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Go for the platinum standard this season with chic, ash blonde locks you’ll love all year long! This look is bold and daring, and it has a striking vibe that’s perfect for the office or a night out. Light blondes are always on-trend, but maintaining ash blonde hair isn’t always easy. Many Denver salons create stunning colors without educating their clients on proper care for their new hue. This can leave you feeling dull, faded, and disappointed in a matter of weeks.

At Deseo Salon and BlowDry, we’re passionate about hair! That’s why we’ve put together this short list of tips to know before you go — ash blonde, that is! Our stylists are here to support every step of your color journey, from day one to day one hundred and beyond.

The Daily Grind of Maintaining Ash Blonde Hair

Caring for your new look starts the minute you walk out of the salon. That means implementing a “color attack” strategy into your everyday routine.

For ash blonde hair, the single most important rule is to always use a shampoo and conditioner set that’s designed to maintain light tones. Thanks to the innovations of hair science, stylists have come up with a solution to keep brassy, yellow shades from ruining your perfect platinum. Purple shampoo is the key to maintaining ash blonde hair. This is due to a little secret called color theory. Purple and yellow sit on opposite sides of the color wheel. This means violet hues counteract brassy tones.

Kérastase’s Blond Absolu line is specially formulated to bring out the radiance in extra light blonde hair. From masques to shampoo and conditioner, these luxury salon products have a rich blend of antioxidants and rich nutrients. They protect delicate colors and leave your hair feeling silky soft.

Shielding Your Color

Environmental factors play a huge role in the longevity of your hair color. If you’re committed to the light side, consider investing in a water softener for your shower. Alternatively, use bottled water or a fresh pitcher from your sink’s water filter to rinse hair. Hard water (or mineral-dense water) strips color, especially if it has lighter tones.

Sun exposure is also a prime culprit when it comes to discoloration. No one wants to hide their beautiful style indoors! So enjoy the outdoors and protect your new ‘do with a little preparation. Invest in a high-quality sunscreen for your hair. You can easily spray most products onto dry locks prior to venturing out into the Colorado sunshine.

Warning: Fading Ahead

It’s important to note that ash blonde hair is not a permanent color. Even the most diligent self-stylists will need a touch-up. Unlike brunette and auburn tones that may fade into your natural hue without the need for routine upkeep, maintaining ash blonde requires regular trips to your friendly, neighborhood stylist. There are a few warning signs to look out for that often indicate when it’s time to book your next appointment.

The longevity of ash blonde is highly dependent on your at-home care routine. However, color generally begins to fade after six weeks. Color deposits are slowly stripped from the hair follicle, noticeable at the roots and ends first. You can make it through the awkward phase of ash blonde by styling hair with messy buns, curls, and braids that hide any dull tones throughout. But that won’t last forever.

Schedule your salon appointment in advance so your hair stays on a routine. This is a good way to prevent fading that may require additional hair rehab to recover. Also, consider a gloss and toner treatment prior to coloring. Toner can increase the longevity of ash blonde hair and keep your locks looking flawless for longer.

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