little different. Hair texture, cut, natural coloring, and even your skin tone will influence how all over color will appear. At the start of your session, your luxury stylist will assess your vision, hair, and personal style to help you choose the best hue for you. There are hundreds of shades to pick from when it comes to a basic tone like “red” or “blonde.” From warm to cool, soft to bold, there’s a perfect match for every diva. We can even help you make the leap from dark to light or choose low-maintenance hair colors for your busy lifestyle.

No matter what path your all over hair color adventure leads you down, we’ll be here for the journey.

The Distinction of Excellence

All over color is far from the same experience as boxed hair dye or DIY coloring. Also referred to as “single-process hair color,” this one-step treatment involves carefully painting a single shade throughout your hair.

There are three levels of commitment when it comes to all over color: semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. As you might have guessed, these levels vary in strength and longevity. Permanent colors will last the longest and are a little tougher on your hair. However, this ammonia blend formula has what it takes to lighten or darken strands up to 4 levels in either direction. Combining these all over color treatments with a deep conditioning Olaplex treatment or hair masque is a great way to keep your new hair feeling soft and resilient, even after a dramatic change. Semi and demi shades provide a gentler change that can last as long as 24-26 washes, with semi-permanent hair colors being the gentlest and quickest to fade.

Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver uses high-end Wella hair colors. The brightest, boldest line in the industry, Wella is also nourishing and gentle on hair. Each of our expert colorists has over three years of luxury salon experience and has the Wella color course certification to deliver the hottest looks while keeping your hair light, radiant, and silky soft.

Ready to start your hair color journey? Come visit us today for a fresh, vibrant new you.

Frequently Asked Questions About All Over Color in Denver

woman with hair dyed with all over color in Denver

What Are The Hottest Hair Color Trends In Denver?

From hand-painted balayage and warm caramel highlights to calm decadent brunette hues and pearly blonde waves, hot hair color sightings in Denver are all over the map! New and upcoming trends are all about taking your usual look and adding a fun, new twist. An effective, low-maintenance alternative to complicated foils and endless upkeep is a customized all over coloring. At Deseo Salon in Denver, we can help you heat up your look with a trending color inspiration, such as:

  • Dark chocolate locks that add depth and dimension fit for any diva
  • Sun-kissed warm honey that is the perfect pleasing blonde
  • Ash brown with cool silvery undertones that will wow any trendsetter
  • Chocolate cherry that provides a luscious base for a deeper red head  

Why Does Deseo Salon Use Wella Hair Products?

Wella Professionals is a top-tier, scientifically-formulated brand of professional hair color and expert hair care products. Internationally renowned for its vibrant shades and conditioning formula, Wella colors will outperform and outlast the average hair dye. Every stylist at Deseo Salon & BlowDry is trained and certified to mix and expertly apply this salon-perfect brand. We stand by its deep conditioning benefits and nourishing nutrients, which lock in moisture and revitalize damaged strands.

How Long Will My All Over Hair Color Last?

The life and longevity of your hair color are dependent on several factors, including your hair type, the amount of damage your hair may be suffering, and the level of dye permanence chosen by your colorist. Our preferred Wella hair colors are chemically-based, single-process hair dyes of varying permanence designed to lift or darken at different levels. Here’s how many washes you can expect your color to last based on your dye type:

  • Semi-Permanent dyes only deposit hair color on the outermost layer of the hair and do not contain any peroxide. As the color with the least amount of permanence, you should expect this type of dye to last between 6-12 washes.
  • Demi-Permanent hair color has low amounts of lifting peroxide. It deposits color between the cuticle and cortex. As a result, demi-permanent hair dyes will last longer than semi-permanent formulas and generally won’t need a refresh for a good 12-24 washes.
  • Permanent hair dye must be mixed with a developer and activator before use. It can lighten or darken hair up to four levels, permanently changing the color composition of your hair. This makes it great for longevity; you won’t need color reapplied for four to eight weeks, or approximately 16-32 washes.

Will Coloring My Hair Cause Damage?

In order to achieve long-lasting, dramatic color changes, your stylist may need to use a permanent hair color that contains hydrogen peroxide. This process involves opening the cuticle layer of the hair in order for the color molecules to penetrate and deposit the chosen color. 

Therefore, you cannot prevent a certain amount of damage. But your trained Deseo stylist will know how to avoid over-processing. We also know what to recommend for repairing and nourishing the hair after coloring. Are you concerned about causing excessive damage to your hair during your color appointment in Denver? Then be sure to discuss semi- and demi-permanent color options with your stylist.

How Much Does an All Over Hair Coloring Appointment at Deseo Salon Cost?

Is your hair fine to normal? Do you have extra thick or very long hair? Are you including a haircut along with your color and blowout? Do you plan on adding a few extra foils for highlights or lowlights during your appointment? All these factors affect the amount of time and dye needed for your service, which determines the final price. Please refer to our service menu for a complete cost and time breakdown. If you are a new client, we also highly recommend starting with a 15-minute color consultation to ensure our stylists can fully vibe with your vision!