Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Soft, Subtle Length and Volume

Searching for hand tied extensions in Denver, Colorado? Look no further for the hair of your dreams than your own backyard! Deseo Salon & BlowDry delivers red carpet style to our Jefferson Park beauty community.

If you’re looking to add a hint of illusion to your everyday mystique, then natural blended hand tied hair extensions, or beaded weft extensions as they are sometimes referred to, are the style match for you. These extensions work beautifully with virgin hair when woven into your lovely locks. The lightness and subtlety can enhance fullness without overwhelming delicate hair in a “too much drama” look. Hand tied hair extensions are a great choice for beauty gurus looking to add a touch of volume to thin, fine hair or wanting to try a new color without the commitment.

If you’re going the natural route, our expert stylists can help match your color for a mistress of illusion chic that looks and feels like real hair (because it is!). Every shade from funky fashion colors by iconic luxury lines, like Balmain and Euro So Cap, to “natural-ish” blonde, brunette, and auburn tones can be achieved. We’ll place the extensions flawlessly into your own hair to create timeless, trendy looks. Best of all, these styles are all available right here in Jefferson Park.

Hand-tied extensions in Denver, Colorado, are one of the most popular hairstyles to hit the Mile High City. Get ready to revel in compliments and perfect selfies! They’ll never guess your effortless chic might have taken a bit of effort after all and a few hours at the salon, but we’ll never tell.

Beauty Is in the Details

There’s nothing fake about our hand tied hair extensions. The secret is in the craftsmanship of each artisan strand. All of our professional extensions are 100% REMI hair. We carefully lay each strand with high-quality human hair. The cuticles remain intact to strengthen the bonded pieces and ensure the hair always lies in one direction when adhered to your natural locks.

The result? Silky, soft radiance and length that looks and feels like a “born this way” glamour bomb.

Artfully Designed, Just for You

Our local salon professionals are trained by the same luxury hair brands that supply our products. Application is everything when it comes to achieving the desired result with your fabulous new extensions. Hand tied hair extensions are a unique process in which your stylist will hand bead a row of delicate weft just below your scalp line. This allows the new hair to blend and enhance the natural strands.  

Best of all, these hair extensions don’t require heat treatments, so there’s no risk of damaging your hair along the way. Hand tied hair extensions are bouncy and versatile. They behave just like real hair! So you can throw them in a bun or get creative with fun boho braids. Also, don’t be afraid to use your normal styling tools like curling irons and straighteners.

There are no limits when it comes to radiant, healthy hair beauty at Deseo.

Caring for Your Best Hair Ever

Many fashionistas avoid hair extensions on the assumption that they are high maintenance and difficult to care for. However, it may surprise our Denver girls to note that hand tied hair extensions are fairly easy on upkeep. They’re also quite resilient when it comes to daily styling and activities. You can run, climb, hike, and bike without fear of ruining your hair. These gorgeous locks are specially cut for a seamless aesthetic that ensures lasting style.

Simply stop in to see your friendly, neighborhood stylist every six weeks to have the rows tightened. Then you’ll be good to go for another month of adventuring in style. Our salon professionals are happy to recommend at-home hair care tips for keeping your extensions looking flawless. Your stylist can also recommend products to promote overall hair health, shine, and brilliance.

Reach out to us today for all of your professional hand-tied extension questions, concerns, and style inspirations in Denver! We’re ready to make your #hairgoals a reality.