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Facial Waxing

Impossibly Smooth Facial Waxing in Jefferson Park

You already know Deseo Salon & BlowDry is the go-to luxury beauty bar for hair styling, coloring, and cuts. But did you know we’re also the premier facial waxing salon in Denver? Our Jefferson Park family can enjoy all the best beauty treatments at one neighborhood salon.

Our stylists are trained in irritation-free facial waxing services that deliver long-lasting results and painless perfection. Let’s face it: we don’t always have time to take care of our lovely faces. Between the busy rush of life and the demands of looking “effortlessly” flawless, it’s easy to get frustrated by unwanted facial hair. If only we could wake up radiant every day of the week without having to pluck, wax, pull, and groan at the inconveniences of the glam guru life.

Don’t cover up your beautiful pores with concealer quite yet. Stop in for a facial waxing session instead and discover the convenience of lasting smoothness and silky soft skin. It’s so amazing it could almost be called effortless!

Reach out to us today to book your facial waxing service at Deseo Salon & BlowDry.


We mustache you to sit back and relax while our lip facial waxing specialists work their magic. An upper lip wax is a great part of any beauty routine. At-home wax kits simply don’t cover it when it comes to long-lasting smooth, bright skin. Many DIY waxes can irritate sensitive skin, leaving behind telltale redness, bumps, and blemishes. 

Professional lip waxing is a quick, mostly painless process that removes the entire strand of hair at the root, then calms and soothes with a gentle post-wax treatment. A salon wax lasts far longer, so you don’t need to sweat the shadow of an unwaxed lip in your selfies.

Smile, gorgeous! You look fab.


The moment of anticipation, tweezers in hand, compact aimed at your delicate brows, is a tension we’ve all felt. Brows are among the trickiest parts of any at-home beauty routine. It’s no wonder that more and more trendy divas opt to have their brows professionally done at a trained facial waxing salon rather than risk over-plucking, uneven styling, or an even bigger “oops.” Besides, who has time to keep up with fast-growing brows and constant shaping, pulling, and tweezing?

At Deseo, we’ll get your brows tamed and styled to perfection. Shaping your eyebrows enhances your whole look. The right shape and fullness can bring out your eyes, complement your skin tone, and accentuate your beautiful smile. Best of all, each painless session lasts far longer than constant at-home care and upkeep so that you can express yourself — and your personal style — better with amazing brows.


Yes, women are hairy, too! Embrace your power, and take control of your beauty regimen with facial waxing services that truly care for a girl’s unique skin. The chin is the most important part of any facial waxing service. If you’re constantly irritated by unwanted hair or tired of fighting with irritation and redness from DIY solutions, it’s time to turn to the professionals.

Our facial waxing experts will have your lovely skin feeling smooth and kissable in one short session. The secret is in our high-end products that moisturize and nourish without common irritants that disrupt your skin’s natural balance. With techniques this good and products this luxurious, the result is sure to leave you radiant.

Brow Tinting

Let’s face it; no one is born with perfect brows. 

Brow tinting is the celebrity secret to creating full, natural-looking brows. The simple process involves applying a semi-permanent dye to your brows, waiting a few minutes for the color to process, then wiping off the residue to reveal flawless brows every time. When applied by a trained stylist, brow tinting shapes, enhances, and defines to bring your whole look together.