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Are you ready for a sleeker style? Maybe you want your wavy hair a bit straighter, or you like your curls but hate the frizz that goes along with them. If either applies to you, you’ll definitely want to discover the benefits of the Brazilian Blowout. A Brazilian Blowout treatment can straighten your curly or wavy hair. It can also cut down on frizz and keep your locks smooth. Here are five more reasons to ask for a Brazilian Blowout the next time you book an appointment at your salon:

1. Customize your hair’s smoothness and curliness.

Pin straight hair isn’t the only straightening option you have. A Brazilian Blowout is a keratin treatment that lets you decide the strength of the transformation. You can keep your waves, tone down your curls, or keep all of the bounce with less of the frizz. Having the option to decide how much — or how little — curl you retain allows you the freedom to choose what your hair looks like after treatment. Chemical straighteners and heat tools won’t give you that fine-tuned control.

2. Strengthen your hair as you style it.

The customizable Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of your hair. It restores and strengthens a protective protein layer around your hair’s shafts. This eliminates frizz and smooths the cuticle. Heated styling tools and harsh chemical treatments can damage your hair by forcing your locks to fall in order. A Brazilian Blowout works with your hair.

3. A Brazilian Blowout works for all hair types.

There’s not just one style of curls. Whether your hair is full of corkscrews, wavy, or somewhere in between, you can change your curls to match your lifestyle. If you have fine, medium or coarse hair, Brazilian Blowouts can be perfectly customized to work for you. It’s even safe when used on damaged hair. Unlike some straightening treatments, it also won’t change your curl pattern.

4. Get a styling treatment that lasts.

Maybe one of the most important things to know about a Brazilian Blowout is what not to expect — namely, delays. You can wash your hair right after you leave the salon, or you can go straight to your night on the town or business meeting. The treatment itself typically takes about ninety minutes from start to finish if you have short to medium-length hair.

Even better, you can expect up to twelve weeks of smooth, frizz-free hair. Even as your hair grows in between trims and treatments, there’s no tell-tale line of demarcation when new growth appears. InStyle beauty editors point out that your hair will be “insanely shiny” and smooth, just the way you like it.

Need more convincing? How about the fact that due to hair’s improved porosity, the treatment can actually cut styling time significantly?

5. You get a specially trained, professional stylist.

There’s a reason that the creators of Brazilian Blowouts don’t market their product for at-home use. Stylists need specialized training in order to administer the treatment skillfully and effectively. Here at Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver, each of our experienced stylists has completed Brazilian Blowout’s professional training courses, which makes Deseo Salon & BlowDry a Brazilian Blowout Certified Salon. If you’re considering a Brazilian Blowout for the first time, entrust your hair to a stylist who knows just how to treat hair.

Get a luxury salon experience.

If you’re in the Denver metro area, you owe it to yourself to book an appointment with one of the experienced stylists at Deseo Salon & Blowdry. Whether you’re looking for smoother, frizz-free hair, a new haircut, or a specialized color technique, you can get it all here. Our experience and continuous training in the latest style and color techniques make us uniquely able to provide the luxury salon experience you’re looking for.

At Deseo Salon & BlowDry, we pride ourselves on exceptional results and exceptional service. Perfection is our goal, and we’ll always take the time to answer your questions. Our stylists can also guide you to the right products for your hair and your style.

Book an appointment today. We’ll help you discover the best style, color, or treatment for you based on your type of hair and your individual lifestyle — because making you feel beautiful is our mission!

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