Keratin Treatment

Seamlessly Smooth, Ridiculously Soft Hair

Deseo Salon & BlowDry specializes in hair smoothing treatments to take dull, dry hair from ordinary to fabulous. You don’t need to search far and wide to find the best keratin treatment in Denver. Our luxury salon is delivering silky soft, heavenly smooth hair to the Jefferson Park area. Our clients love their new, totally tame-able locks. Keratin treatment works well with all hair types and textures, making this service a great choice for anyone looking to get that ultra-smooth, seamless look.

If you’re ready for the best hair of your life, have a seat in our salon chair. The world of hair smoothing treatments just got a little more fabulous with the power of hair healthy protein for radiantly frizz-free beauty.

What’s the Buzz About Keratin Hair Treatments?

From celebrities to supermodels, everyone is talking about keratin hair treatments. Even royalty can’t get enough of the flawlessly smooth, moisture-restoring formula that this unique protein-based treatment delivers. Meghan Markle confided in PEOPLE magazine that keratin hair treatments are the secret behind maintaining her famous “Markle Sparkle.” But you don’t need to be a princess to capture some of that glow for yourself! 

At Deseo, we use a fortifying, cuticle protective, keratin formula that works effectively on all hair types and textures. The secret behind our unique sparkle? Keratin protein makes up 91% of hair, with 16 different amino acids to strengthen and protect each strand. This is what prevents damage, breakage, and — you guessed it — frizz. Keratin treatment penetrates the hair shafts and seals the cortex. This can repair years of damage from coloring, chemical processing, and everyday wear and tear.

The result? Healthier hair that shines and dazzles.

Keratin Hair Treatment vs. Brazilian Blowout and Other Hair Smoothing Treatments

Keratin treatment is specially formulated for those looking to achieve high-end style and extra smooth hair. Unlike a Brazilian Blowout that leaves some of your natural texture and curl, a keratin treatment will smooth each strand to create seamless movement. Like Olaplex, keratin treatment repairs the chemical bonds that have become broken or damaged. It also seals the hair follicle to prevent future damage. While Olaplex works to deep condition from within, keratin treatments coat the outside of the hair shaft like a shield against wind, sun, and heat styling damage.

The nourishing ingredients in each keratin treatment provide body and depth for your new smoothed hair. The hair won’t lie flat and dull. Instead, it shines with a silky soft radiance that’s far more manageable for everyday styling. Keratin treatments are recommended for those who want smooth hair with more control and shine.

Care, Upkeep, and More Ways to Love Keratin Treatments

A favorite attribute of keratin treatment is the long last effects of hair smoothing magic. Keratin treatments tend to last longer than most treatments, typically maintaining its aesthetic for up to 12 weeks. This means less at-home smoothing and more style inspiration for your new sleek look.

To maintain the keratin bonds infused in each strand, it’s advisable that clients avoid washing their hair, clipping hair up, heat styling, or otherwise twisting, pulling, and putting elastics in hair for the first two days. Treat your freshly smooth locks with extra love and give them a break from frequent styling! Then, after the initial honeymoon phase, you can get back to styling your hair as usual. A deep conditioning product formulated with the same protein bonds as a keratin treatment can help you maintain the look between sessions. We recommend Kérastase’s full line of salon-perfect products for at-home haircare.

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