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Curtain Bangs in Denver, Colorado

The Perfect Style for Every Style

“Should I get bangs?” It’s the number one question we hear at Deseo Salon and BlowDry in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Bangs can feel like a big leap of faith when choosing the type of haircut style to go with. But curtain bangs in Denver are a classic look and one of our most popular cuts. Of course, with amazing styles come plenty of questions. Will I like them? Will they suit my face shape? And what if I don’t like them as they grow out? Is getting curtain bangs in Denver really the style move?

We understand there are plenty of factors to consider when looking for a luxury salon in Denver that does bangs. Everything from shape to style can make your new look pop. That’s why an expert touch is essential for your fresh hair journey. When done right, curtain bangs are bold, daring, sexy, and fun. Bangs are so much more than an impulse cut — they’re for those who love spontaneity and adventure. A touch of chic sophistication can be added to any hair length with the right curtain bang style.

Of course, to get the best out of your hair, you’ll need to entrust it to the best. That means it’s time to put down the scissors. Book your bang appointment with confidence at Denver’s premier luxury hair salon. 

What Are Curtain Bangs? (And Why You’ll Love Them)

As the name implies, curtain bangs artfully frame your beautiful face like a bright, sunny window. This look is softer and more natural looking than straight-across bangs while achieving the same uniformity that compliments every face shape. Popularized by silver screen goddesses of the 60s and 70s, curtain bangs are swept to each side for a symmetrical appearance. Think Brigitte Bardot, Goldie Hawn, and Farrah Fawcett. These bangs were bold and daring at the time of their inception and are only getting better as each generation transforms this classic look.

Curtain bangs in straight hair can add volume, while long curtain bangs are light, airy, and romantic. Curtain bangs with layers in Denver take the whimsical appeal of the look a level higher by softening the texture and creating an ethereal effect. These elegant tresses highlight the eyes and cheekbones, drawing attention to your gorgeous face.

Xavier Velasquez, a celebrity hairstylist at Jenna Perry Hair studio, notes that:

“The perfect curtain bangs create softness and balance around the face. Whether you’re going with a longer version with a center part to open up your cheekbones or more forward and framing the brow line, their purpose is to bring out all of your positive features.”

Let’s take a closer look at the many reasons for getting curtain bangs in Denver.

The Highlights of Curtain Bangs in Denver

client with curtain bangsIt’s hard to pick just a few features when there’s so much to love about curtain bangs in Denver.

When well executed, curtain bangs are flattering on everyone, unlike straight-across bangs, which can be a DIY nightmare if they don’t align well with your features or hair texture. We love working with curtain bangs in curly hair in Denver as much as we love curtain bangs in straight hair! The versatility is one of the many reasons why our stylists often recommend this look. Simply put, curtain bangs are just more fun. They’re cut to style so you can shape, sculpt, and layer curtain bangs to create an endless array of iconic styles.

 To make things simple, our team of top stylists came together and paired the highlights of curtain bangs by type, length, and style. Get inspired by these hot bang trends for all hair types and textures.

Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs are the classic style, the reinvention that keeps on evolving. These bangs are often styled with a slight curve to open up your face. The wave creates natural movement and texture. They look fantastic worn up with a high ponytail or braid and are stunning when styled loosely around your face. Dry shampoo will be your BFF when it comes to maintaining this look. Long curtain bangs do best when we can give them a little extra volume and lift throughout the day to keep your style from falling flat.

If you’re interested in getting long curtain bangs in Denver, it’s worth noting that this style works well with both long and short hair. While long hair will create more of the iconic look we’re used to seeing when we think of curtain bangs, long curtain bangs with short hair are a vision of edgy chic, taking a silver screen style to the modern age.

Curtain Bangs With Short Hair

It’s hard to think of a look we love more than curtain bangs with short hair in Denver. Think Kaley Cuoco’s trendy lob. Curtain bangs work well with short and medium-length hair. They can look especially dynamic on boxy, square cuts or asymmetrical bobs. Many of the best looks for curtain bangs include a buzzed pixie to accentuate the bang. If you’re looking for a full, dramatic transformation, this is the style for you!

