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Root Touch Ups in Denver, Colorado

Reimagine Root Touch Ups

Glamour begins with small, delicate details. Get to the root of your personal style at Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver, the premier luxury salon in Colorado. We’re located conveniently in the heart of Jefferson Park. Root touch ups are so much more than a chore. A root touch up at a luxury salon is a time to relax, pamper yourself, and revive your gorgeous, glowing hair.

Booking an appointment for your regular color maintenance is one of the most important steps in a color care routine. Experts recommend touching up your roots every 6-8 weeks. By this time, your hair will have grown about an inch. A good rule of thumb is this:

When you can see your roots starting to show (and give away your naturally effortless hair color secrets), it’s time for a trip to your friendly neighborhood luxury salon. 

This guideline varies between shades, application techniques, and your own personal beauty regimen. Our expert colorists can design a curated color care routine that fits your unique style goals. This includes a standing root touch up appointment for quick, convenient styling with radiant results.

Step into our salon booth for a simple guide to root touch ups that will take you from fresh color to root cover-up in your next salon visit. We’ll answer any questions along the way as you embark on the best color journey your hair has ever had.

Color Me Obsessed

Our Denver luxury salon is proud to be at the forefront of hair color trends. We have our full line of globally acclaimed Wella hair color and a team of stylists from top beauty institutes around the world. Delivering stunning hues is a hallmark of Deseo’s reputation. Simply put, we take our title as beauty gurus seriously. 

Whether pastel perfection is your dream hair color or a trendy balayage is the celebrity-inspired moment your selfies have been missing out on, we go from root to end to create unbelievable color.

We love our full color wheel of tones and shades. When it comes to the best root touch up for each hue, there’s a broad spectrum between dark blonde root and light blonde root touch up, not to mention all of the other base colors in our palette. Depending on the all-over color, the correct shade for a root touch up and the recommended frequency of touch ups can vary.

This is why we recommend a color consult prior to making a big change. Our helpful colorists can give you an idea of what to expect in terms of maintenance once your color is complete. The beauty of a curated color experience is finding a color match that suits your lifestyle. Root touch ups for colors that have a natural fade can be spaced out a bit longer. 

For example, balayage is a great choice for a low-maintenance hue. The lightest strands are near the ends of the hair. But bleach and tone hair color and ultra-bright silver will inevitably require more frequent root touch ups (along with a diligent home hair care regimen) to maintain the bold, dramatic shade.

Whatever your color journey, we’ll keep your roots looking flawless so your color never has a dull moment.

What to Do Between Root Touch Ups

woman with consistent dark blonde hair after root touch ups

Both in our salon chair and outside the doors of our glamour studio, we’re always rooting for your hair. Awkward growth stages are inevitable, but faded roots don’t have to be. 

In between root touch ups, at-home root care can be a great quick fix. Keep a high-quality root spray designed for root cover-up on hand. This backup will be useful during times when life gets busy and your next salon appointment may be too far out. Root care often suffers from activities such as sun exposure, chlorine, and hard water, as well as other environmental factors. For aging hair, gray hair cover-up is the perfect accessory to defy time and stay flawless between appointments,

In addition to using a little root spray when you’ve been extra rough on your hair, always stick with color-safe shampoo. These products are free of sulfates, parabens, and harmful chemicals that strip away color. 

Kérastase products are a great option for color-treated hair and can help you maintain root perfection longer between root touch ups. Leave-in conditioner and rich, nourishing hair masks are also a great complement to home color care. Oribe’s Gold Lust Transformative Masque is gentle enough for light blonde root touch ups. It’s also powerful enough to shield and protect the hair follicle through future color treatments and styling.

Think of home root care as the best way to support your hair’s radiant color. Be a cheerleader for great hair by staying on top of a healthy hair routine.

However, it’s equally important to know when to leave it to your stylist. Take a closer look at the science of root touch ups and why certain color care techniques are best saved for the salon.

The Best Root Touch Up Isn’t a DIY 

Root touch ups: don’t try them at home.

Root touch ups may seem like a minor hair procedure. But capturing the small details is key to creating an overall look. There’s a precise science behind root touch ups that exceeds what you can do in a home hair care routine (aside from a bit of root cover-up every now and then). 

Because the root is closer to the scalp, which generates heat, color and bleach process more quickly along the root than the ends. Roots are also delicate and prone to breakage. Over-processing the roots during a DIY root touch up can result in fried, frizzy, and damaged hair when the volume of lightener is too high. 

Semi-permanent hair dye and permanent hair dye also have different needs when it comes to root touch ups. An at-home root touch up runs the risk of looking spotty or dull. It also might not match the rest of your hair color.

Root touch ups, along with bang trims, are best left to the professionals. Luckily, Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Jefferson Park has the perfect round-the-clock beauty routine for every head of hair. Our stylists are happy to set up a personalized root revival schedule. We can also provide friendly reminders to let you know your appointment is coming up. 

If you’re working with a particularly demanding color change, such as dark or medium brown to platinum blonde, frequent root touch ups (as well as nourishing the hair and restoring any damage caused by bleaching and lightening) are key. A root touch up appointment is the perfect time for a restorative hair treatment. A revitalizing glow and tonic treatment or deep conditioning service is a fabulous way to make your color pop.

A root touch up is so much more than yet another chore in the long list of color care items. Touching up your roots is the perfect solution to new hair growth. Return dull hair to its vibrant, goddess state on a regular basis.

Enjoy the beauty of bright, popping color from the moment you leave our salon to every moment after. Booking an appointment with our amazing team is the best way to maintain naturally glamorous color so you can tell everyone your hair is simply, effortlessly flawless. We promise — your roots won’t tell!