Hair Color

Brighten up With a Pop of Color

Looking for vibrant hair color in Denver, Colorado? There’s a rainbow of possibility at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. Our expert colorists love making Jefferson Park a little brighter with a color match for every hair type, texture, and style.

Change is an exciting, powerful moment. It’s a time for us to boldly declare our uniqueness and step outside our comfort zone. If you’ve been searching for the best hair color in Denver, your fabulous hair match is just a salon date away. Deseo is here for the journey, guiding your next big change from gloss and toner to lightening to all over color perfection. Long-lasting Wella hair color guarantees brilliance with the salon-quality difference of luxurious shine, fearless vivid hues, and soft, healthy locks. No more stumbling around in the dark; our colorists can illuminate the new hair process by evaluating your hair’s condition, taking your skin tone into account, and delivering a custom color formulation to meet your Instagram-worthy hair goals.

Take a quick tour of our most popular hair color services before you book, and don’t be afraid to ask your friendly neighborhood stylist if you need a little expert wisdom before making your next big hair change. 

The color of your dreams is just an appointment away. So book today to start your hair color journey!

Corrective Color

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. It’s okay to color outside the lines — as long as you have a professional color rescue squad on standby!

Our trained colorists are skilled in corrective hair color treatments to revive even the worst color catastrophe. Had a bad date with a boxed dye? Found your new color fading to a different tone after just a few washes? Got talked into a new look while on vacation? There’s no shame in our salon! We’ve heard it all, and we’re ready to fix it all.

At Deseo, our stylists will assess the damage, provide expert guidance in deep conditioning to restore your hair’s natural bounce and softness while stripping away unwanted pigment, and take your color from a DIY fail to a red carpet success. No color is beyond hope when it comes to making the world’s greatest haircare comeback.


If you’re searching for balayage in Denver, then stop by our salon chair for hand-painted highlights that accentuate your natural hair color. Balayage is a popular highlight variety due to the unique, graduated fade that mimics sun lightened locks. This beautiful boho color is perfect for long and short hair of all textures and types!


Who doesn’t love a natural ombre hair color? This versatile highlight can take your everyday hair to new lengths with depth, shine, and brilliance. Ombre delivers a chic gradient hue with darker roots that lighten along your hair’s natural growth. From fantasy colors to seasonal looks, ombre is a great color choice that can match your complexion and style.


Looking to lighten the mood? Our amazing glam squad is salon-trained in brilliant sun-kissed hues. Highlights are a great way to add dimension and color without committing to an all-over change. We offer highlights for every hair color from deep midnight to light ash blonde. We also specialize in everything from chunky sections to subtle, wispy strands. Classic highlights are one of our favorite trends to capture with natural hair highlights blending flawlessly into your lovely layers.

All Over Color

Whether you’re looking to catch the latest trend with vibrant seasonal hair colors or become a trendsetter debuting the hottest fashion colors on the streets of Denver, Deseo Salon & BlowDry has your all over color covered.

You may have heard the term single-process hair color thrown around the salon scene. This quick, simple one-step process involves dying the hair a single shade for evenly toned perfection. There are three levels of all over hair color: semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. Just as they sound, these levels vary depending on the strength of the pigment and how long they’ll last before needing a touch-up. Most of our salon guests love demi-permanent shades for a happy medium that’s gentle on hair and still radiant between visits. This lovely in-between option typically lasts anywhere from 24 to 26 washes before the color begins to fade. With a high-quality, color protectant shampoo such as sulfate-free, moisturizing Kérastase, your color will stay flawless longer. The formula will maintain bright hair colors and nourish your roots.

Bleach & Tone

No matter how light you’re looking to go, the salon pros at Deseo can take your hair to the next dimension of style. 

A bleach and tone service is a daring, bold look for those wishing to go bright, platinum white. Silver or brilliant white hair color is a rising trend, but it’s definitely not a DIY design. Achieving an even color throughout your hair requires lifting it to the desired lightness level. The toning part of the treatment counteracts any unwanted undertones such as yellow, green, and brass hues.

Your salon expert can evaluate whether this service is right for your hair type based on overall hair health and expectations for the final product.

Gloss & Toner

Gloss and toner treatments are essential when it comes to capturing shine and maintaining brilliance. Chemical processing and hair color often strip away your locks’ natural pigment, leaving hair dull and lifeless.

Gloss treatments bring new life to your hair with a transparent, semi-permanent shine. The treatment works as a super conditioner to restore softness and sleekness. It also balances your hair to a healthy pH for maximum radiance. Toner cancels out unwanted brassy, orange, and yellow hues so your color shines true.