Of course, if you’d simply like to add a bit of intrigue to a chic lob or trendy bob, subtle curtain bangs with short hair are also a fantastic option. Your expert stylist can blend the bangs naturally into your fade or create edgy transition lines to draw attention to the style. A whimsical pixie-inspired haircut with long to medium curtain bangs is a nice in-between option for anyone seeking to bring out a little faerie magic in their day-to-day life. Whether your look is subtle or wild, curtain bangs are a stunning choice for shorter haircuts. 

Curtain Bangs With Layers

You can never have too much volume! Curtain bangs with layers draw the whole look together. Layers can be seamlessly blended into wisps of curly hair or edged out into straight tresses. Curtain bangs in Denver can bring new life to fine, delicate hair that may need a little extra lift. Add texture, movement, and shape to your hair in one quick style session. Layers truly take curtain bangs to the next level of fullness and glamour.

This look is especially stunning when paired with balayage highlights. Another popular color match for curtain bangs with layers is toasted coconut or medium blonde. We recommend curtain bangs with layers as one of our trendiest summer looks. This style is guaranteed to light up a room any time of the year. However, the natural, carefree aesthetic is pure beachy vibes and looks especially amazing alongside cooler hair colors. One thing is certain, this summer’s forecast calls for curtain bangs with layers in Denver.

Curtain Bangs With Curly Hair

Whoever said bangs don’t work well with curly hair had clearly never explored curtain bang options at our high-glam salon. If you’ve been searching for curtain bangs with curly hair in Denver, the wait is over. Not only are our expert stylists skilled at crafting the best bangs for your face shape, but our team is trained in working with curly hair types to achieve stunning results. Curtain bangs have a natural wave to them that pairs well with curly hair. Where other bang types may only be suited to one hair texture and shape, curtain bangs are easy to customize and play with. We love the boundless creativity this style offers!

Curtain Bangs With Straight Hair

If you’re looking for a way to add texture and depth to straight hair, curtain bangs are a fantastic option. Curtain bangs with straight hair create instant high fashion allure without committing to a high-maintenance style. They’re perfect for hairstyles that are in the process of growing out but not quite ready for a complete style refresh. Fine, delicate hair is another match for getting curtain bangs in Denver. Curtain bangs with straight hair will add volume, even when your hair feels a bit flat.

Styling curtain bangs with straight hair in Denver takes high fashion allure to the Mile Higher city. With so many ways to rock your fringe, it’s no wonder this timeless look continues to be our favorite when it comes to trending bang styles.

Curtain Bangs in Denver Sound Amazing! So Why All the Bang Panic?


client with long hair and curtain bangs in Denver

Like most fashionistas, you may have heard the term “cut remorse” thrown around a bit. This term is, unfortunately, almost always a reference to bangs. So why do so many divas end up hating their bangs?

If you’re thinking about getting long curtain bangs at a professional salon, you can leave the cut remorse at home. Bang panic has no place in our salon chairs! In fact, bang regret typically occurs when DIY bang jobs. 

This is because cutting bangs yourself is a lot harder than you might initially suspect. Depending on the style of bang you’re going for, you may need to thin the hair out before cutting. Of course, most well-meaning home hair “stylists” go for the straight-across look. Most bangs will not blend well when cut this way, and many popular styles are only flattering on a select few hair types and face shapes.

Enter curtain bangs — truly the best bang for your buck. Curtain bangs in Denver are high fashion and unique without being such a drastic change as to cause panic and regret. They work well with every hair type and look stunning on every face shape. The difference in luxury distinction when booking your bang appointment at a professional salon is everything. Our stylists are trained to identify the best fringe shape for your face and expertly blend long curtain bangs for a seamless look. When bangs are cut right the first time, they’re far easier to maintain and keep up with. Curtain bangs are no exception to the rule!

