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The Highlight of Any Occasion

Light up the room with bold highlights in Denver! Jefferson Park is home to the best professional colorists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. A simple highlighting treatment is so much more than a classic look. The distinction of a luxury salon experience can take your bright, fresh shade to the next level with the latest trends in hair coloring, lightening, and more. 

Highlights are the perfect, low-commitment color option for beauty gurus who aren’t ready for all over color or a dramatic overhaul. Foils can be adjusted so that the end result is as subtle or as bold as you’d like! A touch of dimension also adds volume to fine, delicate hair and dazzling color to blonde and brunette tones. Best of all, highlights are the lazy goddess’s best friend. When applied by a trained professional, a head of gorgeous sunny color will stay radiant for a full six months before it’s time for a touch-up.

Wake up your hair with beautiful, glowing highlights!

Highlights Tailored to You

Professional color services are customized to suit your personal style. There’s no “one color suits all” approach at Deseo! We like to celebrate the differences in every hair type, texture, and hue. Plus, our stylists love seeing what inspires our clients. Whether you have a specific image in mind for your highlights or you’d like some guidance finding the perfect look, we’re here to help from foil to finish.

Chunky highlights are always in fashion, with tight spacing between sections to achieve a vintage 90s revival aesthetic that’s a great complement to a pair of acid wash jeans. If a softer tone is more your hair color vision, then babylights are a favorite option. We can create wispy strands throughout your hair that flow naturally with depth and movement. There are many different placement and spacing choices for edgy chic or a more blended highlight, depending on your preferences.

The brightness level can also be tailored to bold, shocking platinum or a sultry evening hue with lowlights. No matter your highlight hue, you’re sure to leave feeling a little lighter and a little more like the sunny goddess you were born to be.

Color Me Radiant

Highlights work well with a variety of hair colors from light blonde to brunette. Your friendly neighborhood stylist will help identify the degree of lightener needed to bring out the best highlight effect. 

Super light blondes can rock almost any highlight option, including lowlights. Ash blonde, medium beige, and warm caramel tones are among the most popular choices for naturally light hair, too. If you’re looking for a unique option, then auburn and strawberry blonde highlights blend well with lighter blonde tones to create the illusion of a natural red tint.

For light to medium brown hair, highlights are a fabulous way to bring out fullness and volume. Weaving in smaller strands of blonde throughout, with most of the highlights gracing the lower section of your hair, creates a healthy, shimmering result that’s rich with dimension and shine. Think soft curls and sundresses! 

Even deep, chocolate brown hair can embrace the highlight trend by going just a few shades lighter. Think mocha, mahogany, walnut, caramel, deep auburn, and more! There’s a myriad of amazing color options for brunette hair when it comes to stunning highlights. We love identifying each client’s best shade and taking you through every step of the highlight journey.

Looking to give your hair a little extra TLC before lightening it up? A frizz-fighting Olaplex treatment can be added to any color surface to enhance smoothness and shine. So book your highlight appointment today with our amazing team of glamorous hair superheroes!

Frequently Asked Questions About Highlights in Denver

woman with stylish highlights in Denver

How Do I Know If Highlights Are Right for Me?

Highlights are excellent for adding depth and dimension to any hair color and look amazing on anybody—as long as you choose the right colorist. At Deseo Salon & BlowDry, we proudly offer only the best and most talented stylists in Denver who are trained to deliver today’s hottest trends using the most advanced techniques.

When you consult with one of our color experts, be sure to communicate all your concerns and expectations when it comes to your ultimate hair ambitions. Bring pictures for reference, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our goal is to help you achieve the highlights of your dreams!

Should I Opt for Full or Partial Highlights in Denver?

A full highlight service involves treating your entire head from nape to forehead with semi-permanent color in foils to infuse your hair with expertly blended brightness and subtle contrast. Partial highlights use the same technique and provide similar results on only half of your head, usually the top and face-framing front portions.

The choice will be up to you and your stylist, depending on personal preference, budget, or time constraints. For more information, check out your highlight booking options on the service menu for Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver. We also offer “mini” highlight services consisting of ten foils or less. It’s perfect for those looking to brighten up just a few key strands around the face.

What’s the Difference Between Highlights and Lowlights?

Highlights add a sun-kissed effect to your hair. It provides relief and intensity by strategically brightening hair strands with hair dye that is lighter than your natural color. Whether you choose to go retro with chunky highlights or like to keep it more natural with a delicate frosted look, highlights work on every hair color by adding lightener.

Lowlights are used to create depth and contrast by using hints of darker hair coloring that are expertly woven into your natural tones. Lowlights tend to be a great choice for those looking for a less dramatic change to their style. It can also be a blending technique that helps to tone down the effect of thicker, more bold highlights.

What Are Babylights?

Babylights are a special type of highlight technique. We achieve this by weaving and lightening very small pieces of hair for an all-over shimmer and glow. If you have fine hair, you may especially love a babylights option for its end result. It packs a ton of subtle dimension. The goal of a babylights treatment is to mimic the delicate yet natural coloring effect often found in the hair of young children.

Is It Okay to Highlight Gray Hair?

Absolutely! In fact, highlights are a great solution for those who prefer to complement their natural gray hair rather than hiding it with a permanent all over color. Our Deseo stylists might even recommend a combination of lowlights and highlights. This can help camouflage gray roots while achieving a smooth color transition throughout. Depending on how much gray you’re rocking, you might even consider transitioning to an ultra-silver or platinum look with the help of striking white highlights in Denver. Always consult with our color experts before undergoing such a dramatic change to avoid damage.

Do Highlights in Denver Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Nope! Highlights are largely considered a low-maintenance styling technique. When you opt to update your look with a Deseo Salon highlight appointment, you know you’ll be getting long-lasting, luminous locks of hair that won’t require touch-ups for weeks!

As with any coloring treatment, we have several helpful recommendations for keeping your hair healthy. This, in turn, keeps your highlights popping for as long as possible. Care for your highlights in between appointments by following these tips:

  • Use a moisturizing, sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner.
  • Wash your hair less often, ideally two or three times per week.
  • Keep your highlighted hair fresh with dry shampoo as needed between washes.
  • Always prep hair with a thermal protector product before any heat styling.
  • Apply a deep condition treatment once a week.
  • Protect your hair from prolonged sun exposure, as UV rays will fade your color.
  • Defend against chlorine or saltwater when swimming by preparing your hair with protective oil.

Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver is the perfect place to book your next hair adventure. If you’re not sure where to begin, then do yourself a favor by starting with a hair color consultation first. Our knowledgeable stylists are eager to answer all your questions. We’re here to help you achieve the highlighted masterpiece of your dreams.