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Professional Hair Extensions in Denver, Colorado

Length and Fullness, Glamour and Glitz, Mile High Style

Capture inspired luxury in the heart of the Rocky Mountains with hair extensions in Denver. If you’ve been searching for where to find 100% human hair extensions in Denver, you’ve come to the right place. Our pure REMY hair extensions from Bellami were made for high fashion. Add length, enhance fullness, and explore colors and highlights with the guidance of a professional beauty team.

Your Denver hair extensions deserve the luxury treatment. Transformative style is guaranteed when booking an appointment at our skilled hair extension salon in Denver. As every guest knows, salons are magical places. Our clients walk in with a vision and leave with stunning glamor. Hair extensions are crafted to your fit, length, and preferences. That means you won’t leave the salon chair with one-size-fits-all tresses. Instead, your hair extensions are hand-sculpted with the right technique, volume, and cut for your red carpet moment.

Getting hair extensions in Denver is so much more than a new look. Faux locks are excellent for supporting healthy hair. DIY hair extensions can be prone to causing damage from poor application technique, synthetic materials that are susceptible to heat damage, and stress on your natural roots. But salon quality, professional hair extensions in Denver are nothing short of the diamond standard in hair care. 

Our Denver, CO, hair extensions use 100% pure human hair. We feature REMY hair extensions in our luxury salon that feel as silky soft as true locks. Best of all, hair extensions protect your natural hair from damage. Extensions offer the perfect opportunity to give your hair a rest. These luscious locks will spare your ends from frequent heat styling and manipulation. This, in turn, supports natural hair growth and health.

There’s nothing faux about flawless! Hair extensions save time in your style routine while dazzling from Denver to wherever your glam adventures take you. 

Explore New Looks With Salon-Quality Hair Extensions in Denver, Colorado

hair extensions in Denver

We’re all about seasonal chic in Denver! Hair extensions give our clients the ability to change their style with every season without bleaching, cutting, coloring, or processing. Many of our guests love the low-commitment appeal of REMY hair extensions in Denver. 100% pure human hair keeps your locks soft and frizz-free, even during the dry Colorado winters and on through to summer. UV rays won’t strip color from extensions as easily as natural hair. In addition, hair extensions are the perfect way to protect your natural locks from the sun, chlorine, and the elements during the warmer months. They’re ideal for active glam gurus who hate post-gym hair but love a low-maintenance style.

Also, be ready whenever a special occasion or event calls for phenomenal style. Hair extensions keep your locks safe from the stress of constant styling without sacrificing versatility. They’re the ultimate time saver for busy beauty gurus. Reinvent yourself with every occasion. 

Want a more formal, timeless wedding guest look like soft curls? You’ve got it! 

Looking to create edgy chic for your next holiday party? Stop by the salon and add a few colorful highlights or take your length down to add choppy, fun layers. 

The style game is at your command, with faux locks fit for a goddess.

Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

Searching for keratin bonded hair extensions in Denver, CO? Our style team is trained on the latest high fashion trends. There’s science behind the beauty of keratin extensions. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in hair and nails that strengthens and seals each strand. 

Each strand is applied one by one, then fused with the keratin bond in your hair to create an ultra-glossy, sleek aesthetic. Keratin bonded hair extensions are among the most popular hair extension types you’ll find. They’re much loved for their versatility and radiance.

If maximizing length and volume is your goal, opt for keratin bonded hair extensions. Keratin hair extensions in Denver are ideal for medium and thick hair types. They’re highly versatile, resilient, and designed to capture natural light so you can shine brighter and enjoy a more glamorous style.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extensions can match your natural texture and width perfectly, strand for strand. We recommend these for thin, delicate hair and other hair types. 

The beauty is in the details of these artisan extensions. They’re an excellent choice for intricate looks and work well for virgin hair due to the minimalist application approach. Hand tied hair extensions in Denver are perfect for active beauties who enjoy hitting the trails as much as the salon. They’re incredibly resilient and long-lasting.

Natural Beaded Hair Extensions

A great option for low-maintenance and simple chic, natural beaded hair extensions look as natural as the name implies. They’re an excellent choice for most hair types because they blend well. Best of all, these extensions are among the longest-lasting and generally require infrequent touch-ups. Thick and wavy hair is perfect for these extensions.

