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Short, straight hair demands BIG style! Capture your natural radiance with these six ways to keep your pixie magical and your bob on point. Every hair texture can be precisely styled with these tips on how to style short straight hair from Deseo Salon & BlowDry.

Go DIY Diva and Learn How to Style Short Straight Hair

At Deseo Salon and BlowDry of Denver, we believe loving your hair should be an everyday affair. A cropped cut may seem lower maintenance, but short hair needs just as much TLC to stay sleek, shiny and straight. Depending on your hair type, you’ll find a range of products available to showcase your inner radiance. Matching the right products to your hair’s texture can cut your morning routine in half and give you hair you love.

1. Add Texture to Fine Hair

If your stacked bob is starting to fall flat, adding texture and volume to your hair is the perfect remedy. It may be surprising to discover that the key to managing fine, oil-prone hair is to avoid overwashing it.

Using a hydration-rich volumizing product between washes keeps your style fresh without making your hair overproduce oils. We recommend Kérastase’s V.I.P. – Volume In Powder. This lightweight volumizing hairspray is great for prepping prior to flat ironing bobs and pixies. Best of all, Kérastase’s line of sustainable, responsibly sourced beauty products locks in hydration with natural ingredients like coconut oil and argan oil.

Believe it or not, enhancing your hair’s shine with healthy oils prevents hair from overcompensating by producing too much flat, dull oil on its own. Work your natural locks with a little added flair!

2. Tame Your Thick Hair

Achieving the perfect Cleopatra bob or streamlined pixie can be difficult for those with full manes. Thick hair is prone to dryness, frizz, and waves that fight flat irons every step of the way.

Protect your radiance with Oribe’s full line of luxury hair care products. The restorative blend of nourishing oils in Oribe’s luminous Hair and Body Oil locks in moisture and restores damaged hair. If your hair has a tendency to curl, round brushing along the natural curve of your layers can help smooth and straighten. Kérastase’s Fondant Fluidealiste smoothing conditioner is also a must. This conditioner makes your hair softer, smoother, and more cooperative.

For added pampering, try Oribe’s Gold Lust Transformative Masque. This product is especially great for colored and processed hair.

3. Add Styling Products for Sleek Sophistication

Even your hair needs a cheat day every now and then. When there’s no time for flat irons and round brushes, bend the rules with your secret arsenal of styling gels. Kevin Murphy’s Free.Hold styling paste is perfect for post-workout hair. It can be applied to dry or damp locks. This paste is lightweight with a glossy finish. If you have a straight, choppy bob and pixie cut, you will love this product.

Between washes, opt for Oribe’s Gold Lust Dry Shampoo for straight, short styles.

Salon Secrets

When it’s time for a little pampering, these treatments are the magic potion behind every pixie and bob. Knowing how to style short straight hair will make daily maintenance a breeze. But keep your hair sleek and healthy with a regular salon appointment for:

1. Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments are ideal for smoothing and maintaining short, straight hair. By restoring your hair’s natural proteins, these treatments enhance, refine, and maintain healthy, vibrant locks. Best of all, Deseo Salon’s high-quality keratin treatments work with all hair types for achieving a seamlessly straight style.

2. Olaplex Treatments

No one loves a color pop pixie more than us! But if your short tresses have been overly processed and flat ironed to death, get an Olaplex treatment. This a great way to restore and repair damaged hair. Think of Olaplex as a reset button for your hair. This three-step, deep conditioning treatment restores youth, bounce, and shine to all hair types. Our Olaplex certified stylists are ready to give your hair the vacation it deserves!

3. Brazilian Blowouts

The classic Brazilian Blowout never goes out of fashion. This treatment is especially suited to bobs and lobs with full hair and lots of volume. Restoring straightness and shine to layered cuts is easily achieved with our customized treatments.

Book your hair’s next adventure today and visit our friendly beauty gurus for more great style tips! The stylists at Deseo Salon and BlowDry can cut your hair into a perfect straight style or give you more customized tips to keep your hair on point.

Is short, straight hair not your hair? Find the right guide for your hair’s length and texture:

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