Beautiful Braids for Bold, Trendy Hair

Looking for the best braiding salon in Denver? Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Jefferson Park has the premier luxury hair styling team to deliver killer braids and high-fashion glamour for our Rocky Mountain clients. Braids are a great way to take your hair a mile higher without the need for dying or cutting. They’re perfect for glam goddesses who love changing up their look without damaging their natural hair. Textured, curly, wavy, and thick locks are easy to maintain in sleek, vibrant braids that maximize style without requiring hours of taming your gorgeous hair every morning.

Deseo offers a unique variety of braiding techniques and braids of every style to choose from. From current trends to classic looks, achieving Instagram-worthy style is an appointment away at your neighborhood boutique salon.

The Best Braids for Every Hairstyle

The art of hair styling begins with sculpting unique looks for each client. Our certified luxury stylists have professional training and always know the latest trends. When it comes to sleek, flawless braided styles, we have the most loved celebrity styles as well as customizable looks to suit your own personal glamour goals.

Throw it back to the 90s with classic box braids. These braids never go out of fashion. You can accent them with beads, metallic threads, and a pop of colorful highlights. Box braids are ideal for protecting your natural hair while adding length. Because they’re so easily tailored to each client’s hair goals, the length, fullness, color, and style can be changed whenever a new inspiration calls. Long, elegant box braided hair is one of our favorite looks to create. But adorable braided bobs and lobs are quickly catching up!

If you’re looking for a more free-spirited, loose, and wispy aesthetic, then boho braids are a fast-growing trend. This gypsy-inspired look is perfect for thick hair that’s as untameable as your wild spirit. These braids are long-lasting. They also create a vibe of effortless chic that won’t damage delicate hair with excessive pulling, tying, and tugging. A boho braid is great for a looser braid or a whole flower crown of tighter braids to inspire the forest goddess in every woman. There are so many more amazing looks to choose from at our salon, from a single side braid to goddess, crochet, bridal updo, and twisted braids!

Are you looking for a style for a special occasion? Braided fascinators and updos are a high fashion “Yes!” for every Instagrammable moment!

Caring for Your Braids

Don’t let upkeep and maintenance stall your quest for the perfect braided style! Caring for braids is simple and easy with our full line of salon-quality hair products for at-home haircare. Fighting frizz, maintaining fullness, and enhancing shine are the top priorities for rocking gorgeous style between salon sessions.

Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray is the perfect rescue for post-gym hair or days when your braided look needs a lift. This lightweight, hydrating spray has nourishing ingredients for healthy hair. Totally invisible, the patented polymers also absorb oil at the roots. They also build incredible volume and stunning texture for a just-styled look — anytime, anywhere.

Kevin Murphy’s full line of sculpting products is another must-have in your home beauty kit. The products are always free of parabens, sulfates, fragrances, and harsh chemicals (and they’re cruelty-free for our compassionate beauty gurus). This line of deep conditioners and super hold pastes, clays, and sprays is perfect for styling braided styles. Whether you’re off on a date night or just going for that extra-sleek weekend hair look, the right products can go a long way in restoring shine and keeping your braids smooth and healthy.

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is your hair styling headquarters in Jefferson Park. Stop by today and get your next hair adventure started!