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Whether you’re looking to dye your locks or embrace your natural gray hair (can you say foxy silver?), Deseo Salon and BlowDry is here to keep you on-trend. Leaping into a bold, daring color is always a daunting step. We know our Denver beauty gurus are fearless! So make the journey a little easier with a stop at your favorite Colorado salon. Our expert colorists are standing by to make 2020 your hair’s best year yet.

Find Your Color Soulmate

By now, you’ve probably started your “hairspiration” board and picked out a few different silver styles to create the color of your dreams. The most popular silver hair trends of 2019 included gray with teal pastel undertones, ombre and balayage, and all over metallic steel. Depending on your natural color (and whether or not you’ve dyed your locks in the past year), some tones may work better on your hair than others. Natural grays have a far easier time transforming dull locks into glossy metallics, for example, while blondes need to be wary of straying too far into the “green” end of the spectrum.

To avoid a Wicked Witch aesthetic (not cute!), book a visit with your stylist to determine which color is best for your healthy hair. Bring in a few inspirations to choose from so your stylist can get an idea of your hair goals. This will help you achieve the all-over color and highlights you want, without any DIY fails along the way.

Prep Your Hair

Going silver can be a journey, especially if you’re a brunette! Always go to a professional salon for bleaching treatments to avoid frying before dying. Typically, you will need to get your hair to a very light shade in order for the silver to come through in its full vibrant hue. This may require hours of lightening treatments followed by touch-ups. Many fashionistas choose to do the prep work and the dying in two separate salon visits for this reason.

Following an intensive lightening treatment, you’ll want to pause before diving into the color. Keeping your roots strong and hydrated is key when it comes to achieving the silver glow you’re after. Follow bleaching sessions with a deep conditioning or Olaplex treatment. Even if you’re blending existing silver hair with a full head of gunpowder gray hair, it’s vital to lock in nutrients to keep your style looking fresh and intentional — not dried out and dull.

Your new silver hairdo will thank you for the extra TLC!

Maintaining the Perfect Shade

Many of our intrepid clients are hesitant to try a new color, especially one as bold as silver, due to the challenge of upkeep. While lighter shades do require some additional care, maintaining silver hair at home won’t be an impossible task. Go into your new hair adventure with a plan for an everyday routine.

Dry shampoo will be your new hair’s best friend when it comes to touching up between shampooing. Keep a high-quality, moisture-rich formula like Oribe on hand or in your gym bag to cut down on rinsing out your hair’s lovely color. When it’s time for a full wash, always use cold water and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. These tried and true methods are the best ways to achieve long-lasting color and shine.

LOVE gray but need a low-maintenance style? Opt for a color treatment that blends well with your natural hair, such as ombre or balayage. This is a simple way to cut down on touch-up’s and trick your social media friends into thinking your hair is always flawless. Blending grey hair with all-over grey is also a fabulous idea when it comes to saying goodbye to covering your natural beauty and hello to bold, daring silver.

Stop by today to explore silver and gray hair trends with our friendly, neighborhood stylists.

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