Gloss & Toner

Capture Your Sparkle at Deseo

Dazzle every moment of the day with gloss and toner services in Denver. Deseo Salon & BlowDry features high end, luxury boutique treatments in the heart of Jefferson Park.

Gloss and toner may be a new term for your healthy hair checklist. Simply put, this styling service makes your locks shine with a photo-ready, glowing radiance that lasts through showering, exercising, and the chaos of life. A professional gloss and toner treatment isn’t a heavy oil or serum. This weightless, transparent gloss delivers semi-permanent shine while repairing years of damage and balancing undertones in your hair. Fortifying nutrients form a protective shield around the hair shaft to defend against environmental stressors, heat styling, and chemical processing — all while leaving your luscious locks soft and vibrant!

Protect your hair’s sparkle with flawless beauty brought to you by your neighborhood luxury salon.

Wake Up and Glow Up

Let’s take a closer look at each part of a gloss and toner treatment. The magic of nourishing, hair-enriching vitamins, proteins, and nutrients creates a stunning effect that will leave you with an “I woke up like this” glow.

Salon-perfect gloss treatments work by coating the outer layer of the hair shaft. Think of a gloss and toner treatment as a protective bubble that keeps color molecules in and frizz out. By bonding to the hair proteins, the gloss part of a treatment acts as a deep conditioner to reverse sun damage, chlorine exposure, and even a brutal routine of flat ironing and curling. Texture, silky softness, and shine are instantly restored for a mirror-like finish that captures the light in every room.

So what’s the secret behind this lightweight, super-effective hair revival? Gloss and toner is the ultimate conditioner due to one simple property: the pH of the gloss formula is lower than that of the hair. While the term acidic might sound harsh, a balanced recipe for youthful, bouncy hair acts as the perfect restorative treatment. It will deep condition and restore a healthy glow.

Tone and Balance With Gloss and Toner

The toner part of the treatment is all about restoring hair harmony. Color balance is an essential step in any revitalizing treatment. It promotes a soft, even tone throughout that’s true to your preferred hue.

A professional toner treatment cancels and corrects unwanted undertones in both colored hair and virgin locks. Brassy yellow, gold, orange, red, ashy, and even green undertones have a habit of creeping in. Everything from sun exposure to lightener and bleach can cause colors to degrade. A gloss and toner is not only a restorative treatment but also a fabulous prep for highlights and all over color. The toner evens out the shade by filling in the hair shaft and sealing the follicle once color is applied. This treatment is essential for extra light colors like platinum blonde and silver. This service can also be a great addition to any bold fashion color or natural hue that needs a little extra blending. 

Once applied, the toner locks in color so your fresh look isn’t stripped away in the wash. Think of toner as the top coat for your lovely locks!

Pampering Every Hair Type

A toner and glossing treatment is a fabulous way to ensure your hair color lasts longer. This treatment is great at maintaining bold shades. But it’s also a popular way to pamper virgin locks, too. Simply let your stylist know you’re looking to deep condition and strengthen. Your friendly neighborhood glam squad will apply a clear gloss that blends seamlessly into your natural hair.

Be sure to take care of your new shine with sulfate-free styling products to keep every strand smooth and radiant until it’s time to book your next treatment with Deseo.