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You’ve done it. You’ve finally taken the plunge on a bold, fresh color, and you’re loving your new look! If you’ve heard a few hair horror stories, you may be hesitant to wash your hair ever again for the sake of protecting your vibrant hue. Luckily, there’s no need to abandon showers altogether! Deseo Salon and BlowDry has your Colorado color covered. Stay bright and radiant with these five ways to avoid stripping new hair color in the following weeks.

1. Ditch the Sulfates That Can Start Stripping New Hair Color

The number one rule of caring for colorful dos is to avoid shampoos and conditioners with sulfates. Harsh additives, including parabens and other chemicals, interact with your color treatment and accelerate fading. Sulfates are by far the biggest culprit when it comes to ruining salon-fresh locks.

Opt instead for high-quality, luxury products that nourish and strengthen the hair rather than scrubbing it raw. Kérastase’s full line of color-friendly (and eco-friendly!)products are a great option for hydrating, smoothing, and restoring color-treated hair to its initial glow. The next time you need shampoo, head straight for Bain Chromatique Riche, Kérastase’s shampoo specifically for color-treated hair.

2. Cool Off to Chill Out Your Hair

Follow the same code of delicate care you take with your favorite laundry and avoid hot water. We all know heat causes color to fade. Opt for cold water only when it comes to washing your new do. Detachable shower heads are perfect for managing dyed hair and minimizing the “Brrr!” factor. If you can’t handle cold water, stick with lukewarm or room temperature. A bit of chill is worth a summer of lasting vibrancy.

3. Skip a Wash (or Two)

We know we said there’s no need to abandon showering, but skipping a shampoo or two won’t hurt! Invest in a shower cap and give your hair a few days off. Not only will “cheat days” help your color last longer, but it prevents over- washing. Over-washing tends to dry out treated hair and leave ends feeling crunchy, rough, and frizzy.

Keep your hair bright and soft by skipping two shampoo days per week. When color is fresh, experts recommend waiting a full 72 hours before washing your hair. Can’t stand the downtime? Reach for Oribe’s Gold Lust Dry Shampoo on off days for non-greasy radiance.

4. Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Mile High City can be prone to extreme weather at all times of the year. Avoid wind, snow, and especially heavy rain. Pack an umbrella and hooded jacket wherever you go if you want to protect your hair during the first few weeks following a salon visit.

As an added precaution, try to avoid swimming. Chlorine is particularly harsh when it comes to stripping color. If you do decide to take the plunge, opt for exploring Colorado’s beautiful mountain lakes instead of public pools. Plan your pool party for days when you know you’ll need to wash your hair, anyway.

5. Refresh, Revive, Repeat

If something in your routine is stripping new hair color from your hair despite your best efforts, it may be time to stop by Deseo for a color retouch! Relax and let our glam squad handle the rest. This is an important step for keeping your all-over color and highlights in pristine conditions. While you’re here, your favorite stylist can touch up your roots, add another layer of color (especially if you’re on a journey to a lighter hue), and gloss your hair to keep you covered during your in-between time.

Contact us today to book your next color session! Our professional stylists can help you find a long-term look you’ll love or touch up your current style. You can also ask our stylists about their favorite tactics that keep fading hair color at bay.

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