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Alyssa Kitson


Paris bound, Alyssa wanted to bring French inspired style back to the States. She learned the technique of precision cutting, and enhanced her balayage skills, from where the art itself originated.

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Alyssa Kitson

Precision cutting is a custom-tailored style to fit you, and you alone. It is coutured to each individual. “I love that I can give someone a style that’s created for just them!” – Alyssa.

Adding balayage or any color service to the cut really brings out the dimension and movement. By marrying the two together, her clients leave the chair with their hair being a true masterpiece, uniquely their own.

Rewarded with an art scholarship in high school, she knew early in that she loved working with her hands. Connecting with people, and having the ability to make them feel good, is what sets her heart on fire. By joining the two, there is nothing more Alyssa would rather do in life than be a hairstylist.

Being passionate about growing her art, she is always learning new ways to cultivate her skill set. Her style is giving her clients a look uniquely theirs, while sustaining healthy hair. Educating her clients is must, and once being an educator herself, she knows the importance of keeping her clients knowledgeable about their hair.

From being a student, to an educator, Alyssa has also worked on photo shoots, commercials, and had the opportunity to work at New York Fashion Week. Winning “Stylist of the Year” in 2011, was just the start for her, she will always be hungry for more.

Her goal is to live a balanced and fulfilling life. She loves to hike with her dog Lucy, snowboard, and try new things. She is always looking to experience her best life possible.