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You’ve decided to lighten your medium brown hair to a sleek, platinum blond. However, you notice that over time your cool-toned tresses take on an unflattering yellow or orange hue. What’s happening? The answer is brassy hair. Beautiful blond locks can turn into brassy blond hair over time, but you can keep your color on track with a few changes to your hair care routine.

Why Does Hair Become Brassy?

Brassiness often occurs when the toner used to color your hair has worn off and your hair takes on warm tones that clash with your desired color. When your hair is lightened to a cool shade, your stylist uses toner to keep warm hair tones back and let the cool tones shine. Itis applied when reaching a shade that is close to your desired blond. If your natural hair color is warm, then this it will work against the bleach and toner used to color your hair.

Chlorine and UV rays can also cause brassiness, and so can sulfates. Many shampoos contain sulfates, which strip the natural oils from your hair while cleansing. Rough or dry hair is more susceptible to brassiness and damage. General damage and dryness can start to weaken your toner and break the color. This can make coloring your hair for the summer more of a challenge, so make summer hair protection one of your top priorities.

You’re also more likely to encounter brassy hair when coloring it yourself. Bleaching is a complicated process, and DIY kits don’t account for your hair’s color or texture, even if they do include a toner. When it comes to coloring and maintaining healthy hair, leave it to the experts here at Deseo in Denver. If you don’t have platinum blond locks yet, check out our stylist’s guide to going from dark to light.

4 Tips to Prevent Brassy Blond Hair

Now that we’ve identified some common problems that cause brassy hair, let’s talk about solutions.

1. Look for products that don’t have sulfates.

We’ve mentioned the problem with sulfates. Here are some of our favorite products for healthy, blond hair sans the brassy tones. Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel is designed with brassy hair in mind. This product moisturizes and conditions bleached, highlighted, and gray hair to reduce any unflattering brassiness.

2. Use shampoo and conditioner that’s created just for blond hair.

We also love Oribe’s Bright Blonde line, which includes shampoo, conditioner, and repair treatment. These products correct brassiness and yellow tones with pure violet pigment while brightening your natural highlights. With ingredients like purple orchid extract and jojoba oil, your hair will both look good and remain hydrated. Oribe’s Bright Blonde line also protects your light tresses from UV damage.

Keep your hair conditioned and healthy. This is a straightforward tip that you should follow no matter what hair color you have. But it’s even more important when you color your hair blond. Deep condition your hair regularly, and considering applying a clear or colored gloss treatment that will reduce brassiness.

3. Protect your hair from sunlight and swimming pools.

When it comes to spending time in the sun, we recommend that you avoid direct sunlight with a summer hat or UV-protectant spray such as Kérastase’s Huile Sirene Hair Oil Mist. Not only will this protect the color of your hair, but it will also help your hair retain moisture.

If you find yourself taking a dip in the pool, be sure to wash and condition your hair as soon as possible after getting out. After all, chlorine strips hair of its natural oils. This can cause a lot of damage, making your hair more susceptible to brassiness.

4. Schedule touch-ups at your favorite salon.

And, of course, visit your hairstylist regularly for maintenance and coloring. Your stylist will know which products to use to keep your hair healthy, free of brassiness, and moisturized so that it has just the right amount of bounce and shine. Salon stylists can color your hair blond, apply gloss treatments, touch up your roots, and find the right hair care routine for you.

For more information about hair care or to book an appointment, contact us at Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver. We’re a locally-owned luxury hair salon where we pride ourselves on high-quality care and exceptional service. You’re just in time for our July sale: Buy three full-sized products, and receive 20% off! Now is the perfect time to build up your collection of healthy sulfate-free shampoos and serums to last the rest of the season.

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