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From the catwalks of Paris to the streets of downtown Denver, French bobs are the style trend to watch this summer. This vintage haircut adds a touch of jazz clubs and flapper flair to an everyday look. French bobs are a seamless departure from layered styles and hit just above or just at the jawline with a slight curl to accent those lovely lips. It’s no wonder that this luxurious hairdo has fast become one of the most trending haircuts in the UK and is quickly sweeping through the local fashion scene.

Now that we’ve sold you on the most glamorous haircut of the summer, take a look at these easy tips every flapper girl can use to keep her bob looking effortless and radiant.

Serving On the Go Looks

From rooftop parties to driving fast cars, every jazz club regular knows there isn’t always time for a full styling session. If you find yourself in a hurry, there are a few easy tips to make any bob go from dull to fab. Don’t be afraid to try out different styles — even short hair has a lot of versatility! Bedazzled hair clips are a great way to stick with the high-class chic, even when your hair has gone a few days between washes. Restore smooth curls with the help of a vitamin-rich cream or gel. We recommend Kevin Murphy’s EASY.RIDER. This gentle formula is perfect for fighting frizz, as well as sculpting.

Ten minutes to get ready? Challenge accepted!

Maintaining the Curl

Keeping up with the iconic flapper curls can be a daunting task. If your hair tends to be on the wavy side, straighten the strands before giving the ends a quick flip. This method works better than a curling iron where short hair is concerned. Be sure to spray your jazzy locks with a shine-enhancing protectant such as Oribe’s Hair and Body Oil before heat treating. The key to rocking a French bob is maintaining the sleek brilliance of the Prohibition Era!

Staying Fabulously Fit

When drawing inspiration from flapper styles, do as the flapper girls did and rock a headband when working out. Short hair can be difficult to pin and tie up. Opt for sweeping your curls up instead. This will keep your hair neatly out of the way and prevent that post-workout frizz. Give it a spritz of dry shampoo when you’re done, and you’ll be ready for your next red carpet event.

Book Ahead and Skip the Bad Hair Days

Part of maintaining any new cut is getting on your hair’s schedule. Typically, the shorter the hair, the more often you’ll want to drop into the salon. Don’t try trimming a French bob at home. This can easily take your Moulin Rouge chic to DIY hair fail in a matter of minutes. Beauty experts recommend scheduling regular trims every three to seven weeks. If you’ve decided to commit to the look with Cleopatra bangs as well, you’ll want to lean towards the three-week mark to keep yourself from reaching for the scissors and ruining your beautiful bangs!

The great thing about French bobs is that they’re never out of season. This style works just as well with scarves as it does with sundresses. Also, when it’s time for a new look, there are several gorgeous styles a bob can easily transition to. Your trend-savvy stylist will be happy to recommend an easy transition cut when growing out short hair. So play that piano a little louder and throw on your favorite mini dress — the roaring ’20s are making a comeback in 2020!

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