Natural beaded hair extensions are also excellent for damaged or over-processed hair. These extensions have the most gentle application method. The lightweight silicone beads won’t tug or pull on your natural hair. The revolutionary no-sew application means each strand lies flat without lifting. These faux locks create the ultimate illusion with endless length and flawless shine. 

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are more secure than clip-in extensions and blend best with thick hair. The technique involves sandwiching a piece of natural hair between two swatches. The installation is quick and simple, with minimal wait time in the salon chair. They’re great for adding layers to hair that already has a moderate amount of volume. 

Our hair extension salon in Denver uses the top REMY hair brand, Bellami. The softness and sleek feel of these swatches are much loved among our clients. Also, their versatility makes tape-in hair extensions a top choice for luxury hair extensions in Denver.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Like tape-in extensions, these strands are a great fit for medium to thicker hair. They’re ideal for short-term hair extensions and low-commitment styles. Clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of colors, from funky fashion hues to seasonal ombre and sombre. They’re simple and easy to switch out whenever the inspiration for a new style strikes.

Colored Hair Extensions in Denver

blond hair extensions in Denver

Achieving brilliant, unforgettable color is one of the best aspects of getting hair extensions. Denver, CO, hair extensions with a variety of trending colors and tones are readily available at our Jefferson Park salon. 

Faux locks are perfect for brunettes who’d prefer to skip the lightening stage and go straight to the color. They’re also less damaging, as extensions require minimal processing and can be changed more easily than all-over color. Silver hues and pastels are popular hair extension shades because these ultra-light colors are difficult to achieve without multiple coloring sessions and significant processing. 

Fortunately, hair extensions in Denver cut the processing time in half and allow you to get straight to the end result. Get inspired by the season’s latest hair color trends, or stop by for some recommendations. We love creating hair art with our clients! 

Find the Right Color for Your Dazzling New Look

Working with an expert colorist allows our clients to find their perfect hue. Our colorists are trained by world-renowned beauty institutes to match, blend, and style colored hair extensions. Your stylist will consider your complexion, natural tone and roots, and your hair goals to find your ideal spot on the hair color spectrum. You can view a variety of swatches before making your final decision. Once installed, you’ll be able to walk out of our salon chair with instant, glamorous color. Get ready to turn heads!

Working with an expert colorist allows our clients to find their perfect hair color. Our colorists are trained by world-renowned beauty institutes to match, blend, and style colored hair extensions. Your stylist will take into account your complexion, your natural tone and roots, and your hair goals to find your ideal spot on the hair color spectrum. You can view a variety of swatches before making your final decision. Once installed, you’ll be able to walk out of our salon chair with instant, glamorous color. So get ready to turn heads!

Hair Extensions for Growing Out Natural Hair

brown hair extensions in Denver

Patience may be a virtue, but style is life at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. There’s no need to wait to achieve the hair of your dreams. If your hair is facing the awkward, in-between growth phase, it’s time to stop by your favorite hair extension salon in Denver for a touch-up.

Generally, hair extensions can work on hair that is at least three inches in length. The best kind of hair extensions for short hair are hand tied hair extensions that are installed strand by strand to ensure cohesion and blending. This is where finding the right stylist comes in! 

If you’ve wanted hair extensions for a while now but you worried about if they would look natural with your current hair length, leave the stress behind and step into our salon chairs. A hair extension salon in Denver is a far different experience from DIY synthetic locks. Our expert style team crafts your extensions to fit your hair texture, type, and length, using 100% REMY extensions that blend seamlessly into your natural locks, creating volume, dimension, and movement. These hair extensions are a dream come true with light, airy strands that reflect the light and capture your inner shine just like your natural hair. 

Book a consultation to explore different faux locks and assess the best extensions for your hair type. We’ve already touched on the magic of hand tied hair extensions when it comes to matching length and blending. However, natural beaded hair extensions are also a fantastic option for short to medium hair types. Our style squad can review final looks and help you select the best fit for your overnight length and luxury. 

There are no bad hair days or awkward stages for our stunning salon guests! Denver, CO, hair extensions have your style game covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

long hair extensions in Denver

What should I look for at a hair extension salon in Denver?

