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Enjoy Style on the Edge for Life on the Go With Kevin Murphy Products

Dramatic, bold looks all have a style story that starts with Kevin Murphy products in Denver, Colorado. Deseo Salon & BlowDry is proud to offer these professional styling products in Jefferson Park. 

Kevin Murphy’s full line of sculpting, styling, and conditioning products pampers and nourishes all hair types. It works with everything from virgin locks to frequently treated hair. We’re delighted to feature Kevin Murphy in our exclusive line of products carried at our boutique salon. The versatility of these products makes them a must-have addition to any at-home hair care kit because they’re great for low-maintenance styling routines with a high-end result.

Explore the full range of benefits Kevin Murphy’s elite formula has to offer. Start by asking your friendly neighborhood stylist for tips on developing a maintenance routine that fits your hair goals and lifestyle. We love delivering the best quality products for the simplest ‘get ready with me’ start to a fabulous (and glamorous) day!

Beauty Brought to You by Nature in Every Kevin Murphy Product

The Deseo standard guarantees the highest quality ingredients for better hair and a better planet. Just like the other luxury lines in our salon, Kevin Murphy is eco-friendly. The company proudly uses organic micro cultivation growing practices and ecologically sound wild harvesting to create a responsible new way to do hair care. Their innovative packaging is also made from recycled plastics cleaned up from the ocean! That’s a must for every beauty mermaid. Every product is cruelty-free and free of harmful sulfates or parabens, which weigh down delicate hair, leech away moisture, and strip color. 

However, Kevin Murphy’s natural and sustainable hair care products also utilize a wealth of high-quality botanicals, fruit essences, and herbal extracts for glowing, radiant hair. Natural moisturizers include antioxidant-dense mango butter and murumuru butter to smooth the hair cuticles and soften the hair. Notes of floral scent are followed with vitamin-rich extracts from Peruvian Bark, Baobab, Bamboo, and Orange Blossom. These key ingredients provide weightless hydration that won’t leave your hair feeling sticky or dense. Luxurious natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Orchid, Lotus Flower, and Desert Lime also add their restorative properties to every formula to reduce breakage and repair chemical damage naturally. 

Nourish, restore, and glow with Kevin Murphy!

Kevin Murphy Is Strong Enough for Every Style

Kevin Murphy products are gentle enough for even the most delicate hair and sensitive scalp. At the same time, this remarkable line specializes in strong, ultra-lightweight pastes, clays, and sculpting gels. These products are great for scalp health, shine, and maintaining fashionable styles for longer between appointments. This line features products by strength level to guide you in selecting the right formula for your look.

Want more movement and natural flow? Then go with Kevin Murphy’s FREE.HOLD flexible styling paste with a natural shine.

Are you looking for a stronger clay with a defined matte aesthetic? Then ROUGH.RIDER is the product for you.

High-end clays, pastes, and gels are also quickly replacing pomade as the preferred men’s hair care products. It’s no surprise that Kevin Murphy is leading the way in this style revolution. There’s no better product for maintaining a high fade or modern urban pompadour than Kevin Murphy’s full line of sculpting tools.

Short haircuts for women are ideal style matches for these products, too. Enjoy effortless sculpting and let your creative side play. Also, you can try new looks every day, from spiky pixie cuts to faux hawks and curly French bobs. There’s no falling flat with Kevin Murphy! When you have a quality hair care routine at home, your dramatic short hairstyle will look ‘straight from the salon’ fresh long after your initial appointment.

If you’re ready for a new look, then get started on your DIY hair care journey today with Kevin Murphy and the team at Deseo! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kevin Murphy Products

woman with hair styled by products from Kevin Murphy in Denver

Finding the best professional hair care products in Denver can sometimes feel like scaling a mountain. Luckily, Deseo Salon & BlowDry has the finest luxury haircare products the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Kevin Murphy in Denver is a brand you can rely on. Once you’ve found your go-to products, you’ll never go back to ordinary hair products again.

Discover Kevin Murphy in Denver with this full line of incredibly styling products for every hair type.

Is Kevin Murphy in Denver Really for All Hair Types?

Yes! We really do mean all hair types. Kevin Murphy’s full line of healthy hair products features a widely versatile selection. Hair types 1 and 2 will benefit from the gentle, nourishing botanical formulas, while hair types 3 and 4 will especially enjoy the lightweight styling and sculpting products offered by this cutting-edge brand. Kevin Murphy products include styling cream that ranges from a light hold to extra strong for taming even the most stubborn hair types. Best of all, these products are so lightweight, they won’t leave behind any flaky build-up or irritate your scalp.

Are Kevin Murphy Products Cruelty-Free? What About Sustainable? Do They Have All Natural Ingredients?

You can trust that Kevin Murphy in Denver isn’t just another pretty face — or, in this case, pretty product. The company crafts each formula with thoughtful, natural ingredients and a commitment to eco-friendly beauty. The packaging materials are sustainably made, and these products are never, ever tested on animals. Kevin Murphy is proudly cruelty-free and a great choice for those looking for ethical professional hair care products in Denver.

Is Kevin Murphy Safe for Color Treated Hair?

Due to the gentle yet powerful ingredients Kevin Murphy products have in their award-winning formulas, investing in Kevin Murphy products is a great idea for those who frequently color their hair. These products are 100% color-safe, even for high-maintenance colors like platinum and silvers. The exquisite beauty line won’t let your shine fade. In fact, Kevin Murphy is even tone-corrective. These products can combat brassy hues and yellow undertones from creeping through.

It’s no wonder this product line ranks among our favorite professional hair care products in Denver!

What About Hair That’s Been Chemically Straightened, Undergone a Smoothing Treatment, or Has Been Processed Previously?

Absolutely safe! In fact, this company uses ultra-hydrating, all-natural ingredients that moisturize while they cleanse. This supports a restorative hair treatment and allows your hair to grow stronger and fuller while reversing any damage done by previous treatments. In Kevin Murphy’s own words, this incredible brand is like “skincare for your hair.”

Give Kevin Murphy’s moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duo a try for extra soft, lux hair.

Since the Brand Compares Itself to Skincare, Does Kevin Murphy Offer Scalp Care Products?

Yes, we recommend Kevin Murphy’s Spa Scalp Serum and Spa Scalp Treatment. These lightweight, leave-in formulas are designed to relieve sensitive scalps of irritation, gently cleanse to remove bacteria and build-up, and provide instant smoothing and balancing relief. Proper scalp care also stimulates blood circulation and enables better hair growth.

Finding professional hair care products in Denver may be the goal of most Rocky Mountain beauty gurus, but it’s important to remember that great hair starts at the scalp down.

Are Kevin Murphy Products Affordable?

Compared to most professional hair care products in Denver, Kevin Murphy is highly affordable. You can purchase the full line of products from our neighborhood luxury salon.

Want to learn more about Kevin Murphy? Wondering what products might be best for your unique hair? Then ask your salon expert today and enjoy effortless at-home styling in Denver.

Our stylists selection
Single-Product-Kevin Murphy-Repair-Me-Rinse


Reconstructing strengthening conditioner



Reconstructing shampoo with powerful protein

Kevin Murphy-Single-Product-Re-Store


Cleansing conditioning treatment

Product-Free-Hold-Kevin Murphy


A flexible hold styling paste



Strong hold clay to create a matte defined look

Single-Product-Easy-Rider-Kevin Murphy


De-frizz and activate curl



Natural finish, firm hold rubbery gel

Kevin Murphy-Product-Leave-in-Repair


A nourishing leave-in treatment to repair and restore damage