Caring for Curtain Bangs

One of the many reasons why curtain bangs in Denver are so well-loved is that these bangs are low maintenance. Those with active lifestyles will appreciate the get-up-and-go benefits of long curtain bangs. Where short bangs require a bit more prep and upkeep, long curtain bangs in Denver are the carefree yet chic hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of. This style blends naturally as your hair grows out. As a result, there’s less pressure to keep up with your bangs and less temptation to pick up a pair of scissors. All you need to keep your look fresh is a trim at the salon every five to six weeks. 

To maintain volume and shine between salon appointments, using the right products for your hair is essential. Keep your curtain bangs moisturized without allowing them to become oily. A lightweight volumizing mist or powder is the best option for maintaining the “fresh from the salon” radiance at home. 

Kérastase’s V.I.P. Volume in Powder is among the best products for curtain bangs with layers. This protein-fortifying formula sculps, preps, and enhances the shape and movement of your bangs. Keep a spray bottle of dry shampoo in your gym bag for any time your bangs need a quick refresh. 

If your hair is a bit dull or flat, a quick and easy hack is to put your lovely locks up in a braid while styling only the front pieces. This way, all of the volume is focused around your gorgeous face, and you can skip a wash day or two without looking unkempt.

Refresh the Look With Deep Conditioning

Looking to take your curtain bangs to the next level? You can treat your bangs to a deep-conditioning hair mask once every two weeks. Most haircare enthusiasts like to time a mask treatment with an upcoming wash day to prevent excess oil from forming. Extra conditioning is especially important for curtain bangs with curly hair, as curls and waves tend to be drier and less porous. 

Curtain bangs with curly hair in Denver are best maintained by a vigorous home hair care routine for clarifying, followed by conditioning. Likewise, curtain bangs with straight hair can go easy on the conditioning and hair oils but stay healthy and fortified with the power of keratin protein.

Lastly, a round brush is the best choice for styling curtain bangs. A round brush can give your bangs as much wave as you like. Try out different styles and enjoy the versatility of this soft glam look.

Styling Curtain Bangs (With Heat and Without!)

Once you’ve taken the leap into rocking curtain bangs in Denver, the next question is how to style them. You’ve got the products. You’ve got the salon schedule down. Now how do you maintain your amazing new look? The salon team at Deseo has put together two simple ways to style curtain bangs with layers, both with heat and totally heatless.

If you like to style your hair while blow drying, prep your bangs with a high-quality heat protectant spray. Next, grab your round brush. Gently part your hair down the middle and section the strands, taking about a one-inch section close to your temples. You’ll want to lightly brush this section out while blow drying. Be sure to angle the blow dryer and round brush to the side to create the desired effect. Blow drying your bangs toward the front or straight will cause them to “poof” rather than lie flat. Always use a diffuser on your hairdryer to prevent frizz. Fighting the frizz will be your number one battle when it comes to maintaining stunning curtain bangs.

Heatless Styling Tips

If you’re a hair care rebel and going the low heat or heat-free styling route, we’ve got an even simpler solution for maintaining curtain bangs with layers in Denver. Part your smooth tresses down the middle and place the bangs as you prefer. Next, take out your creaseless clips and secure each side in place. Now simply wait for your hair to air dry into picture-perfect 70’s supermodel bangs. No heat, no problem!

Add some dry texture spray for an extra lift. The enhanced boost will give your bangs a dramatic edge without weighing down on the rest of your hair.

Are you ready to start your bangs era? The iconic curtain bangs of the 1960s and 70s are the perfect fit for anyone looking to feel inspired and excited about their hair again. Not only are these bangs absolutely stunning, but they’re easy to maintain and long-lasting. Curtain bangs in curly hair work well to enhance your hair’s natural movement, while curtain bangs in straight hair can add volume and intrigue. Whatever your unique bangs look like, one thing is certain; this style is nothing short of sizzling.

Book your appointment with our amazing team today and learn more about the curtain bang journey.