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You’ve got an emergency kit for life’s bumps and bruises, a bike repair kit for intrepid Denver roads, a DIY baking marathon drawer, and everything you need to be a self-sufficient boss. But what’s your go-to fix for tired, boring, or dull hair? Everyone needs an at-home haircare kit to cure the weekend hair, don’t care, blues! Check out everything you need to create your essential DIY beauty box.

Getting Started With Your At-Home Haircare Kit

You don’t need to be Marie Kondo to master the art of organizing. Nothing brings more joy than designing a cute space for your hair products. In fact, you probably have all the storage tools you’ll need to start the perfect beauty bar. Storage tubs are a tried and true favorite for keeping your supplies in order. Use dividers to compartmentalize all of your styling tools, then personalize the lid with a fun Sharpie design.

File holders make great storage solutions for bottles. Keep your hair spray, serums, shampoos, and conditioners in a colorful stationery holder to brighten up your bathroom and save on counter space. Looking for something to do with all those loose, drawstring bags? Save them for storing hair ties, clips, and bobby pins. Before long, your own personal salon corner will be ready to open for business!

Stay in Style Every Season

Warmer weather means different needs for healthy hair. Divide your at-home haircare kit into sections by season. This will make selecting the right styling products easy and convenient.

There’s no need to go overboard in dividing up your at-home haircare kit. Try a summer-fall section and winter-spring section for simple hair maintenance at home. For the purposes of this kit, we’ll focus on making your hair sunshine ready for a beautiful Colorado summer and fall look.

This might include protective sprays for sun exposure, professional hydrating serums to keep your lovely locks glowing (and frizz-free on especially humid days), and a variety of deep conditioners. Don’t forget to load up on products to combat brassy streaks and fading in color-treated hair.

Next, throw together your favorite hairstyling tools for fabulous seasonal looks. Breakage resistant hair ties are a must for summer along with clips, bobby pins, and colorful fall scarves and headbands. Give your straightener a break and rock some soft, festival curls with a half-up, half-down look or a little help from your trusty curling iron. Be sure to include a few gym accessories for bangs and shorter hair, just in case you decide to go for a full pixie cut this summer.

Make Your Own Lookbook

No salon is complete without a stylebook to inspire the latest trends. Create a lookbook of your own by printing off a few favorite summer and fall hairstyles and compiling them into a handy journal to keep with your beauty supplies. Draw inspiration from celebrity hairstyles, the latest fashion blogs, and good old Pinterest. This is a great way to find new ideas and avoid throwing your hair up in a messy bun every Saturday.

You can also create a playlist of easy to follow hairstyle tutorials from your favorite beauty channels. Think braids, buns, up do’s, and more! Don’t be afraid to style outside the box and imagine new possibilities for your gorgeous hair.

What NOT to Include in Your At-Home Haircare Kit

Now that we’ve covered the basics of designing a fabulous at-home haircare station, it’s time to discuss what you don’t want in your beauty bar. Steer clear of scissors (not even for bangs!), boxed dyes, bleaches, and lightening kits. Don’t let a boring day indoors lead to a hairstyling disaster that will follow you into your next day out!

Have fun trying out new styles and giving your hair the extra TLC it needs with an at-home haircare kit to get you through the weekend and beyond. Leave the cutting, trimming, coloring, and lightening to your friendly neighborhood stylists at Deseo. Book your next great look today — and yes, we even do bangs.

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