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When it comes to the hottest hair color trends, balayage reigns supreme. The undisputed queen of highlights, this unique style combines natural dimension and sun-kissed brightness to capture a just-came-from-the-beach look year-round. The best balayage salon in Denver is ready to take you on a style-cation. Sit back and relax while we plan your itinerary from dull and boring to vibrant and colorful.

Discover what to expect during a balayage appointment, the professional coloring process our luxury stylists employ, and why the most exclusive highlight is also the most low-maintenance when it comes to aftercare. Bon voyage!

What to Expect at a Balayage Salon in Denver 

The first stop on your Instagram-worthy hair journey is a color consultation at a balayage salon in Denver. The technique behind balayage hair is a bit more nuanced than the average highlight, so look for expert advice. It’s important to find a stylist specifically trained in this unique process. In addition to being highly trained in application methods, only a professional colorist at a balayage salon in Denver can provide a consultation prior to you taking the plunge to the lighter side of hair color.

The purpose of a color consultation is to assess your hair’s texture, shade, and overall health. This will help your stylist determine how light you should go to achieve the desired effect. Balayage comes in a spectrum of shades, from more muted tones to ultra-bright platinum. A colorist will also take into account your skin tone and face shape to make the best recommendations on a flattering new look.

The Balayage Process

When searching for the best balayage salon in Denver to be your guide for the rest of your hair journey, knowing what to expect during the coloring process can help you make an informed decision. Simpler highlights just need a few foils. But balayage is a specialized process that isn’t suitable for at-home applications.

Balayage preserves your natural base color. It blends the root to create a dimensional look that grows out easily and effortlessly. To achieve this, your balayage salon in Denver employs expertly trained stylists who will hand paint each highlight onto your hair using an appropriate degree of lightness as assessed in your preliminary consultation. In fact, the word “balayage” comes from the French word meaning “to sweep” or “to paint.” The freehanded painting technique gives your color artist more control over the end result, creating a softer gradient as opposed to more stark, traditional highlights.

Olivia Casanova of New York City’s IGK salons calls the result “undone, cool surfer girl hair.” The lightest pieces of the hair are found at the bottom of the strand and frame your gorgeous face in wispy tresses, while the roots are blended and appear natural. A balayage salon in Denver will give you a clear expectation of the time frame prior to your session. A few simple strands can take as little as 45 minutes. A whole head of layered balayage may be around two to three hours, and sometimes longer depending on your hair.

An Everyday Maintenance Routine for Balayage Hair

There are no post-vacation blues with balayage! This stunning style is an amazingly low-maintenance look. Regular touchups should occur every 12 weeks at your local balayage salon in Denver. This can include anything from a gloss & toner to other treatment types. At-home hair care for balayage is also surprisingly simple. 

Ultralight balayage shades will benefit from a moisture-dense, purple shampoo blend like Kérastase’s Ultra Violet line. Oribe’s botanical-rich, color-safe formula is also an excellent choice for deep conditioning all shades of balayage. Add a touch of serum or hydrating oil once a day, prior to heat-treating or blow-drying. Also, make the most of dry shampoos between washes. When it’s time for a full wash and condition, always opt for a sulfate-free formula. Consider using bottled water to rinse your beautiful, sunny tresses. Hard water is dense in minerals and can strip away color faster.

The team at a trusted balayage salon in Denver will recommend which luxury products work best for your unique hair type, texture, and lightness. For an extra treat, pair a deep conditioning treatment with your next touchup appointment. This will keep your balayage soft and radiant.

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is proud to be the premier high-end balayage salon in Denver, Colorado. Get your hair staycation started with our expert colorists today!

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