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Dull hair can happen to anyone. One minute your lovely locks are radiant and full of shine, and the next minute you’ve woken up to a lackluster bedhead that’s anything but the luxury style of your dreams. So, what exactly causes dull hair and what can beauty gurus do to revive tired locks? Deseo Salon and BlowDry is your luxury hair fix when it comes to keeping your natural radiance shining bright with protective treatments. Put down the straightener, hold the bobby pins, and take a look at these common culprits of hair sabotage.

Too Much Fun in the Sun

Endless summer rings true for Colorado! Home to the most beautiful hikes, lakes, and bike trails, it’s no wonder that our Denver clients love to be out in the sun.

While the outdoors lifestyle may be great for the soul, frequent sun exposure can leave hair dull, faded, and damaged. UV rays fry the cuticle and break down the color pigment. This causes what many refer to as “sun bleaching,” and it can alter both your natural tone as well as colored hair.

The Fix

No need to channel your inner vampire! You can still enjoy the long summer days without sacrificing glorious locks. Take a few extra precautions before venturing out on the trails. A gloss treatment is a great way to protect your hair from the sun. These luxury hair treatments are ideal for colored or virgin hair. Gloss works to fill the hair shaft with hydrating nutrients that lock in radiance to repair sun damage.

Masques are another easy hair saver to add to your summer beauty routine. Oribe’s Gold Lust Transformative Masque is a fantastic option. This high-quality formula restores elasticity by penetrating the root fiber with natural bio-restorative compounds like refreshing white tea, baobab, and jasmine extract.

Over-Processed Hair

Chemical treatments, especially coloring your hair, can turn even the most resilient locks dry and brittle. DIY hair treatments are often the prime culprit when it comes to overworked hair. Bleaching and cheap color kits strip away nutrients and moisture, depriving your hair of the nutrients it needs to shine.

Lack of prep prior to intense chemical treatments, let alone lack of good aftercare treatments like masques and color-safe shampoo and conditioner sets, can exacerbate the problem. This leads to damaged ends and roots.

The Fix

Leave the coloring to the professionals! We know it’s tempting to “impulse dye” your hairdo. But corrective color, bleaching, and harsh chemicals can all leave your hair in worse shape than when you began. The benefit of seeing an expert colorist lies in the quality of long-lasting, luxury hair treatments — that won’t strip away softness and shine.

When it comes to repairing hair that’s been previously damaged by at-home treatments, a deep conditioning session is the first step to reviving your natural radiance.

Dehydration Is a Common Culprit

The underlying cause of dull hair is often lack of moisture. The prime suspects, in this case, may be anything from over-washing your hair, to excessive heat treating, to low-quality shampoo and conditioner. Environmental factors such as hard (mineral-dense) water can further dehydrate hair by stripping away essential nutrients.

The Fix

Adjust your daily maintenance regime by opting for styling products that are rich in moisturizing nutrients. Avoid sulfates, parabens, and alcohol. These additives are not only unhealthy, but they’re also quick to dry out your locks! Kérastase’s full line of strengthening products are a great option for restoring overworked hair.

To restore the hair’s natural oils, try a high-quality serum or oil prior to heat treating. You might also consider investing in a water softener or using a pitcher of filtered water for rinsing out your luxurious locks.

At Deseo Salon, we’re committed to flawless beauty. Got questions? Let us know! We’re excited to help you create an everyday routine that’s perfect for repairing your dull hair.

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