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Whether you’re considering light hair, dark hair, or anything in between, start with a strand test. Choosing a color that suits you is a big commitment. Deseo Salon and BlowDry embraces the adventurous, Colorado spirit of our bold fashionistas with one cardinal rule: start with a strand test for bold and beautiful professional color.

What Is a Strand Test?

Think of a strand test as your safety check before lift-off. The procedure involves taking a small section of hair and running a mock treatment prior to applying bleach, chemicals, or lightener. This simple precaution applies to highlights, funky fashion colors, and shade changes. The wide diversity of hair types and textures means different hair will react in different ways to the same treatments. There’s no universal code that your stylist can use to guarantee success when trying a new look (though we wish we could wave our magic beauty guru wands and make everything fabulous on the first go!).

This is where the strand test comes in! From short, fine hair to long, voluminous tresses, each style requires care and fine-tuning to ensure your new color will be your best look yet. A strand test can you and your stylist what steps you need to take to rock your perfect look. Keep in mind these five reasons to take the time for a strand test.

1. Even untreated hair can be tricky.

If you’re new to the color world, your stylist needs a solid baseline to gauge how your hair will react to different treatments. This is especially true during the lightening and lifting part of the process. Different hair types will require more or less time to achieve the desired effect. Timing can be tricky! Over bleaching can leave hair crispy, crunchy, and dull. A quick test provides a guideline for your perfect lightening treatment followed by the perfect color.

2. Colored hair holds onto chemicals for a long time.

Have you colored your hair more than once in the last year? Let’s get a head start on that new style by preventing a residual color or chemicals from wreaking havoc on your lovely locks! Similar to virgin hair, overly processed hair is in dire need of a strand test prior to coloring. It may be surprising to learn that color can stain hair long after it’s faded.

For example, red tones are among the most stubborn. They can interact with cooler colors to create a very unintentional shade of purple or mauve. Many clients don’t think to tell their stylist that they’ve dyed their hair a year ago. This is where a strand test can help identify lingering stains that might otherwise ruin a fresh, new look.

3. Get a crash course in customized color theory.

Everyone has a Pinterest-worthy style they’d love to copy, but identifying what colors may pair well with different hair types can sometimes turn into a Pinterest fail. More to the point, the depth, dimension, and shade of the hair being dyed play a critical role in how the final color will appear. Experimenting with color beforehand can give you a realistic example of what a specific color may look like.

Are you a warm or cool color person? Is your hair best suited to platinum blonde or copper? The answers to these burning questions are just a strand test away!

4. Make a plan to safely lighten your hair in customized stages.

Taking hair from dark to light is a labor of love. Many of us dream of breaking into summer with a head full of sunny, radiant locks. At Deseo Salon & BlowDry, we’re here to make your summer dreams a reality — without damaging your hair in the process! It’s essential to evaluate where your hair is in the lightening process so we can work towards even the brightest platinum shades without risking fried, frizzy ends. A strand test lets your colorist know what course corrections to make during the varying stages of the lightening process.

5. A strand test is also a tool for restoring and protecting your hair.

Avoiding damage is the number one reason to strand test your hair prior to coloring. However, strand testing can also give stylists a clue about the kind of maintenance your hair may need. From here, your stylist will be able to recommend restorative treatments to ensure hair stays hydrated, shiny, and glowing throughout the life of your color.

Ready to get started? Book an appointment with one of Deseo Salon& BlowDry’s expert colorists today for a summer hairdo that’s all you!

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