Professional Hair Extensions in Denver, Colorado

Length and Fullness, Glamour and Glitz, Mile High Style

Searching for celebrity hair extensions in Denver, Colorado? Take the red carpet to the mountains with gorgeous, volumizing, and naturally blending extensions that are always on-trend. Keratin bonded hair extensions are hugely popular at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. If you’ve been out on the streets of downtown Denver and heard our happy clients raving about their amazing hair, then it’s time to join the bold and beautiful fashionistas of Colorado. Embark on the hair fantasy of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle boost of volume and fullness or a dramatic whole head of beachy waves (who has time to wait for hair to grow out?), come see us. Our expert hair stylists in Denver carry a rainbow of colors and lengths unique enough to suit any inspiration. When professionally applied, extensions create the illusion of effortless perfection. The magic is in the placement of hair extensions when it comes to weaving in natural aesthetics. Extensions are also ideal for aging hair that tends to thin as we get older. While we can’t promise you the fountain of youth, we can guarantee softness, shine, and youthful elasticity for all hair textures and types.

Explore New Looks With Salon-Quality Hair Extensions in Denver, Colorado

Keratin hair extension options are incredibly versatile! With so many different styles and colors to choose from, adventurous beauty gurus don’t need to settle. Thinking of going pink, but not ready to commit? We love a summer fling! When winter has sapphire blue and rich purple calling your name, we’ll be here to switch out those lovely locks. Our Denver hair stylists carry radiant fashion colors by Balmain, Bellami, and Euro So Cap, threaded with 100% REMI hair. We also offer a palette of natural extension colors that are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, vacations, and holiday gatherings.

Flawless glamour is only as good as the quality of the hair extensions and the experience of the hair artist who is applying them. Our salon professionals have been trained by the same companies that supply our luxury lines of extensions to ensure your expectations are met. This means less time waiting for your hair to grow out and more time enjoying a fabulous Denver style.

Learn more about the types of extensions available and get some ideas for your next appointment.

Talk to your hair stylist today to discover the hair extension match for you! No matter which fabulous hair extension option you choose, we guarantee lots of smiles and compliments.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

You may have heard hand tied hair extensions referred to as beaded weft extensions. These terms refer to the artisan process by which stylists apply the hair. Hand tied extensions are 100% REMI hair. Our professional hair stylists intricately bead them into your natural locks to create a light, flowy texture that’s perfect for a boho look or blending in volume.

Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

Keratin is the super protein that gives hair its sleekness, smoothness, shine, and strength. These extensions are a favorite for those who are new to the world of long, radiant locks that aren’t quite natural (but we won’t tell). These high-quality extensions are made from 100% human hair — with no synthetics. Our stylists will glue them directly to strands of natural hair, so it’s nearly impossible to discern between the hair you’ve grown and the hair you’ve bought.

Natural Beaded Hair Extensions

Similar to hand tied extensions, natural beaded extensions do not use any adhesives or heat. These classic extensions use a row of beads to maximize volume. If you want big, dramatic flair, then natural beaded hair extensions are your ticket to Old Hollywood glam.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions offer the same quality of weave with a different method of application. Rather than being tied or beaded into your hair, these luxury extensions in Denver, Colorado come with hair-friendly adhesive “tape” sandwiched by a piece of natural hair. It’s a great way to create depth and dimension. Also, it’s easy on your hair and won’t tear or cause breakage — we promise!

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Rest assured, our salon quality clip-in hair extensions aren’t the much-loved relics of your middle school fashion days. These radiant, natural-looking locks give the illusion of a tape-in extension without the heat application. They’re perfect for virgin hair and those looking to try out luxury extensions without committing to a long-term style.

Caring for Hair Extensions in Denver: At-Home Hair Care Routines, Everyday Diva Tips, and When to Schedule a Touch Up

Don’t let fear of a bad hair day stop you from reaching your true goddess potential at Deseo! Caring for hair extensions in Denver can be an adventure. Luckily, our expert stylists are the perfect adventure guides for Rocky Mountain beauty and hair care. Not only can our luxury hairstyles point you down the trail of a hair extension application that works best for your goals and lifestyle, but we’ll be here for every step of the journey.

From the salon chair to your Monday morning get-ready routine, caring for your extensions is one mountain you don’t have to climb alone. Check out these know-before-you-go tips for maintenance with effortless chic.

DO Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Treat your luxurious hair extensions to the best styling products available, free of sulfates and harsh additives that dry out natural hair and soft, glamorous extensions alike. Opt for a celebrity-tested and approved blend like Kérastase for giving your hair extensions the gentle care they deserve. Finding great products for hair extensions in Denver doesn’t need to be a hassle. Deseo Salon & BlowDry has all of your at-home hair care needs in one boutique for a long-lasting style.

DON’T Apply Conditioner Directly to Bonds

Avoid applying conditioner directly to the application bonds. Conditioner is designed to be naturally moisturizing. However, the added smoothness can loosen hair extension bonds. It’s best to clip bonds away when washing hair and avoid direct contact. Try to keep shampoo and conditioner to a minimum to extend the life of your extensions. Washing your hair two or three times per week is more than sufficient, especially with dry shampoo on hand for those in-between days.

DO Avoid Hard Water When Washing

Taking care of hair extensions in Denver can be challenging at times. From sun and wind exposure to mineral-dense water, minimizing stress on your lovely locks is key. What’s the secret behind maintaining long, luxurious hair? Keep a pitcher of bottled or filtered water on hand in the shower. Rinse your hair extensions with confidence, knowing you don’t need to fear stripping away color or moisture.

DON’T Rely on Tight Hairstyles at the Gym

When it comes to working out with hair extensions, avoid high ponytails and tight buns. These styles can pull at the bonds and move your extensions while exercising. Instead, get creative with fun, unique workout styles like a messy bun, a vintage headband, or a loose, low ponytail. If your locks look a bit worn out after a good workout, give your extensions extra love with a spritz of rejuvenating natural oil by Oribe. Remember to avoid direct contact with your hair extension bonds while enjoying instant shine and health.

DO Stop in for a Touch-Up Appointment 

Of course, any great style needs regular salon visits to stay #flawless. Remember to stop in to have your extensions moved up, brushed out, and beautified. Ask your stylist the best regimen for your hair type and hair extension type. For most hair extensions, sticking to a salon schedule of every six to eight weeks is the best way to maintain the look. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration for the best hair extensions in Denver, check out some of the hottest hair extension trends like funky fashion colors, choppy layers, and wavy locks. Touch-up appointments are the perfect time to change up your style. Unlike more permanent hairstyling methods like coloring and heat treating, hair extensions allow you to explore, experiment, and change up your look without damaging your natural hair.

Go ahead and explore. Book your appointment today and start enjoying amazing hair extensions in Denver.