Finding Denver, CO, hair extensions doesn’t need to be an arduous journey. However, you’ll want to look for a few key highlights when choosing the best hair extension salon in Denver. First, get to know your glam squad. Don’t be afraid to ask:

  • If they’re experienced in working with hair extensions
  • How well they know your hair type
  • What kind of training they have in the beauty industry

Next, take a look through their portfolio or Instagram. Do they feature your hair type? Do the styles and designs match your vision?

Take a look through the services page and see what kind of hair extensions they work with. A skilled salon should feature a variety of hair extensions, from keratin bonded to hand tied hair extensions to traditional tape-in extensions.

Lastly, schedule a style consultation before your appointment so you’ll feel confident going into your hair extension session. Our glam squad is happy to answer all of your questions. We look forward to getting to know your unique hair type.

I have thin/fine hair. Will hair extensions cause hair loss by pulling on my natural strands?

woman with curly hair extensions in Denver

Hair extensions are a great option for adding volume and dimension to fine, delicate hair. While it’s important to avoid synthetic extensions that will weigh your hair down, REMY hair extensions in Denver are the best choice for thin hair. Your stylist will cut each strand to match each section of natural hair so you don’t feel added tension or weight. Because the density of your hair varies from scalp to end, the key is having a trained professional craft your locks to fit your natural hair.

Hand tied hair extensions are an excellent choice for fine hair and create a full, voluminous result that blends naturally and keeps your locks damage free.

How often can I change up my hair extensions when I want a new look?

Because hair extensions are non-damaging, you can change your style as often as you like! There’s no need to fear over-processing your hair with extensions. Denver hair extensions can change your look from sleek silver to deep brunette and back without ever risking damage to your natural locks. Imagine vivid colors, trending balayage, and seasonal shades. Hair extensions in Denver are the perfect fix for those who love to mix up their look.

How often do I need to come in for a touch-up at a hair extension salon in Denver?

Maintenance varies depending on the technique, length, and volume of extensions. A good rule of thumb is that hair extensions should move up every six to eight weeks. This is usually around the time that you’ll start seeing a glimpse of the attachment sight when you put your hair up. 

Salon-quality extensions can last for months without replacement as long as you have a good maintenance routine in place, accompanied by a recommended home hair care regimen. Once you’ve found the best cadence for your hair extensions, you can easily book ahead to ensure your faux locks are always salon fresh.

Looking for tips on developing the best hair extension care routine? We’ve got you covered with tips and cautionary notes for getting the most out of your faux locks.

Caring for Hair Extensions in Denver: Dos and Don’ts

woman with durable, shiny hair extensions in Denver

Hair extensions are far lower maintenance than many expect. With the right care routine to maximize hair health, your glow won’t fade any time soon. Prepare for the hair with our pocket guide to hair extension care.


  • Condition often.
  • Skip a few wash days.
  • Use warm or cool water.
  • Rock messy buns and loose ponytails.
  • Use a heat protectant when styling.
  • Use sulfate-free dry shampoo for a quick touch-up.
  • Touch up the ends with natural hair oils like coconut and argan to seal in moisture.
  • Keep up your regular salon appointments to move the extensions up and maintain the glam.


  • Condition the roots/bonds.
  • Wash your hair too often.
  • Use hot water.
  • Sleep with wet hair.
  • Wear tight styles that pull on the bonds.
  • Heat style with high heat settings.
  • Go too long between appointments.

Of course, fantastic style can be a little extra in the best way. Give your hair the extra care it deserves to maintain the glam. Stock up on the best products for your hair type to start your hair extension journey off right. Our glam squad can recommend the best brands for your healthy hair goals.woman with straight, lightweight hair extensions in Denver

One thing is certain: Denver hair extensions are sweeping the Rocky Mountain style scene. From dazzling hues to luxurious length, high-quality hair extensions can completely change your style profile. Stunning, silky soft tresses take everyday style from ordinary to the red carpet. We promise—Denver hair extensions are the best style decision you’ll make this year, and we’re committed to keeping you flawless. 

Reach out to our stylist team today to schedule your hair extension appointment.