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Balayage Specialist in Denver, Colorado

From the Catwalks of Paris to the Streets of Denver

Bring a little French fashion to Jefferson Park with balayage color in Denver, Colorado. Deseo Salon & BlowDry is your premiere luxury color studio for on-trend hair in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 

Balayage comes from the French word “to sweep.” Imagine a master painter artfully weaving tones of light and brilliance through each strand of hair. The darkest shadow begins at the roots and blooms gradually into a vibrant, sun-kissed hue at the ends of the hair. This unique lightening technique requires delicate precision to achieve. Our expert balayage specialists in Denver, Colorado, are trained in hand-painted highlights to bring out the best in balayage color.

Learn more about the magic of this European inspired trend before you book your balayage color service with our professional hair color specialists.

Capturing the Look of Balayage Beauty

Think Rhianna, Chrissy Tiegen, and Jessica Alba. These daring divas are just a few of our celebrity style inspos when it comes to rocking balayage hair. The beauty of this hair style is that this color option works well on most hair lengths, types, and textures. The hues are bold and brilliant because this technique works on most hair lengths and on blondes just as well as brunettes.

Like ombre, balayage is highly customizable. It’s no surprise that this easily tailored color is a favorite among celebrity stylists for its versatility and beauty.

Sweeping Style

This hair color service is unlike your typical all over color or foil highlight. The process is a little more delicate, and the end result will have you feeling like you’ve been vacationing on a secluded beach. A natural, sun-kissed glow is the final product of hand-painted highlights that blend into each section of hair flawlessly. 

Unlike with ombre, which captures a distinct gradient effect, a stylist will take smaller sections and paint the color onto the surface of the hair. Where ombre lies in a horizontal paint stroke pattern, balayage is more vertical. What does this mean for your lovely locks? Not every strand will be uniform and even, particularly the ends. Balayage is a more blended style that leaves some natural color while distributing softer highlights throughout. It’s the perfect color for those looking to try out highlights for the first time!

Shine Bright, Stay Flawless

We know what you’re thinking. Anything inspired by the runways of Paris must be high maintenance, right?

Wrong! It’s on the low-maintenance end of the color spectrum.

When applied by our balayage specialist in Denver, Colorado, the style can last anywhere between two to four months and fade effortlessly into your untreated hair. The key to applying this color is creating depth, shine, and a healthy glow. The lighter pieces of each layer give the illusion of a natural highlight, minus the risk of UV damage and sun exposure. When painted onto individual strands, fullness and dimension shine through. 

The careful application process is among the more gentle coloring techniques because the highlight is applied directly to the surface of the hair rather than the root. This minimizes the risk of breakage. Brassy, yellow, and dull undertones are less apparent due to the contrast of dark and light strands. Also, they’re easily counteracted with color balancing products and serums!

Balayage works best with medium and long hair. But professional hair color stylists can apply the look to choppy lobs and layered bobs. Enhancing your style with soft curls is one of the most popular ways to rock this look. Pair a color treatment with a gloss and toner service for added shine, and you’ll be ready for your close up.

Book your balayage appointment today with our balayage specialists in Denver, Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions About Balayage

Carly with a balayage

How Do I Achieve the Best Balayage in Denver?

Now that you’re hooked on the trend, we’ve put together the most asked questions about balayage in Denver. While this unique highlighting technique may seem exotic and a bit intimidating, it has actually been around since the 1970s. We have the retro revival to thank for bringing this low-maintenance, high glam style back to the fashion scene.

Explore the far-out vibes of balayage in Denver with your friends at Deseo.  

What’s the Main Difference Between Ombre and Balayage?

We’ve reviewed application techniques. We’ve discussed the final result and how balayage is a sweeping trend that’s quickly overtaking omber hair. But what’s the main difference between ombre and balayage in Denver?

The short style story is that ombre hair has a distinct line of color transition. This style is bold and daring but appears obviously colored. Balayage, on the other hand, features well-blended colors. When applied by a professional stylist, the hue appears subtle and provides a natural, lived-in look. We’d challenge our guests to tell a sun-kissed balayage apart from day-at-the-beach hair! 

Do I Need Long Hair to Enjoy Beautiful Balayage in Denver?

One common misconception about balayage is that your hair must be Rapunzel-perfect before applying treatment. We’re pleased to let our salon guests know that you do not need to have long hair to achieve brilliant color.

Balayage in Denver is a great way to revitalize short hair. In fact, a balayage treatment typically works better with short hair than traditional highlights. Pixie cuts and bobs look stunning with a few sections of color throughout or even a glowing bang. We love Scarlett Johannson’s icy blonde balayage pixie cut as an example of sizzling short hair for balayage in Denver!

What Are Some Different Balayage Techniques?

It may surprise our guests to learn that there are a variety of ways to rock balayage hair. While the traditional balayage is darkest at the roots and lightest at the ends, there are a variety of placement techniques to suit your unique hair color, cut, and texture.

Babylights are one of our favorite trends. These delicate highlights are extremely fine and subtle, best suited for Type 1 and Type 2 hair. Babylights are the longest-lasting style and blend seamlessly into the natural strands with a light, ethereal glimmer. 

Thicker hair may enjoy larger strands towards the bottom of the fade for a more dramatic look. Although bigger highlights may come with more frequent maintenance and upkeep, the end result is worth a thousand touch-ups.

Can Balayage Cover Gray Hair?

At Deseo, we’re big fans of flaunting your beauty, no matter the hue. More and more women are choosing to embrace the gray with bold, dynamic styles that work with gray hair, not against it.

Balayage may not necessarily cover gray hair. However, this beautiful formula of light, airy waves does blend extremely well with snowy or silver strands. Let’s think beyond what the magazines may say about gray hair. Silver and white strands are not inherently bad. In fact, most people dislike gray hair because of the dullness it can bring to your hair. Maturing hair loses its natural luminosity and doesn’t quite capture the spotlight like it used to. This is where balayage in Denver can recapture that glow.

This will not provide full coverage of gray hair, but it can camouflage the gray with a style that draws the light back into your hair and puts a just-got-back-from-vacation smile on your face.

If you have more questions about hair color in Denver, our style team is happy to provide a consult and, when you’re ready for the most radiant hair of your life, get you scheduled for your first appointment.