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Wella Creates, Inspires, and Perfects Everyday Hair

Are you looking for Wella hair color in Denver, Colorado? Deseo Salon & BlowDry carries the boldest, brightest color line by this internationally renowned brand right here in Jefferson Park.

Wella hair color is second to none. These gorgeous, vibrant products aren’t simply another trending hair styling line — there’s a rich history behind every hue. Wella colors were developed in 19th Century Germany. The amazing world of Wella premiered with the invention of tullemoid waterproof hair products. This scientifically designed formula allowed the scalp to breathe and was so lightweight vintage beauty gurus might even call it #flawless. 

The magic of keeping hair soft and leaving zero heavy residue behind has been the foundation of a full line of long-lasting color options for every hair type and texture. Health and wellness are the scientifically-backed secrets underneath the nourishing, hair-loving ingredients found in their color products. One hundred and thirty years of innovation is behind every bottle. Wella has been pushing the boundaries of style from decade to decade, taking groovy looks to radical dos and beyond. 

The Perfect Colors for Everyone

Join the Wella story with award-winning hair color products for all types, textures, and hues. We understand the struggle of achieving salon-perfect color with unique hair types. No one likes a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to evenly distributed brilliance and shine. That’s why Wella exists to deliver amazing radiance to every diva. Whether your hair is curly or straight, thick or fine, dry or oily, there’s a Wella formula specifically made for your lovely locks.

The high-quality ingredients make this a widely recommended line for previously treated hair as well as virgin locks. These hair color products are gentle on professionally straightened hair, perms, and lightened or bleached locks. Stocking up on Wella is a great complement to a Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatment. The deep smoothing nourishment of this luxury line ensures each strand retains its unique shape without unwanted frizz, flatness, and flyaways. This brand is also safe for relaxed hair and extra gentle for sensitive scalps.

Silky, Vibrant Hair From Day One

What’s the top hallmark of all Wella products? Unbelievable softness. 

It’s a fact of the beauty community that this is no ordinary hair dye. This salon-perfect brand makes colors that deep condition while creating inspired looks from fashion colors to dynamic seasonal hues. Every shade leaves your hair with that run-your-fingers-through-every-strand soft vibe.

The rich, indulgent formulas don’t simply enhance pigmentation. Each Wella product also revitalizes damaged fibers. This is because Wella contains dimethicone (among other nourishing vitamins and nutrients) to lock in moisture at the molecular level.

Also, dimethicone is ultra-lightweight, adding to the natural bounce and shine of your hair. The fountain of youth in every bottle reverses years of harsh chemical treatments while protecting against breakage. A touch of shea butter and linalool in the deep conditioning color formulas give your hair the added boost it needs to fight post-coloring frizz and prevent damage and dryness caused by lightening and pretreatments.

Are you looking to brighten things up at your next salon session? If so, then you’re in the right place! Our professionally trained colorists use rich, vibrant Wella hair color to achieve dazzling looks. This brand is known for vibrant shades. Each hair coloring treatment delivers bold shine and a result that’s true to the hue. Best of all, it’s designed to be non-damaging, so even delicate or fine hair can enjoy the beauty of color without the worry of breakage and thinning. The flake-free formula hydrates to guard against post-coloring dryness and keeps hair lively and fresh.

Also, many Wella colors feature a metallic sheen that mimics natural light for a photo-ready finish to every hair coloring session. If cared for and maintained with nourishing, salon-quality products designed to care for color-treated hair, then Wella colors will last far longer than the average hair dye.

Start Your Wella Color Journey

From salon chair to morning routine, Wella is the “cover all, achieve all, and create all” hair color choice that every beauty guru needs in their repertoire. Maintaining a perfect style is easy with this amazing brand. A silky texture, fabulous moisturizing properties, and an amazing scent to match are the best parts of a Wella hair coloring routine. 

Your friends at Deseo Salon & BlowDry have hand-selected a carefully curated selection of Wella color products for our fabulous clients to choose from. So ask your stylist about the right haircare journey when you book your next appointment with us. We’re always happy to recommend more ways to shine!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wella Hair Color in Denver

woman with beautifully dyed hair with Wella hair color in Denver

Now that we’ve introduced the wondrous world of Wella hair color in Denver, our expert colorists have pulled together our most asked questions about professional hair color. After all, coloring your hair is a big decision. Whether you’re looking for a full transformation with a bold, new color or simply taking your natural shade to the next level, we’re here to support the journey.

Learn more about why Wella hair color in Denver can take your style a mile higher.

I Want to Take My Natural Shade Darker/Lighter. Can Wella Hair Color in Denver Match My Hue?

Absolutely! The benefit of having a professional colorist on your team is matching your exact hue. This is especially important for a colorful balayage, ombre, or similar blended style. Not only will your stylist match color to your hue, but we’ll also help you determine how many shades lighter or darker you’ll need to go to achieve your desired result with a professional hair color treatment.

Can Wella Cover Gray?

Wella’s permanent color line is designed to cover 100% of grays, no matter the starting point. 

I’ve Heard About a Strand Test. Can You Explain What This Means?

In the world of professional hair color, ensuring each formula is right for our luxury salon guests is our top priority, so we use a strand test. This test involves taking a small piece of hair from beneath your lovely locks, typically at the back of the head, and coloring the strand to test the shade and reaction. 

Think of Wella hair color in Denver as a highly specialized type of color chemistry. Because everyone’s hair composition is different, a strand test ensures you won’t be disappointed with the end result. 

I’ve Already Colored My Hair. Can Wella Hair Color in Denver Match the Shade?

Yes! Wella is a great option for root touch-ups. Their amazing hair color formulas can match almost all competitors’ hair color and also bring through a more vibrant, true-to-shade look.

My Home Hair Dye Was a Fail. So Can Anything Be Done?

No color is ever a disaster, just an opportunity for a corrective color treatment! If you’re concerned that your color mishap may be unfixable, then take a deep breath. For every color “oops,” there’s also a color to neutralize it and leave your hair flawless. Wella hair color in Denver is the perfect, gentle formula for freshly processed hair which makes it a clear choice for covering up color fails.

Does Wella Hair Color in Denver Include Fashion Colors?

Some of us want a subtle change when it comes to professional hair color, and others want to wear the rainbow! Whichever side of the color spectrum you fall on, Wella hair color in Denver has a shade for you.

Wella boasts an impressive collection of hues, from natural tones to bold fashion colors and pastels. If you can dream it, we can create it at Deseo. The best colors are the ones that inspire. Wella hair color is proud to make even the wildest hair dreams come true.

How Quickly Does Wella Hair Color Fade? What Types of Hair Color Does Wella Offer?

Wella hair color offers a variety of different color levels, from permanent to semi and demi professional hair color options. As you can imagine, each hue features its own color lifespan, with permanent being the most long-lasting. Wella’s most popular option is demi-permanent hair color, which lasts anywhere from four to six weeks. This is an excellent option for previously processed hair in need of a gentle yet long-lasting color refresh.

Ready to rock your best and brightest colors? Then book your appointment with our expert color team today.