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Tape-In Hair Extensions

Silky, Natural Radiance and Shine

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is the Rocky Mountain luxury salon for all of your Instagrammable hair ideas. Extensions are always trendy, whether you’re adding a subtle layer to short and medium-length hair or designing a full head of soft waves. Tape-in hair extensions in Denver are bringing the look to Jefferson Park just in time for your next fabulous style.

Tape-in hair extensions are by far the most popular swatches. You might just be able to spot them on celebrities and influencers across the globe. Take a closer look before you book and discover why these extensions are among our most loved styles.

Just Bought It and Totally Worth Liking

The beauty of tape-in hair extensions lies in how real these soft, silky, 100% REMI hair swatches feel. They blend expertly into your natural hair thanks to the unique application process. Tape-in hair extensions are exactly as they sound! We use salon-quality adhesive tape to adhere each strand to your real hair, usually sandwiching the natural strands between the extension to create the illusion of depth and movement. 

Our expert stylists receive training from the same top luxury brands that craft each extension, including Balmain, Bellami, and Euro So Cap. Professional application creates the look — it’s a style so perfect, you’ll never be able to tell it’s not real!

Ethereal Aesthetic, Salon Crafted Perfection

Tape-in hair extensions tend to be lighter than clip-in hair extensions. Imagine effortless boho vibes all year round! They’re great for thin hair and fine, delicate strands. Why? These extensions minimize breakage from tugging, pulling, and styling. You can treat them just like real hair without the fear of damaging your roots or over-processing your natural color. 

Faux ombre, balayage, and sombre are among the trendiest color trends for tape-in hair extensions. If you’ve ever envied beautiful, sun-kissed waves on Instagram and wondered how such a perfect head of hair could possibly be real, you were probably right to wonder! Extensions are the well-kept secret behind every goddess. They deliver trendy seasonal colors and timeless style without the hassle of fighting with your real hair.

Those looking for a more permanent, long-lasting hairstyle will love tape-in hair extensions. When applied professionally by one of Deseo’s style experts, these extensions last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. They will eventually need to be moved up as your hair grows in order to maintain the illusion of light, fluttery, and totally natural hair.

Maintaining the Trend

Because tape-in extensions are a more permanent option, they need a little extra TLC to properly maintain your style. The golden rule of maintaining tape-in hair extensions is to treat the bonds gently. Avoid applying conditioners, oils, and serums directly to the tape. Alcohol and oil can cause the adhesive to loosen and fall out. When selecting the right styling products, opt for a nourishing, sulfate-free formula like Oribe’s full luxury line.

Tape-in hair extensions are highly resilient. However, it’s a good idea to avoid pulling the tape too tightly. Messy buns and loose ponytails will be your new best friend when it comes to keeping your hair rich and radiant. A full head of tape-in extensions can be prone to tangles, just like naturally long hair. The best remedy for smoothing out any style kinks starts with wet brushing the extensions. Then straighten or curl your locks on the lowest heat setting.

Our guests are surprised to find how versatile and bouncy these extensions are! They’re great for sculpting into any style imaginable. Also, they can provide plenty of added volume and length to take hair from blah to wow. 

Come see us soon for your brand new hair and expert styling advice from our friendly, Colorado neighborhood beauty gurus.

woman with added length and volume to her hair with tape-in hair extensions in Denver

There’s so much to love about tape-in hair extensions in Denver! From versatility to easy, quick installation to low commitment, is it any wonder these ultra-soft faux locks are one of our most popular hair extension options? Tape-in hair extensions are the go-to for many glam goddesses who are just stepping into the faux hair world. 

Let us introduce you to the many reasons why tape-in hair extensions in Denver are the hottest trend to get in on.

Can I Change Out My Tape-In Hair Extensions Whenever I Get Bored?

When it comes to creativity, we hate being told no, and we’re pretty sure our clients feel the same way! That’s why tape-in hair extensions in Denver are such a great option for low-commitment styling. You can have these faux locks switched out as often as you’d like, with new colors and lengths to inspire your style. The swatches come in a range of bright, magical fashion hues, as well as natural and blendable tones.

If you’re someone who likes to change it up, opt for tape-in hair extensions before committing to a color.

I Heard I Can’t Use Conditioner With Hair Extensions. Is That True for Tape-In Hair Extensions in Denver?

Don’t throw out your conditioner bottle just yet. Tape-in hair extensions don’t mean you’ve doomed yourself to a month of dry, frizzy hair. You can still condition normally and stick to your tried and true shower routine. Simply avoid getting conditioner on the tape itself. Start at the bottom of each strand to nourish your roots and gently cleanse your hair without excessive scrubbing.

What About Working Out With Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions in Denver are the best workout companion. In fact, extensions are a better option for some of our more active clients than coloring their hair. This is because extensions won’t fade or lose their hue with frequent showering.

When working out with tape-in hair extensions, remember to be gentle with the tape. Opt for loose hairstyles rather than tight buns and high ponytails. Dry shampoo is fine to use and will extend the life of your tape-in hair extensions in Denver.

Are Tape-In Hair Extensions Reusable?

Yes! When you install your tape-in hair extensions in Denver, those gorgeous locks are yours to keep forever. That means you can change out your extensions as much as you want or take a break from the long, voluminous hair life whenever you’d like. You’ll always have the option to bring your hair extensions to our salon and have them put back in.

The ease of use also makes tape-in hair extensions a great style trend for tweens and teens. Many style-savvy parents find these temporary looks simpler to maintain than all over color and less damaging to the hair.

How Are Tape-In Hair Extensions in Denver Applied So That They Look Natural and Blended?

Professionally applied tape-in hair extensions will lie flat at the scalp. Your luxury salon team will style the natural hair around the extension to create the illusion of a seamless, blended style.

Tape-in hair extensions will grow out with your natural hair. As your hair grows, you may begin to notice that the tape is becoming more visible. This is a good indication that it’s time to book your next salon appointment and have your extensions moved up.

Tape-in hair extensions in Denver may be faux hair, but the style love we have for this amazing trend is as real as it gets. Schedule your tape-in hair extension appointment with our luxury glam squad today.