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Deep Conditioning Treatment

Fusio Dose, K-Water Treatment, Masques, and More

Discover the magic of deep conditioning treatment in Denver at your neighborhood luxury salon. Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Jefferson Park knows that every Colorado beauty guru has suffered a few bad hair days. Whether it’s too much fun in the sun, dry air and wind, or frequent chemical processing, coloring, and heat styling, all hair will benefit from a deep conditioning treatment. Some hair textures simply lie on the more fine, brittle side of the beauty spectrum and need a little extra love. Others can benefit from the radiance boost professional hair treatments bring.

Deep conditioning treatments extend the life of any color, smoothing treatment, or bleach and tone service. The nutrient-dense, reparative qualities in our indulgent formula provide vitamin-infused strength and shine-enhancing protection. A deep conditioning treatment can pair with any salon service. We’ll mix it right in to keep even our most vibrant fashion colors shining bright and texture-treated hair feeling soft and lively.

If your hair has been feeling a bit on the brittle side lately, then it’s time for a spa day at Deseo!

A Targeted Treatment Approach for Every Hair Profile

Our salon is proud to feature the most cutting-edge professional deep conditioning hair treatments trending in the beauty and wellness scene. Fusio Dose by renowned luxury line Kérastase is a miracle serum for frizzy, flat, and dull hair. There’s no need to settle for lackluster locks. This protein-rich, customizable treatment comes in twenty different combinations that we’ll tailor to your hair’s needs.

Your stylist will assess your hair profile at the beginning of a deep conditioning treatment with Fusio Dose. Then they’ll help you identify what benefits your hair needs the most. Based on this evaluation, we’ll then combine a unique, ultra-concentrated formula to spray evenly across each strand. After that, the moisturizing, shaping ingredients nourish the hair without the need for rinsing!

Best of all, the effects last for two to three weeks, so you can enjoy a fresh-from-the-salon glow anytime, anywhere.

Lightweight Fluidity and Magnetic Shine

Only found in Kérastase certified salons, K-Water Treatment is the first deep conditioning treatment of its kind. It features advanced Lamellar technology to create magnetic shine and weightless movement. K-Water Treatment instantly resurfaces the hair for 5x more shine of your average at-home haircare routine — it also creates 4x the hydration.

While the name may be deceiving, there is not actually water in this clear, liquid formula. K-Water is made from a hair-healthy blend of glycol, amino acids, and caring agents. It’s designed to nourish the hair fiber itself. This deep conditioning treatment is the perfect style fix for a special occasion, especially if you need a last-minute boost of glamour.

A Masquerade Ball for Your Hair

No spa day would be complete without a rejuvenating masque treatment. There’s also a wide range of hydrating hair masques to choose from at Deseo. Kevin Murphy’s amazing line of eco-friendly, cruelty-free luxury haircare products also features deep conditioning treatments to moisturize and soften tired hair. Along with high-quality Wella nourishing oil treatments and fabulous Oribe deep penetrating masks, there’s a parade of healthy hair benefits awaiting at Deseo Salon & BlowDry.

Ask your stylist which  treatment is right for you and your unique hair. Getting a professionally applied and personally tailored hair treatment means longer-lasting glow and softness.

Are you an admitted dye hard who loves to play with different colors or someone who enjoys the more natural side of haircare? If so, then an enriching deep conditioning treatment is an essential part of keeping your hair at its best. So book your next appointment today!

woman with shiny, heallthy hair after a deep conditioning treatment in Denver

Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Conditioning Treatments in Denver

How Do I Know if My Hair Needs a Deep Conditioning Treatment?

Is your hair so severely dry that it feels like straw? Does your hair seem brittle enough to break at any moment? These are some obvious signs that your hair is in need of some serious TLC. 

The hair shaft is fragile, and when it becomes dehydrated, it is prone to feeling stiff and crunchy. If regular conditioners are no longer able to seal in moisture, it means the hair cuticles are damaged. They need the reparative benefits of a deep conditioning treatment in Denver. Here are some common causes of dry and damaged hair:

  • Environmental Factors – Exposure to too much wind, pollution, and harmful UV rays from the sun can wreak havoc on your hair.
  • Heated Styling Tools – Too much heat from blow-dryers, curling wands, and hair straighteners can strip the hair of moisture. It can also damage your hair’s core protein structure.
  • Chemical Processing – Over time, chemical hair treatments can weaken the hair, preventing the cuticles from laying nice and flat.
  • Excessive Coloring – Repeated use of bleach or ammonia in lighteners and color dyes will expose your hair’s cortex. This leaves it prone to split ends and breakage.

How Exactly Do Deep Conditioners Work?

Deep conditioning treatments work by improving your hair’s moisture content and keeping it hydrated, usually with natural humectants that also tame frizz. Treatment ingredients may vary. But they all work on a molecular level to penetrate the hair’s cuticle layers to the deepest layer (known as the cortex) and repair from within. Deep conditioners are also left on for quite a bit longer than regular rinse-out conditioners. This gives them time to work their magic for longer-lasting results. 

When you invest in a deep conditioning treatment in Denver, the outcome is silky soft, manageable strands that will bring you back to Deseo again and again!

What Are the Must-Have Deep Conditioning Treatments in Denver I Can Only Get in the Salon?

You can experience a luxurious hair transformation right here in Deseo Salon & BlowDry. Book one of our salon-exclusive deep conditioning treatments. For example, Fusio Dose by Kérastase is a customized miracle serum uniquely formulated by your Deseo stylist to address your specific hair concerns. It’s so effective and easy that a five-minute application produces effects that last for weeks.

Another popular Kérastase treatment available through Deseo as a certified salon is the resurfacing K-Water Treatment. This amazing treatment instantly smooths out the hair fiber, creating a lightweight, flawless, and fluid glassy surface for intensely shiny hair. Be sure to ask your Deseo hairstylist whether these deep conditioning treatments are right for you and your hair. 

Does Deseo Salon & BlowDry Sell Conditioning Treatments I Can Use at Home?

Yes! In fact, depending on the severity of your damage, you might be better suited for regular deep conditioning treatments from the comfort of home. Deseo Salon offers a variety of high-quality haircare products from some of the best brands in the business. We have several best-selling formulas, each one packed with nourishing treatment oils and long-lasting conditioning agents. 

Consider investing in some of our favorites:

  • MASQUINTENSE by Kérastase — Infused with antioxidant-rich oils, this nourishing hair treatment for extremely sensitized, dry hair is created in formulas for both thick and fine hair types. 
  • GOLD LUST TRANSFORMATIVE MASQUE by Oribe — Featuring a bio-restorative complex, this mask improves elasticity and fortifies the hair.
  • MASKERTINE by Kérastase — Made specifically to tame frizzy hair, this smoothing hair mask provides fluidity, movement, and exceptional softness with its proprietary Morpho-Kératine™ complex. 

If you’ve been dealing with frizz and damage, just talk to a Deseo Salon & BlowDry expert about these home haircare products and more. Then when you’re ready, think about booking a deep conditioning treatment in Denver for your dry and brittle hair. We promise you won’t regret it!