Brazilian Blowout

That Just Got Back From Vacation Glow, in Town

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is the place to get a Brazilian Blowout in Jefferson Park. If you’re looking for luxury hair salons in Denver, Colorado, that can deliver red carpet results, look no further! 

Brazilian Blowouts are one of our most popular services (and personal favorites!) for clients seeking hair smoothing treatments. Whether you’re looking to fight the frizz, try out a new style, or simply strengthen and hydrate your hair until every strand glows with perfection, our team of trained beauty gurus is here to customize every session to suit your unique hair care needs. 

Versatility is one of the best features of a Brazilian Blowout. We’re sure every salon guest will love their hair, so we’ve pared down a guide on everything great about this keratin-enriched treatment.

What Exactly Is a Brazilian Blowout?

The first thing to consider is that this is not a straightening treatment. Think instead of the best vacation hair you’ve ever had and channeling those beachy vibes into your everyday look. A Brazilian Blowout nourishes hair with a unique liquid keratin formula to strengthen and smooth. Keratin proteins bond to the hair shaft and create a protective barrier around each strand. This seals the cuticle and protects it against external damage from wind, water, and environmental factors that tend to stress out our hair. The result is less frizz and more fabulous shine with a mirror-like glow. Your hair will stay radiant longer, and it won’t damage your hair like frequent at-home heat styling.

This unique smoothing treatment is indigenous to Brazil and originated with native plants and botanicals found to moisturize all hair types and textures. Healthy hydration is still the goal of every Brazilian Blowout with amazing results that will transport your style to an exotic locale.

Can Beauty Really Be Healthy, Too?

The very word straightening conjures images of harsh chemicals and heat treatments that cause breakage. The good news is that a Brazilian Blowout is safe for all hair types and textures. 

Brazilian Blowouts are gentler than most keratin hair treatments. In fact, you can throw your new do up in a bun or ponytail immediately after leaving our salon. The secret is in the hair-healthy ingredients. The natural proteins support elasticity, which allows the hair to rebound more quickly from a smoothing treatment. Beauty experts agree that Brazilian Blowouts are not only safe, but they can also improve shine and moisturize dry, damaged, and dull hair.

Will a Brazilian Blowout Make My Hair SUPER Straight?

It’s important to note that a Brazilian Blowout is NOT a straightening treatment. Every client is different, and the fabulous part of a Brazilian Blowout is the ability to choose your style. In fact, the Brazilian Blowout is the only smoothing treatment that is customizable.

If sleek, super smooth hair is your goal, Deseo’s salon professionals can take your hair from frizz-free to extra seamless. However, if you’d rather go with a more natural look, the Brazilian Blowout is great for creating movement and depth. You can still keep your curls and eliminate frizz at the same time. Many of our salon guests prefer the Brazilian Blowout to other hair smoothing techniques because it is so effortlessly natural-looking. You can even pair it with a full-color treatment. The smoothing treatment will make your new shade pop with extra brightness and luminosity.

Your stylist will seal the treatment with a flat iron at the end of the session, putting the finishing touch on your new look. Once the style is set, a blowout lasts around three to four months. It just needs a healthy hair care regimen of sulfate-free, ultra-hydrating shampoo and conditioner, as well as nourishing, protective products to keep your look flawless.

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