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Natural Beaded Hair Extensions

Artisan Crafted, Expertly Applied, Luxuriously Flawless

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is Jefferson Park’s premier luxury salon for natural beaded hair extensions in Denver. We deliver flawless length and volume to our Rocky Mountain clients. There’s no need to wait around for your hair to grow out to your picture-perfect length! In fact, most style icons have a well-kept secret: extensions. Natural beaded hair extensions are a gorgeous choice for those looking to add a bit of drama to their hair. Picture a head of long, flowing waves that blend naturally into your own silky tresses. 

With a little help from our expert stylists, we can pair you with your best color match. We’ll create a style that’s so effortlessly glamorous you’ll never be able to guess the secret is natural beaded extensions.

The Perks of Going Au Naturel

Natural beaded hair extensions, also known as I-Tip hair extensions, are a delicately detailed technique. It entails crafting intricate rows of beads around the hairline without the need for sewing, glue, or braids. The result? Voluminous locks that expertly match your natural hair and blend well with each strand.

There are no chemicals, glue, heat, or tape involved in the natural beaded hair extension process. This technique is the least damaging to dry or delicate hair and often the most appealing for those seeking a minimally processed approach. Best of all, the micro beads are a highly durable, lightweight silicone that won’t weigh heavily on the hair follicle. In fact, using a beaded technique will help minimize breakage. Also, the no-sew application means no pulling and yanking on the hair to get the extensions to lie flat. The installation process is quick and easy. You can walk out with a fresh new style that you can show off to the world.

Catching the Trend

Taking the leap of faith into the best hairstyle of your life can be a bit daunting! With natural beaded extensions, it’s easy to get an idea of what the finished product will look like. 

These extensions are ideal for coarse, thick hair and very short hair when you’re looking to create fullness, smoothness, and length. Natural beaded extensions provide full coverage and durability. You can easily style them just like real hair because they’re made from real hair! Deseo Salon & BlowDry uses 100% REMI hair from top beauty brands like Balmain, Bellami, and Euro So Cap. 

Glam gurus will have the option to choose from a variety of lengths, textures, and colors so the end result will seamlessly match your natural hair. 

Not sure which option would be best? Looking to try out a new color? No problem! Our expert colorists can recommend a lovely style match for you or work in a full color treatment alongside your added length and volume. Get a brand new style that’s as glowing and radiant as your inner diva.

Maintaining the Look

Natural beaded extensions are triple tightened for extra durability and youthful elasticity. This means these extensions are long-lasting when professionally placed. 

When styling your hair at home, always use a high-quality heat protectant spray. Oribe’s full line of salon-quality, healthy hair products is a great option for nourishing natural beaded extensions. They provide an added boost of hydration to keep your lovely locks glowing. If you’re planning to go swimming, then the best method for protecting your extensions is to tie your hair up and avoid allowing the natural beaded extensions to soak in water for a prolonged period. Always dry your radiant hair off after enjoying our Colorado lakes and rivers!

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, your stylist will need to move up your natural beaded extensions every six to eight weeks. Your stylist can give you a good idea of your hair profile. They can also set you up with an extension care routine that’s just right.

Book your natural beaded hair extension appointment today and start loving your locks again!

Woman with wavy hair and natural beaded hair extensions in Denver

Choosing the right hair extensions for your unique hair is the first step to a whole new world of style options. Natural beaded extensions in Denver are a great option for those who are just beginning to explore adding volume and length to their hair. Planning your hair extension journey is half the fun.

Start your glam adventure off right by getting answers to all of your hair-raising questions about natural beaded hair extensions in Denver. The style team at Deseo Salon & BlowDry will be your guide.

What Exactly Does “Natural” Mean When It Comes to Natural Beaded Hair Extensions in Denver?

Many of our salon guests question what’s so natural about hair extensions. After all, aren’t all extensions faux locks? 

The secret to “natural” fake hair is in the technique. The reason why natural beaded hair extensions are referred to this way is because they blend the best with most hair types and textures. The exact color match and seamless movement and dimension mean these extensions will be difficult to tell apart from your natural locks. In fact, most fashionistas who get natural beaded hair extensions in Denver can’t spot the difference between their own hair and their faux locks!

How Does the Technique Behind Natural Beaded Hair Extensions Influence the Overall Look?

Natural beaded extensions in Denver are styled using lightweight rows of beads. As a result, the hair sits naturally at the hairline and blends well. The circular design of the beads creates balance. This ensures no one part of the hair is taking all of the weight. After your expert stylist places the wefts, they will trim them to size and blend to further create the illusion of natural hair.

What Are Natural Beaded Hair Extensions in Denver Made From?

Deseo uses only 100% REMY hair by Bellami. REMY is pure human hair. You won’t find any synthetics at our salon! We may love faux locks, but that doesn’t mean fake or low quality. These pure, soft, and silky extensions style and move just like natural hair — because they are natural hair.

Style Confession Time: My Hair Has a Lot of Damage. Like LOTS of Damage. Can I Still Enjoy Extensions While Waiting for My Natural Hair to Grow Out?

Don’t count your hair out just yet! Natural beaded hair extensions in Denver are the best choice for compromised hair. Our expert style team is here to assess the damage and plan your hair’s big comeback. If your stylist determines that your hair is healthy enough for extensions, natural beaded hair extensions are an excellent option. These extensions don’t weigh down, pull, or cause breakage as easily as other extensions. They minimize hair loss and allow every glam goddess to enjoy her long, luxurious moment.

Getting natural beaded hair extensions in Denver is a great transition style for growing out hair. If your hair is in need of a break, there’s no need to pause on style, too. One quick appointment will have you feeling as if the damage never happened. That’s what we in the style world like to call a successful #glowup.

Who Is the Best Candidate for These Extensions?

While we firmly believe hair extensions are for every head of hair on our client list, certain application methods work best with certain hair types and textures. The ideal candidate for natural beaded hair extensions should have shoulder-length hair at a minimum to allow for the best blending and overall effect. When it comes to hair texture, natural beaded hair extensions can more easily pair with hair than other types of extensions. These extensions work well with most hair types. 

For a personal hair assessment of your unique hair type and texture, reach out to your friendly neighborhood stylist today. We’ll be sure to pair you and your hair with the best hair extension options for your style goals.