Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

Silky, Natural Radiance and Shine

Keratin bonded hair extensions in Denver are the latest Colorado fashion trend to hit Jefferson Park. If you’ve found yourself wishing on a Rocky Mountain star for that perfect, seamlessly smooth hair, your beauty dreams may be closer than you think! The truth is, even celebrities aren’t born flawless. Most of us glam goddesses need a little help when it comes to achieving the perfect look.

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is your local, boutique hair salon that specializes in quality, natural keratin bonded extensions, or K-tip extensions as they are sometimes known. What you envision, our stylists create!

The Science Behind Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

Beauty and brains go hand in hand when it comes to selecting salon-quality hair extensions that look and feel like real hair. Many of our clients love keratin bonded extensions because of the science behind the look. Keratin is a natural hair protein that strengthens the integrity of the strand. It’s the key to creating the sleek, pin-straight aesthetic popular in many long, luxurious hairstyles. The result is glossy, radiant hair with youthful elasticity and a soft texture you’ll want to run your fingers through!

Keratin bonded extensions consist of 100% pure REMI hair that’s never synthetic and always natural. Unlike tape-in or hand tied hair extensions, these lovely locks seal into place with the power of a keratin bond. When heat is applied to keratin protein, the bonds break down and become pliable enough to affix to your hair. Keratin bonded hair extensions create a look so natural you can wear them in a high ponytail or bun. No one will catch a glimpse of tape or tracks that would otherwise give away your “born this way” style.

In short, keratin bonded extensions are near impossible to tell apart from natural hair when applied by a trained stylist.

Long-Lasting Luxury

No one has time for a lengthy morning routine, and frequent heat treating or chemical processing to achieve your desired look can leave your ends fried, frizzed, and dull. The true beauty of keratin bonded extensions lies in the long-lasting style these volumizing locks can help you achieve. Each delicate strand is a lot tougher than it looks!

Whether you’re adding length, fullness, or both, these amazing extensions can last as long as six months with proper care. This means fewer touch-up appointments than with other types of hair extensions and more time spent loving your look.

Textured to Perfection

Many clients hesitate to take the leap into the world of hair extensions. They worry that “faux hair” will not work well with their specific texture and type. But you don’t have to have straight, fine hair to make hair extensions work for you. In fact, keratin bonded hair extensions are specifically suited to thick, coarse hair.

If you’ve ever believed the myth that you have a “difficult hair type,” it’s time to throw hair-related cautions to the wind. Embrace limitless style for all hair and all textures!

As Unique as You

Keratin bonded extensions are highly customizable. Our expert colorists can help you match your natural hue or start fresh with seasonal trends and bold fashion colors. Anything you can imagine can be achieved without the need for bleach, dye, or harsh chemicals that may tax your natural hair. These extensions allow seamless movement for styling and everyday wear.

You can even curl, dye, straighten, style, and cut your extensions just like real hair — because, after all, they are real hair!

Book your best hair today with Denver’s favorite glam squad at Deseo!