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Do you think that your hair makes you look older than you really are? If you’re worried about gray hair, or the brittle texture aging hair can have, it’s easy to feel self-conscious about your appearance. But just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean your hair can’t be healthy, shiny and stunning. Here are some of the common signs of aging hair and how to treat these conditions.

Gently Color Graying Hair

That first gray hair you find can be the first hint that your hair is aging. If you’re like the average person, you probably spotted your first white strand when you were in your thirties. But gray hair can also start in your twenties or even your teens. By the time most adults reach their forties, they can expect more gray hair as this is typically the time of life when cells no longer produce pigment.

If you don’t like the look of your gray hair, you can always color it. But be careful to select salon treatments that nourish and protect your hair during and after the coloring process. If you’ve been coloring your hair for several years, it may be brittle and dry from the peroxide and ammonia contained in permanent hair dyes. With a gentler treatment and salon products that rejuvenate your locks, you can make your hair healthy again. After your next color treatment, start protecting your hair with Kérastase’s Bain Chromatique Riche shampoo to lock in the color and rejuvenate your hair.

Grow Out and Nourish Gray Hair

On the other hand, gray hair can be exceptionally attractive. In fact, it’s even stylish today as more and more people, including celebrities, are strutting their gray locks. If you do plan to let your hair grow out and be totally gray, it can take six months or more for your natural gray hair to grow in, so you’ll need to be patient. Cutting your hair shorter can help in getting rid of hair that’s been chemically colored so that your new growth starts blending in faster.

However, gray hair is also vulnerable to yellowing. Restrict the amount of time you spend in direct sunlight since too much UV radiation can yellow your hair. One way to prevent this from occurring is by wearing a scarf or hat. Chlorine can also result in gray hair turning yellow. So thoroughly rinse your hair with water after you swim to prevent your hair from soaking up chlorine. Wearing a swim cap is also recommended.

Strengthen Brittle Hair

As you get older, your hair can become brittle from losing some elasticity. If your hair has been subjected to hair straighteners, bleaches, permanent dyes, and too many chemicals for a long time, it can break. Brittle hair is hard to style and develops a lot of split ends over time. Start using protein-rich products instead of harsh chemicals or heat regimens. Luxury hair care products are specially formulated to strengthen brittle hair and eliminate breakage.

Another problem with aging hair is that it tends to be wiry and stubborn, even as it’s brittle. That’s why it helps to use hair products that contain silicone, such as our Kérastase hair products. When deciding on hair products, always look for the word ‘silicone’ on the label. Also, add Kevin Murphy’s Leave-In.Repair treatment to your routine to reduce breakage.

Counteract Thinning Hair

Even younger people can lose from 60 to 100 hairs each day. But hair loss becomes more of an issue as you age. To treat hair thinning and reduce hair loss, use shampoos that are sulfate-free. Also, reduce your use of heating tools to style your hair. Eating a protein-rich diet can also help in fighting hair thinning.

Moisturize Dry Hair

Dry hair is another common concern for people as they age. As you get older, your scalp produces less oil, but that scalp oil is what keeps your hair looking soft, shiny and healthy.

Avoid hair products containing strong chemicals or high alcohol content because this can lead to brittle, dry hair. Drugstore hair products generally contain ingredients such as drying alcohol, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients that can damage your hair. Our selection of Kevin Murphy hair moisturizers soften hair, smooth hair cuticles, naturally repair chemical damage, and reduce breakage.

Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver carries the top hair care products to nourish aging and gray hair. If you’re going to spend the rest of your summer swimming, take a minute to read about tips and products to protect your hair from drying out. Our stylists can also recommend the right routines to keep your hair healthy and easy to style. Book an appointment with one of our professional stylists to get the right treatments and styling for your unique hair.

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