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If your hair is feeling burnt out, it may be time to consider taking a proactive approach to repairing heat-damaged ends and dried out roots. Heat damage can occur for a variety of reasons, with different degrees of severity. Over-processing from DIY color treatments, at-home straightening and curling irons, and beachy highlight fails (can you say too much lightening? Ouch!) can all put a major strain on your soft, luxurious locks.

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is here to restore your perfect with these simple tips for repairing heat damaged hair.

Erase Mild Heat Damage

Even the most cautious of beauty gurus are susceptible to some level of heat damage. Avoiding heat treatments and styling tools can lessen the impact. But something as small as a little Denver sunshine can still take a toll on your hair. Colors become washed out from a Colorado summer, and your hair’s texture can become dry and brittle.

No one’s perfect — but that doesn’t mean we can’t pull off a little perfection in the mundane! In cases of mild damage, upgrading your styling products is often the solution. Consider making the switch to a sulfate-free, nutrient-dense formula such as Oribe’s moisture-locking shampoo and conditioner. Always protect your hair with a high-quality styling spray before curling or straightening it. Even if you don’t use any styling tools at all, a leave-in conditioner or spray offers added protection against sun damage, leaving hair soft, silky, and rejuvenated.

Repair Moderately Heat Damaged Hair

Hair that’s been processed, treated, and processed again will require a little extra TLC. A deep conditioning treatment is the go-to solution for moderate to severe damage. Think of conditioning treatments as the first step towards softer hair. Your stylist can restore your hair’s natural elasticity by strengthening the root and nourishing even the most tired of split ends. It’s a good idea to allow damaged hair several “rest days” between washes. Water sucks the moisture from fragile hair and can hasten dryness and brittle textures.

On days when you don’t shampoo, try a hair masque instead. Oribe’s Gold Lust Transformative Masque penetrates hair follicles with a rich and relaxing blend of baobab and jasmine extracts. The powerful bio-restorative complex brings out your hair’s natural shine and brilliance. You’ll be loving your locks again in no time!

Get a Professional Treatment for Severe Hair Damage

Before you go tearing your hair out or chopping off damaged ends, it’s important to keep in mind that all damage is reversible. Our hair is as resilient as we are! With attention, time, and patience, even the most dried out locks can rediscover their inner diva. Olaplex treatments are the fountain of youth when it comes to restoring damaged hair. This 3-step deep conditioning process activates the hair follicle at the molecular level to allow hair to bounce back from botched color jobs, intense heat exposure, and even bleaching. Best of all, an Olaplex treatment actually rebuilds your hair and prevents future breakage. This treatment is ideal for anyone going from light to dark colors or simply anyone whose hair has been put through the wringer. Think of Olaplex as the ultimate “treat yourself” experience for your hair!

Deseo’s salon pros are here to repair any level of damage (judgment-free!). That includes “burns” from coloring treatments. As glam enthusiasts, we’d also like to prevent hair from becoming brittle, brassy, and dull. The best solution to hair damage is prevention. At-home bleach kits can easily burn fragile hair, and the colors can be anything but vibrant.

When you know your locks need a helping hand, come talk to the stylists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. We have the hair treatments and the advice to get your hair ready for the seasons ahead. Book your next treatment today and start loving your locks again.

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