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Hair Smoothing

Everything a Girl Needs for Crushing Her Smooth Hair Goals

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is the premier luxury hair salon in Jefferson Park for fabulously frizz-free hair smoothing. Professional hair smoothing in Denver, Colorado, has never been more versatile. Are you looking for seamlessly sleek  hair that will last through every hike, date night, and morning rush hour? Alternatively, do you want a more natural, relaxed style that retains some of your hair’s movement? Our expert stylists can evaluate your hair type and hair goals to help you select the treatment that’s right for you.

Best of all, we use only the most hair healthy ingredients in every smoothing treatment. Nourishing vitamins and strengthening keratin proteins reduce frizz while repairing years of hair damage. Every formula at our salon delivers rich moisture so you can say goodbye to dry, dull locks and embrace flawless radiance and soft, silky style. 

Settle in for the “treat yourself” salon day your hair has been longing for. Deseo is proud to offer a range of smoothing treatments, including Keratherapy, Brazilian Blowouts, and KCMAX. Take a tour of our services before you book and explore all the different types of hair smoothing available. There are no bad hair days here at Deseo!

Not all smoothing treatments are identical. Our professionally trained glam squad is ready to find the perfect smoothing technique for you. So reach out to us today and get started on your next amazing hair journey.

Keratin Treatment

Sleekness and shine are the trademarks of a rich, revitalizing keratin hair treatment. This unique hair smoothing process uses the same protein found in hair, skin, and nails to minimize frizz. It also seals each cuticle in a protective coating that mitigates breakage and fade. The final result is ultra-glossy, ultra-smooth hair that dazzles with a mirrorball brilliance. 

Keratin treatments work best for those hoping to achieve super sleek hair with no curls or waves. This high-end treatment requires a bit more upkeep than most hair smoothing formulas, but keratin treatments last longer and tend to stay smoother and more vibrant. Deseo uses Keratherapy to achieve celebrity styles in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

Brazilian Blowout

Ever wanted a natural, beachy glow without the beach? Even mountain mamas can enjoy the brilliance of vacation vibes with the secret ingredient of an Instagram-perfect hair smoothing treatment.

Brazilian Blowouts are a great choice for smoothing frizz while maintaining natural movement and flow. This type of smoothing treatment can be easily customized depending on how much curl and wave our clients would like to retain. A Brazilian Blowout gives off an effortlessly chic look that feels naturally gorgeous. The processed hair is so light and healthy that it can be tied up, clipped up, and dolled up immediately after treatment.

Plus, a Brazilian Blowout lasts three to four months before fading gradually into your hair’s virgin texture. So cut down on styling time without completely changing your hair’s unique texture and flow!

KCMAX Treatment

KCMAX is one of the newest keratin treatments to enter the salon scene. Think of KCMAX as the next level in smoothing your hair. Utilizing an advanced three-step process, KCMAX delivers a rich formula of keratin blended protein and powerful smoothing technology to keep hair flawless and fabulous longer. Deep conditioning vitamins and nutrients give each strand a dose of frizz-fighting softness. The glossy tone and texture make KCMAX a popular choice for luxurious smoothing.  

If you’re looking for the smoothness and long-lasting effects of Keratherapy with an added boost in luminosity, then KCMAX is the choice for shiny, brilliant hair.

The Sleek, Simple Truth of Hair Smoothing in Denver

woman with long, healthy hair after an appointment for hair smoothing in Denver

There’s a lot to untangle when it comes to hair smoothing in Denver. Our salon guests may love the ultra-sleek, frizz-free aesthetic they’ve seen on Instagram. But they worry that the style transition won’t be quite as smooth when it comes to their own hair. 

Changing your hair is a big commitment! That’s why it’s best to rely on the expertise of Denver’s premier luxury hair salon for delivering professional hair treatments. Don’t settle for any less than the celebrity stylist touch your hair deserves.

We’re here to answer all of your questions before booking your first appointment for smooth hair in Denver. Knowledge is a beautiful thing at Deseo Salon & BlowDry, and smoothing your hair in Denver has never been more hassle-free. Let’s untangle the myths surrounding smoothing treatments. Your next glow-up is waiting for you!

Does It Only Work on Type 1 and Type 2 Hair?

False! Hair smoothing in Denver provides custom-tailored treatments for all hair types. The final outcome can vary by texture and curl pattern. But it ultimately allows for versatility and natural movement free of frizz and flyaways. Smoothing options for Type 3 and Type 4 hair can create glamorous, stunning styles. Having a stylist who knows your hair and your style goals is key when it comes to a luxury smoothing treatment in Denver.

Denver stylists understand the challenges of staying flawless. The combination of high altitude and dry air is the perfect recipe for breakage and frizz. But a professional smoothing treatment protects your hair from changing with the seasons. When paired with salon-approved at-home styling products, dryness won’t stand a chance.

Is Hair Smoothing in Denver Really a Good Idea for Active Glam Goddesses?

Does a smoothing treatment last — really last — through every mile, mountain, and marathon? The short answer is maybe!

Getting this treatment in Denver is always a good idea. Not only does a smoothing treatment give your hair an instant lift by restoring the shine and fullness that often gets stripped away from sun exposure, sweat, and environmental stressors, but these high fashion transformations are fairly low-maintenance. Frequent washing does cause the style to fade. However, this can be managed by investing in a high-quality dry shampoo that fits in your gym bag.

In fact, smoothing treatments can actually help maintain your hair through every adventure of your active lifestyle. Because the treatment alters the composition of the hair follicle itself, you’ll enjoy the glow of a good workout without the unwanted post-gym frizz.

Do Hair Smoothing Treatments Damage Hair?

As glam gurus, we’re all a little protective (okay, maybe obsessive) about our hair. The good news is that you don’t need to sacrifice style for healthy hair when it comes to smoothing treatments. The myth that smoothing damages your hair couldn’t be more untrue when you book your appointment for smooth hair in Denver with a professional stylist.

Keratin and KCMAX treatments work their magic by fortifying your hair’s natural keratin proteins. This unique formula actually strengthens the hair and prevents breakage. In addition, hair smoothing treatments allow for flawless style without the need for heat treatments. A smoothing treatment in Denver is the perfect way to allow your hair to rest and recover while still turning every head in the room.

Won’t Smoothing Treatments Take Away All of My Natural Movement and Texture?

If pin-straight hair is your style goal, a smoothing treatment is not the answer. But it will significantly reduce frizz, which will lead to some decrease in volume. Opting for a gentler smoothing treatment, like a classic Brazilian Blowout, is a great way to maximize volume and movement while still creating a seamless appearance. Smoothing treatments are as versatile as our clients and can be curated to suit any hair type and texture!

Ready for flawless, sleek hair and incredible radiance? Book your appointment today with our style team. We promise — it will be the smoothest transition your hair has ever experienced.