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Olaplex Treatment

Turn Back Time, Repair Years of Damage, and Discover the Fountain of Youthful Hair

At Deseo Salon & BlowDry, we know each head of hair comes with a history. From bleaching and coloring to heat styling and everyday wear, sometimes repairing damage needs a little more than your average conditioning treatment.

Deseo is an Olaplex certified salon in the heart of Jefferson Park. We provide Olaplex salon treatments in Denver that bring restorative brilliance to damaged hair and protect against breakage. This unique three-step treatment features dual-action replenishment that repairs and prevents future frizz, fading, and thinning. A salon Olaplex treatment is so much more than deep conditioning. Most hair treatments only penetrate the top layer of the strand. But this patented miracle treatment is used by some of the top colorists in the beauty industry to bring hair back from the dead after overcoloring, going from black to blonde in a single day, and excessive heat treating to shape and sculpt those unruly locks. 

Olaplex works on a molecular level by restoring the hair’s broken bonds, which are compromised through coloring, bleaching, and heat exposure. The effect is truly a reversal of time with the restoration of youthful elasticity and glow. By repairing the intricate chemical bonds in each strand of hair, Olaplex restores natural bounce and movement. It also restores true color, smoothness, and a silky soft texture. 

An Olaplex salon treatments can be added to any salon service for a foolproof (as well as sun-proof, windproof, and over-styling-proof) damage insurance package. Also, you can book it as a single treatment any time your hair needs a reset. It’s a must for anyone looking to achieve platinum blonde or silver tones without harming their hair in the process!

Check out the three-step process that goes into every Olaplex treatment at Deseo.

Step One: The Bond Multiplier

It’s time to start rebuilding your hair from the inside out! Olaplex doesn’t simply condition. This cutting-edge beauty treatment repairs each strand as a whole from base to end. The first step involves reconstructing the broken bonds and beginning the repair and prevention process to restore damaged hair to its virgin state.

The bond multiplier can be mixed in with new hair color. We often recommend it for those going ultralight or for clients who like to switch up their color often. You can also enjoy an Olaplex treatment as a stand-alone treatment. Many of our clients love this total hair revival for beating winter dryness and frizz.

Why stop at good when you can have perfect? The next step of a salon-certified Olaplex treatment targets any remaining breakage to ensure each strand is healthy, vibrant, and strong. Your stylist will then go over your hair a second time to restore and rebuild any bonds missed in the first treatment. We admit it; we’re a little extra, but what’s not to love about a second dose of gorgeous glamour?

Step Three: Hair Perfector

The third and final step of an effective Olaplex treatment lets our clients take charge. It’s time to feel like the empowered, brilliant diva you are and take control of damaged, frizzy, unmanageable hair. Don’t worry — our expert stylists are here to guide you through every step of the process. Continuous, at-home haircare is essential for ensuring your Olaplex treatment works to continuously protect hair and prevent breakage. Once a week, apply your take-home Olaplex treatment to damp hair, comb it through, and leave the treatment on for a minimum of 10 minutes before washing as usual.

Have a big event coming up? Then leave the Olaplex treatment on overnight for maximum bounce and shine.

Reach out to us today to schedule your treatment or for more amazing tips on achieving healthy, radiant hair.

Woman with shiny, healthy hair after an Olaplex treatment in Denver

Many of our clients come to us with damaged or compromised hair in need of a restorative treatment. Others simply want to know the best way to strengthen their hair, enhance shine, and bring back the youthful radiance of virgin locks. We all love trying new colors and styles with our hair, but years of chemical processing, heat styling, and coloring your hair can leave your natural locks a little lackluster.

Restore your hair with a revitalizing Olaplex treatment in Denver. Our Olaplex-certified stylists know the best way to hit the reset button on years of damage and make your hair’s glow up the best you’ve ever seen. Before scheduling your Denver Olaplex treatment, get to know the science behind the magic with our salon expert spotlight on everything Olaplex.

What Hair Types Will an Olaplex Treatment in Denver Work On?

A Denver Olaplex treatment works on all hair types. From natural curls to wavy locks to fine and straight hair, there’s no texture or strand pattern Olaplex can’t restore. This is because all hair types share the same disulfide bonds. When the hair is strong and healthy, these bonds are intact. Damaged hair breaks down the bond’s integrity, causing frizz and breakage.

A salon Olaplex treatment in Denver restores these bonds, regardless of hair type and brings new life to your lovely locks. We love the hair inclusivity of a nourishing, deep conditioning treatment like Olaplex! Our stylists recommend it to all of our clients and look forward to celebrating your hair’s big glow up next.

I Understand the Three-Step Olaplex Process — But What’s the Simple Science Behind an Olaplex Treatment in Denver?

When your hair’s disulfide bonds are broken, two basic reactions occur. First, the sulfur hydrogen component pairs with a single oxygen molecule. Next, a single sulfur hydrogen molecule pairs with three oxygen molecules to create a sulfate group. This is where the damage occurs. The protonated sulfate is known as cysteic acid, which attacks the protein structure of the hair. Breakage can be caused by a number of aggravating environmental factors, heat styling, and chemical treatments. 

A Denver Olaplex treatments work by pairing with the single sulfur hydrogen bond faster than the three oxygen molecules can, thereby mitigating the damage and repairing any damage that’s already been done.

Is Olaplex Safe for Color-Treated Hair?

Yes! In fact, an Olaplex treatment in Denver is the perfect complement to all over color. Olaplex is safe for color-treated hair and keeps your locks from drying out and becoming brittle if you frequently dye your hair.

Can You Use Olaplex on Hair Extensions?

Absolutely! Olaplex is safe for 100% human hair extensions, such as the luxurious hair extensions you can find in our salon.

How Soon After a Salon Olaplex Treatment Can I Wash My Hair and Return to My Normal Routine?

After getting your first Olaplex salon treatment in Denver, you can resume your normal hair routine immediately. Your stylist will give the Olaplex treatment time to absorb, locking in rich hair proteins and sealing the hair shaft. Once complete, you can walk out of our salon doors enjoying your new glow up with minimal interruptions to your home hair care regimen.

We recommend giving your hair 24 hours to rest after treatment. Most hair is vibrant and healthy following treatment, so it should not immediately require washing. You can shampoo and condition your lovely locks the following day.

An Olaplex treatment in Denver is the best restorative protein treatment for all hair types. The enriching science behind the treatment guarantees long-lasting results and incredible softness, shine, and style. Book your appointment today at Deseo, your neighborhood Olaplex salon.