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KCMAX Treatment

Ultra Smoothing, Powerfully Strong, Brilliantly Healthy Hair

Amazing hair really does happen overnight — or in one appointment at Deseo Salon & BlowDry! KCMAX keratin treatments in Denver are just a booking away for our Jefferson Park salon family. Hair smoothing is the latest and greatest trend in low maintenance, high fashion hairstyles. Unlike harsh chemical treatments and heat styling, keratin hair treatments deliver nourishing protein directly to the hair follicle.

The result? Ultra shiny, super smooth locks that stay fresh, bouncy, and naturally gorgeous. Once you’ve tried a KCMAX smoothing treatment on your hair, you’ll never settle for any other smoothing treatment again! Say goodbye to the frizz, and hello to “I woke up like this” hair.

What Is a KCMAX Treatment?

If keratin hair treatments in Denver are the gold standard of hair smoothing, think of KCMAX as the platinum luxury line when it comes to delivering amazing results to our Colorado clients. KCMAX is a transformative, revitalizing three-step system. It combines a proprietary keratin blend with essential vitamins and nutrients alongside advanced smoothing technology. Healthier, glossier hair is the end result when KCMAX is professionally applied and maintained with a fabulous strengthening shampoo and conditioner like Kérastase.

Plus, KCMAX lasts longer than most commercial smoothing treatments. This amazing makeover will keep your hair flawless for possibly up to 3 months with proper care and upkeep. It’s the perfect solution for those looking to maintain a sleek hair aesthetic, whether you’re sporting a trendy bob or classic long and luxurious layers. Don’t settle for the bronze standard when it comes to your hair. Nourish every strand with the smoothness and shine of KCMAX.

Frizz-Free and Flawless

There are no bad hair days when you begin each week with healthy, nutrient-rich locks that naturally repel frizz. KCMAX hair treatments are a great way to strengthen your hair and repair any leftover damage from DIY coloring and heat styling. Smoother hair is achievable in just one treatment, making any hair texture easier to manage. Many of our salon regulars find that a KCMAX hair treatment cuts down on their daily routine. They take back the time and energy spent trying to tame fly-aways and unwanted poof.

Best of all, KCMAX treatments don’t leave your hair feeling fragile afterward. There’s no need to wait when it comes to pulling your hair up into a perfectly smooth bun, clipping your lovely locks out of the way for a gym session, and even going for a relaxing swim (bonus points for prepping with a keratin-infused conditioner to preserve the look). KCMAX brings out your hair’s natural luminosity to create amazing selfies and long-lasting hair smoothing magic. The treatment won’t leave behind any chemical residue. You can run your hands through soft, smooth locks the minute you leave our chair.

KCMAX Treatments Are for Every Hair

If you’re hesitant to opt for a semi-permanent smoothing treatment, don’t ruin your beautiful locks sweating the fear of change! Deseo Salon & BlowDry is here to answer all of your keratin hair treatment questions with a team of professionally trained stylists experienced in all hair types, textures, and hair care histories. 

Our stylists will assess your hair prior to treatment, and we can recommend deep conditioning options for hair that has been previously treated, damaged, or simply falls on the dry side of the hair spectrum. In general, KCMAX works well with all hair types and textures. The entire treatment process takes around two to three hours and dramatically increases the strength of damaged hair. That means there’s no reason to hesitate before booking your salon smoothing treatment.

Ready to get your KCMAX kick-started? Book now with our amazing stylists!

FAQs About a KCMAX Treatment in Denver

woman with sleek curls after a KCMAX treatment in Denver

A KCMAX treatment in Denver is the smoothest pathway to sheer glamour. It may be hard to imagine a simple 90-minute treatment transforming your hair from ordinary to inspiring. But the magic of KCMAX can do exactly that. Let’s answer all of your pressing questions about this fantasy hair treatment so you can step into your appointment feeling confident and excited about your best hair ever.

What Exactly Is Keratin?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in skin, hair, and nails. This protein binds to the hair follicle as an internal structural protein. Keratin protects the hair from external damage, acting as a mini shield. However, when hair is damaged beyond the point of rejuvenation, the keratin itself is depleted, causing breakage and weakening the hair’s integrity. This can occur for a variety of reasons, from over processing to simple sun and heat exposure.

So What Does a KCMAX Treatment in Denver Do to Replenish Natural Keratin?

A KCMAX treatment in Denver isn’t your ordinary hair treatment. Think of KCMAX as a restorative. The rich keratin proteins fight frizz, repair years of damage, and shield your hair against humidity and other frizz factors. Unlike other treatments that mask #hairproblems, KCMAX is actually good for your lovely locks. This innovative union of glamour and science strengthens your hair and rejuvenates each strand’s natural elasticity so your hair can better maintain its silky soft texture.

Is KCMAX a Straightening Treatment?

Nope! A KCMAX hair treatment in Denver is designed to smooth, not straighten. This means your hair will retain its natural shape and movement. Best of all, KCMAX works well on all hair types and can maintain your curl pattern while locking in moisture and keeping your hair frizz-free. 

How Is KCMAX Different From Other Keratin Treatments?

KCMAX is the gold standard when it comes to keratin hair treatments. KCMAX Maximum Keratin Smoothing System offers the most intensive restorative treatment for damaged hair, lasts the longest of any treatment, and — when applied by a salon professional — yields the best results. A professional KCMAX hair treatment can even help your hair grow faster by minimizing breakage, split ends, and hair loss.

That Sounds Amazing! Is KCMAX Treatment in Denver Really That Smooth?

Absolutely! We understand that new hair treatments can seem daunting at first. However, a KCMAX treatment in Denver is just as simple as it sounds. The entire process only takes 90 minutes, and the results are visible as soon as you leave our salon. KCMAX is a great option for brides, as well as any guest planning for a special occasion on short notice.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

With proper home hair care, a salon-applied treatment can last up to 3 months. Factors that can make your smooth hair last even longer include:

  • Using gentle shampoos and conditioners that are free of drying agents like sulfates and other harsh chemicals
  • Minimizing excessive heat styling
  • Skipping a few wash days
  • Keeping your hair as healthy as possible between visits

Is KCMAX Cruelty-Free?

At Deseo, we support ethical beauty. We are proud to report that KCMAX does not conduct animal testing, nor does it test its product formulations on animals. That’s a commitment to quality and care that truly makes our tails wag.

Where Can I Find a KCMAX Certified Salon Near Me?

Look no farther than Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver. Our glam squad brings years of expertise and education in the beauty industry to deliver the best certified KCMAX treatment in Denver. Our stylists are so good that you’ll never want to DIY another hair treatment again.

Make your appointment for KCMAX treatments in Denver today.