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Auburn hues are a timeless style trend that has made a bold statement on the streets of downtown Denver in recent years. It’s easy to feel inspired by the fiery brilliance of red hair, but keeping your new color on point can be tricky. Red tones have a tendency to go purple, but red hair without purple undertones is just a few steps away.

Without taking a few extra precautions, unsuspecting glam gurus may find their dream look has been ruined by harsh violet undertones. Keep your color rich and bold with a few tips and tricks from Deseo’s expert colorists.

Start with the Power of a Strand Test

Before you change your color, always perform a strand test. Even if you’ve had red hair before and you’re looking to get back to your ruby roots, the anatomy of your hair can easily change with long gaps between dye sessions. Any treatments or colors added to the hair prior to going red can come back to haunt your new do.

An experienced colorist should perform a test on a single strand of hair to determine how the color will react before applying all-over color. This will allow your stylist to see if there are any residual chemicals, colors, or products left behind that may cause your hair to go from red to purple. Part of an expert hair coloring service is preparing your hair to healthily hold onto the new color.

Color Me Surprised

Few people realize how stubborn old hair dye can be! Color holds onto the roots, stains hair, and can remain present even when the hair appears to have gone back to its natural hue. In fact, a new color treatment can lift old color to the surface, causing it to blend. Cool tones like blues and blacks interact with red to create purple.

It’s a good idea to let your stylist know if you’ve made any alterations to your hair in the last year or two. Even temporary boxed dye and DIY hair coloring have a lasting effect on texture, tone, and hue. If your stylist is aware that your hair was dyed in the past several months, he or she can opt for a cleansing and restorative treatment prior to coloring. Stripping old color away and deep conditioning the hair allows any damage to be repaired and removes unwanted residual highlights.

Leave It to the Pros

Some things in life were not meant for DIY and your hair is one of them! Save the Pinterest pins for inspiration, and let a professional take care of your Colorado style.

The value of a professional stylist cannot be underrated. Not only is your stylist trained in the prep, application, and maintenance of color-treated hair, but he or she is like your personal beauty consultant. A good stylist can identify which shade of red will work best with your skin tone and natural hair.

This is because stylists use the magic of color theory! Color theory involves pairing warm and cool tones to achieve the desired effect. Red and purple are very close together on the color spectrum. This means stylists need to be precise to ensure you don’t end up with the wrong hue.

Boxed dyes can be deceptive. The color may appear auburn on the model and turn out completely purple on your hair!

Deseo’s glam squad can help you achieve your favorite Pinterest look without a color misstep, so book an appointment today.

Self-Care for Red Hair Without Purple Undertones

So you’ve got the look and you’re loving your fabulous red locks. Maintaining color-treated hair from the start is part of the journey. To avoid red hair with purple undertones and keep your hair vibrant, add some extra TLC to your style routine. Salon quality shampoo, conditioner, and serum preserve shine and softness.

Oribe’s full line of nourishing, luxurious, and ecofriendly hair products are great options for preventing fade and maintaining your redhead fantasy. Try Gold Dust Transformative Masque to make your hair luxurious and soft weeks after you get your new color. Also, take advantage of our fabulous July sale and receive 20% off when you buy three full-sized products!

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