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From Natural Shading to Fantasy Colors

Lighten up your look with brilliant ombre in Denver, Colorado. Deseo Salon & BlowDry has sunny hues that dazzle in Jefferson Park. Ever since ombre hair first debuted on the fashion scene, this stunning highlight trend has been an instant classic among celebrities and everyday beauty gurus alike. The sleek style inspo creates depth and drama. It brightens the catwalks and downtown streets of Colorado with vivid tones to match bold personalities.

A luxury salon experience makes a world of difference when it comes to achieving the perfect ombre. Discover distinction at Deseo Salon & BlowDry with hand-painted, artisan highlights to awaken any hairstyle.


Many know the classic ombre style that has a gradient effect that begins at the ends of the hair and fades to darker roots with rich definition and vivid contrast. A transformative lightening effect blends through the middle of the hair with the lightest shades at the bottom. This illuminating recipe for glamour is what makes the ombre one of the hair and beauty industry’s most popular looks.

Following the same tried and true technique, an ombre can be customized to suit your wildest hair fantasies. Many clients love this style of highlighting because this color choice offers such a wide array of options. From natural, soft shading to couture fashion colors, the tone, depth, and overall hues are tailored to each client.

After all, every glam goddess is unique, so your hair should be too! Our stylists are happy to recommend the best colors to match your inspiration. One of the latest trends to enter the color scene (and our personal favorite) is called “sombre,” or softer ombre. This subtle tint appears more natural and gives the hair a low light effect that’s both sultry and sophisticated.

Effortless Glow With an Ombre

It’s not all looks when it comes to reasons why our clients love ombre hair! It’s a low-maintenance color choice for those with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. 

Unlike other high fashion colors, an ombre is slow to fade and does not require an intensive hair care routine. This style typically stays fresh and flawless for around two to four months. Moisture-rich styling products — which are sulfate- and paraben-free, enriched with salon-approved vitamins for healthy hair, and enhanced with extra shine — are all you need for a get-ready routine with colored hair. Water, exercise, and sun exposure won’t strip the color as quickly as with other popular styles. Also, a bit of styling serum will help your hair retain its summer glow all year long.

There’s no awkward stage between appointments either. The coloring  fades naturally with gentle colors that are easy to blend. 

The Art of Style

So what is it about ombre that’s so striking? The secret is in the technique!

Similar to balayage, it is a freehand highlighting technique that demands an experienced colorist. Each strand receives extra attention to achieve depth, dimension, and brilliant, bold color. A subtle, natural fade can create the illusion of volume while capturing the light in every room with a graduated highlight. If a dramatic edge is more your style, then tailoring the lightening to an abrupt, show-stopping look is another of our favorite techniques. 

Whatever your fashion focus, our clients can rest assured knowing Deseo’s expert colorists bring a minimum of five years of professional experience to our Denver salon, along with ongoing education to stay up to date on industry trends. Wella color classes, Kevin Murphy and Oribe styling classes, and Bumble & Bumble cutting and styling courses are among our prestigious credentials as your neighborhood luxury salon. We can recommend tones that are a few shades lighter or a few shades darker to brighten up your skin and bring a smile to your face.

Start your journey today at Deseo! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ombre in Denver

woman with an ombre in Denver

Why Is It Called Ombre?

The word ombre in relation to hair comes from the French word “ombrer,” a verb which means “to shade.” The art term is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.” Long known to artists and graphic designers, ombre can be used to describe any blended color shift, and the style has become increasingly popular as a feature in nail art, fashion, and interior design. Achieving this visual effect in hair is truly an art form, and the color experts at Deseo Salon in Denver are trained artists when it comes to this legendary technique.

Which Is Better For Me: Ombre or Balayage?

The two hair coloring methods yield similar, multicolored results. But the main difference to consider comes down to the light-to-dark fade of ombre versus the sun-kissed blend of balayage. Ombre will work beautifully on any hair that is long enough to really flaunt the color transition. Balayage is perfect for creating dimension throughout and works great with shorter hair lengths. 

Both styles are considered to be low-maintenance options. However, ombre tends to grow out a bit faster than balayage and may require you to return more often for touch-ups. So make sure to take the time to consult with your Deseo stylist if you’re uncertain about which approach will flatter you best.

Which Ombre Colors Are the Most Popular? 

Styling with ombre can be subtle and understated or wild and sensational, depending on the color combinations you choose. Some ombre color transitions use bold tones to create a stark contrast, while others allude to a more blended whisper of shade shifts. Here are some of the hottest color combos to consider for your next ombre in Denver: 

  • Dusky Brown to Golden Blonde
  • Ash Gray to Platinum
  • Dark Brown to Caramel
  • Espresso to Brown Mocha
  • Ash Brown to Cool Blonde
  • Dark Black to Icy Silver
  • Royal Purple to Bubblegum Pink
  • Dark Auburn to Coppery Rose
  • Burgundy Red to Red Wine

Ultimately, you should choose shades that flatter your skin tone and speak to your personal taste. Do a little homework and bring some reference photos to your Deseo Salon appointment so your stylist knows exactly how to execute your dream ombre vision.

How Much Does an Ombre Color Appointment at Deseo Salon & BlowDry Cost?

The pricing structure for appointments at Deseo Salon & BlowDry varies greatly from person to person and will depend on a variety of factors, including your hair length and type, hair history, if you need to include a haircut, and the stylist who performs your service. You can find pricing for each stylist & hair type on our service menu, where you can peruse our suggested booking options. For more information on exact pricing for an ombre in Denver and other services, please come to our Denver location for a one-on-one consultation.

How Do I Maintain My Ombre Hair Color?

Unlike other hair coloring techniques, ombre is relatively easy to maintain and works on every hair type. This is what makes it one of our most commonly requested services. If you want your ombre locks to stay luscious and fresh-looking for as long as possible, we’ve got some helpful tips that will extend your time in between touch-ups.  Take a look:

By following these tips and any other advice given to you by your Deseo colorist, you can avoid additional damage. Also, your newly-colored tresses will be far less likely to fade. On average, your ombre style should last several months, only needing professional touch-ups every four to six weeks.

Book your next hair appointment with Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver for a custom color treatment that brings your ombre vision to life. We promise you’ll walk away feeling fabulous with a new ombre in Denver!