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Are you thinking of enhancing or updating your hairstyle? Consider adding some highlights and lowlights to your hair color. Though this is not as dramatic a change as all-over hair color, professional highlights offer a refreshing, multi-dimensional look. Whether you’re a platinum blonde or have dark locks, there’s a combination of highlights and lowlights that can take your hair from drab to fab.


What Tones Should I Use?

Professional colorists are well-versed in analyzing skin tone and base color. With the help of a highly-trained professional, you’ll get the tones that are best-suited to complement your natural coloring.

Remember the color wheel from art class all those years ago? Some colors naturally enhance others, helping them “pop.” If your natural tone is cool, your stylist will likely advise you to choose highlights and lowlights that are also cool; if your tone is warm, your best bet is warm highlights.

Seem tricky? Leave it to us! By working with color experts, you can confidently update your look and get the “wow” factor of highlights.


Why are Highlights and Lowlights So Popular?

The difference between “flat” color and multi-dimensional color is like the difference between hearing a single note on one instrument, versus listening to an entire symphonic orchestra. Multi-dimensional color provides a range of natural-looking tones and light that gives your hair a whole lot of “va-va-voom.”

Not only is your hair more attractive and nuanced, but your skin will glow as well! The light and depth of highlights and lowlights can make your hair visually interesting and help it look healthy and full. Leave flat and boring behind. With highlights and lowlights, you can shine!


How Do I Get the Right Look for My Hair Color?

Here’s where a top-notch stylist with years of training comes into play. Working from your base color, your stylist will help you choose slightly lighter shades for your highlights, and shades a step or two darker for your lowlights. By treating individual strands of hair, your stylist works as an artist to build a subtle yet noticeable contrast of color and tone.

Even if you are a platinum blonde, your stylist can work in subtle coloring differences to give your hair depth and interest.

If you have brown hair and a warm skin tone, you might benefit from golden or honey highlights. Not only will these highlights give your hair a pop of interest, but they’ll light up your face as well. As one woman said after getting her highlights, “I feel brighter! Now I think I’ll smile more.”

You also have options for the amount and placement of your highlights. While some prefer face-framing highlights, others enjoy an all-over blend of color. One of the advantages to highlights and lowlights is that you can also vary the amount you have put in throughout the year, giving you a natural, sun-kissed look in any season.


How Do I Take Care of Highlights?

Choosing a top-notch stylist is your first move. The next is ensuring their hair care products are the highest quality. Wella products, for example, are made by experts in hair care and use gentle, fortifying ingredients that keep your hair in the best possible condition. Every person’s hair is different, and the Wella color lineup has a product for every need.

Additionally, our top-of-the-line styling products from Oribe, Kerastase, and Kevin Murphy keep hair follicles strong and highlights shining. With highlights, you already have the look of luxury; investing in expert hair care products ensures you enjoy your healthy shine along with long-lasting results.


Highlights at Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver

If you are ready to enhance your look with highlights and lowlights, please visit us at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. We offer a wide range of luxury hair care services, and we are ready to serve you! Our hair care professionals are the best in the business, and your complete satisfaction is our priority. Book now!

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