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As 2019 comes around the corner, you might be concerned with how to dry your hair fast without hurting it in the process. Say goodbye to breakage and dull hair in 2018. The right tools and the right technique can make frizzy or fragile hair a thing of the past. Here are six professional tips on how to dry hair without damaging it. Mix and match these tips from Deseo Salon & BlowDry to fit your personal hair care routine.

1. Prepare your hair before using a blow dryer.

If you need to use a blow dryer, avoid using it when hair when is completely soaked. Dripping wet hair is more likely to frizz under the sudden heat from a blow dryer. If you are pressed for time, gently towel dry hair to speed up the process before using it. Avoid being rough with your hair while towel drying it to prevent pulling out strands or damaging the shafts. If you have time, try waiting at least fifteen minutes before blow drying hair after using a towel. This will give your hair time to dry a bit naturally before applying heat.

2. Use products to protect your hair.

Protect your hair from being overly exposed to heat. Use a protective product like Kérastase’s L’incroyable Blowdry Créme. This cream is specifically designed to both protect your hair against heat damage and reduce frizzing. This product works great on different types of hair. Since there are numerous products on the market, ask a professional stylist which one will be right for your hair. Stylists can also help protect your hair with a deep conditioning treatment. If you want expert advice for every step of your hair care routine, book an appointment at Deseo Salon & BlowDry.

3. Avoid the high heat setting on your heat tools.

Avoid using the high heat setting on your hairdryer and your flat iron. When pressed for time, it seems the obvious lifesaver would be to set your dryer to high. But this could turn your hair dull and frizzy. If this is your go-to solution for rushed mornings, the damage will build up. To keep your hair healthy and looking, use the lowest setting. It is very easy to ‘over-dry’ your hair and causes damage that can be irreversible.

4. Dry your hair in sections

It is important to know the correct way to dry your hair when using a hairdryer. Part your hair in sections and clip them out of the way until you are ready to dry that area. Start at the neckline and take smaller parts of hair from the section to dry. Move the hairdryer in a sweeping motion to avoid drying out one particular area. Taking the time to divide your hair into sections will give it a more polished look when you are done and cut down your drying time. Not only does that add time back to your morning, but your hair also spends less time in the blast zone.

5. Use the right hairdryer tools.

Don’t attachments that did not come with the blow dryer you’re using. Every tool has its own specifications and features. The nozzles that come with the dryer works the best. Not using the correct nozzle and brush often causes hair to look unpolished.

Even more importantly, use the right blowdryer. Some dryers don’t give you the fine-tuned control you need to keep your hair healthy. One of the best hair tools is a GHD hairdryer which works wonders to prevent hair damage. It’s a salon-quality hairdryer that minimizes the risk of heat damage. It’s also designed to help smoothe wavy or curly hair with its diffuser.

6. Dry your hair completely.

Once you start blow-drying your hair, you have to commit. If your hair looks frizzy and flat, the hair dryer didn’t remove all of the extra moisture Take an extra few minutes to dry your hair until it is room temperature for best results. Using the right tools, like a high-pressure hairdryer and protective products, can help you move faster. You can also experiment with your routine by changing how you separate your hair into sections or switching to a microfiber towel to speed up without rushing your finish.

If your new year’s resolution is about your hair, book an appointment at Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver. For the last few days of the year, you can get hair care products and tools at 20% off when you buy three. You can also start off 2019 with a hair glossing treatment or a trendy new haircut.

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