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Updo Hair Salon in Denver, Colorado

Timeless Elegance Makes Every Occasion Special

A fabulous updo turns any gathering into a celebration. Our updo hair salon in Denver, Colorado, provides many amazing services to help you look and feel your best for any occasion. We’re your cozy boutique salon at the heart of bustling Jefferson Park. When it comes to special occasions, our stylists are on standby for every prom, wedding, photoshoot, and Instagrammable moment. Some memories simply demand glamorous, high-fashion hair styling!

An updo is much more than a classic hairstyle. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that there’s so much versatility in one seemingly basic look. Our professionally trained hairstylists are ready to create, sculpt, and style amazing updos for our Denver divas.

Updos by Hair Type and Texture

You don’t need to have fine, delicate, smooth, and straight hair for the perfect updo hairstyle. Updos work well for every hair type and texture because there are so many options to choose from. Most beauty gurus only imagine the classic ballerina bun when picturing the ideal updo. However, there are many creative twists, braids, and curly hairstyles for wearing your lovely locks up.

Some of the best updos for curly, textured hair include the messy cascade effect, the braided bun, and a classic sock bun that leaves a few baby wisps to accent your gorgeous face. Want to leave a bit of curl for a whimsical, boho-chic look? A low bun is a perfect updo for achieving a vintage faerie tale aesthetic that won’t pull, yank, and torture your natural locks. 

Fine, delicate hair styling means an emphasis on volume. We want to create the big Hollywood glamour your hair deserves, without damaging the silky soft strands in the process. Try a low loose knot with teased roots to create the illusion of drama or a traditional, elegant twist updo — a favorite bridal hairstyle!

No matter how your hair behaves (or misbehaves), our glam team can achieve high-end style with beautiful updos for every client with the help of our updo hair salon in Denver, Colorado. 

A Little Extra, Not Sorry

If you’re preparing for a big event and you know the cameras will be on you and your hair, then your updo may need a little extra shine and sparkle to ensure your hair is always on-trend. Consider starting out your hair styling session with a deep conditioning treatment. This will relax, hydrate, and restore silky softness to every strand. Also, this will allow your updo hairstyle to hold and stay without breakage. Best of all, a deep conditioning treatment can be mixed into any styling or coloring service for an added layer of fabulous.

A gloss and toner treatment is ideal for perfecting your selfies. The nourishing ingredients in every hair-healthy treatment bring out radiance to capture the spotlight. This will keep your updo looking flawless through an evening of toasting and well into a night of dancing and laughing with family and friends.

Even More Extra, Even More Glamorous

One of the best-kept celebrity hairstyle secrets is that most influencers and icons cheat a little when it comes to perfecting their best updo. Hair extensions are the perfect addition to a glamorous updo. Our high-quality, 100% REMI hair extensions blend naturally into your own hair to create added depth, layers, and length. Half-up, half-down updos are among our favorites to complement with ripples of soft curls. You can also add a few swatches of bright fashion colors to your special occasion look without committing to the dye and lightening process. You can wear colored extensions for a single day or several weeks before they’ll need to be moved up. 

Book your updo appointment today with our updo hair salon in Denver, Colorado, and let us help you get the party started.

Book your updo appointment today and get the party started.

woman with a celebratory updo in Denver

Frequently Asked Questions About Updos in Denver

How Do I Know Which Updo Is Perfect for Me?

The beauty of updo hairstyles is that they can be customized to flatter each individual. If you haven’t already envisioned a specific updo style for your special event, now is your chance to collaborate with one of our Deseo stylists to find a look that fits you fabulously. You can trust that their aesthetically-trained eye and intuitive passion for artistry will result in a look beyond your expectations. The best way to determine which updo will flatter your specific facial features and hair type is to book a consultation appointment

Is There a List of Styles for Updos in Denver to Choose From?

Our Deseo Salon experts can give you examples of their hairstyling skills. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that updos are highly dependent on several factors, including hair length, hair texture, and personal features. We’ll do our best to accommodate your vision, whether you’re aiming for new and trendy or old-school and classic. 

Here are some style descriptions that might inspire you:

  • Romantic French Twist
  • Sleek & Low Chignon
  • Inverted Braid Updo
  • Flipped-Under Ponytail
  • Textured Topknot
  • Voluminous Top Wrapped Bun
  • Wispy Side Twisted Updo
  • Double or Triple Stacked Buns
  • Multi-Braided Low Bun
  • Formal Tuck and Roll
  • Twisted Headband Halo

Can I Still Get a Nice Updo If I Have Fine or Shorter Hair?

Rest assured that you can get awesome updos in Denver right here at Deseo Salon & BlowDry, even if you think your hair is too short or too fine. While it may seem like the majority of updos require long, thick, princess-like locks, the truth is there are plenty of cute and trendy updo styles for shorter hair that you can rock. 

There are also lovely options for fine or wispy hair that involve just a little extra sculpting and teasing to pull off. We won’t reveal all our secrets, but here are some ways our stylists can build a breathtaking updo that makes the most of fine or shorter hairstyles:

  • Partial Updo – A classic half-up/half-down hairstyle can easily be amped up with some curls and strategic pinning.
  • Bouffant – Creating height and volume with a back-combed bouffant is a classic technique for styling with fine hair.
  • Curls Galore – Romantic curls that are loosely pinned and swept up help fine strands appear voluminous and airy.

Don’t let the fact that you have fine or shorter hair prevent you from achieving an elegant, jaw-dropping updo hairstyle. Discuss these options with your Deseo stylist during your consultation, and trust that the creative process will deliver stunning results.

What Does My Deseo Stylist Want Me to Know Before Getting an Updo?

There’s a reason we so strongly recommend a hair consultation before undertaking any updo style, especially for bridal looks. We may make it look easy, but in reality, updo hairstyles require plenty of planning and consideration. To begin with, make sure you show up to your styling appointment with clean, dry hair. You should be prepared to go through several phases before the finished updo look is achieved. 

Your stylist will be prepping your hair for texture and grip using a variety of products, sectioning off hair segments to build the updo piece by piece, and will likely use a fair amount of bobby pins to keep everything secure. Remember that certain styles will require specific hair lengths and textures. Always talk to your stylist about either customizing your updo to maximize your own assets or boosting your natural locks with a volumizing set of hair extensions

When you’re looking for updos in Denver, Colorado, we hope you’ll immediately think of Deseo Salon & BlowDry. We specialize in updo hairstyles for prom, homecoming, birthdays, anniversaries, photo shoots, wedding parties, and other special events. Book your styling appointment today!