Bleach & Tone

Taking Ice Queen to the Next Level

Discover amazing bleach and tone services in Denver, Colorado, for the snow queen in all of us at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. Our Jefferson Park clients have big dreams when it comes to their hair. That’s where our professional stylists come in. We’ll bring that inspiration to life and deliver dramatic, vibrant runway styles in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

A bleach and tone treatment is a highly specialized service unique to ultra platinum blonde hues and the polar white aesthetic. Think of this style as the counterpoint to the jet raven black of 90s high fashion. Ice blonde is the reigning snow queen when it comes to glamorous hairstyles and bold, daring colors. This fast-growing trend isn’t dying out anytime soon — no hair coloring jokes intended!

With the popularity of bleach and tone treatments, it’s no wonder that more and more beauty gurus are curious about how they can catch the look and take dark hair to the light side. Bleach and tone treatments are certainly not for everyone. This level of lightening should only be trusted to a professional stylist. Our salon pros are firm believers in giving your hair a full assessment before any intense treatments to prevent over-processing and breakage.

If a bleach and tone treatment is right for your unique hair type, we’ll make sure you leave with radiantly soft, stunningly vibrant locks that meet the platinum standard of luxury hair design.

The Magic Behind the Salon Chair

Many of our clients are familiar with the end results of a salon-quality bleach and tone treatment. Silver, ultra-light blonde, and even stunning ivory hair are possible when a professional strips the natural pigment away and replaces the ordinary hue with premium white. But what exactly does this process entail? And why is it so highly specialized?

Imagine a very delicate canvas where the right amounts of color must be in perfect harmony to create a gorgeous masterpiece. This is the basic balancing act of a bleach and tone. We apply lightener to the scalp, midshaft, and ends of the hair. We also adjust the formula to the perfect level to brighten without harming the root or strand. Once your hair has lifted to the appropriate shade, your new color begins to shine through. 

As most blondes know, it’s not always fun and games. Going light often comes with unwanted tints of yellow, brass, and even green. This is where the tone part of the service saves the day. Professional toning counteracts pesky undertones to ensure even, flawlessly platinum locks. You can achieve and maintain the single color, monochromatic chic from runways and magazine covers with products that strengthen the color while blocking other shades from ruining your selfie-ready look.

Do you want an extra indulgent boost of softness and damage control? If so, then our amazing colorists will be happy to add a deep conditioning treatment to every service. Nourishing masques are a great choice to pair with our bleach and tone services!

True Colors at Deseo

So you know you want a bleach and tone treatment. You understand the process and at-home haircare involved, and you can’t wait for your new look. Before you take the plunge, consider what shade of ultra-light hair you’re envisioning for your unique style.

While it may sound like a simple decision, there are many nuanced shades to the bleach and tone palette. Premium silver has become a fast-growing trend over the last several years, from deeper slate to elegant, reflective sterling. A few other favorites include lux ash blonde, snow-white, and cool-rooted platinum. There are also a variety of undertones to choose from, depending on your desired result. Consider anything from neutral or smudged roots to all over bright white brilliance. 

Your friendly neighborhood stylist can help you take the first steps of your bleach and tone adventure. We’ll start by recommending shades to complement your skin tone, hair type, and desired results. Book your appointment today with our fabulous color crew!