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Hair extensions in Denver have never been easier with Deseo Salon & BlowDry’s simple guide to heat styling your gorgeous faux locks. Frequent blow-drying is a common concern for many of our Rocky Mountain beauty gurus, especially during the winter months when the dry air combines with harsh wind, rain, and snow to strip your hair of its natural moisture and softness. In addition, one of the most commonly asked questions we receive as the premiere luxury salon for hair extensions in Denver is whether our clients will still be able to curl, straighten, and style their hair as they’re used to.

Our professional opinion is yes, with the right extensions and the right technique! Get ready to sizzle with stunning, luxurious hair extensions for every style and occasion. 

The Best Hair Extension Type for Heat Styling

If you’re guilty of frequent curling, straightening, and blow-drying, there’s no need to quit heat styling simply to maintain your hair extensions. High-quality hair extensions, as opposed to clip-ins or DIY extensions that can be installed at home, offer a salon-level standard of excellence that mimics real hair. For best results, avoid synthetic hair extensions. Opt instead for hair extensions in Denver that are threaded with 100% pure REMI hair. Not only will these radiant tresses look and feel more natural, but REMI hair is better able to withstand heat.

When it comes to caring for hair extensions in Denver, we know the winters are cold and our community is full of avid hikers and gym-goers. This means plenty of blow drying and flat ironing to keep our locks flawless. When working with Keratin bonded hair extensions or I-Tip extensions, avoid direct contact with the bond. Two inches from the root is generally a safe estimate. This rule of thumb also goes for tape-in hair extensions, whereas hand-tied extensions are a bit more durable.

Never exceed 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit when styling hair extensions with a flat iron or curler.

Always apply a heat a protectant spray before styling. Kérastase’s L’Incroyable Blowdry Creme is a great choice for maintaining hair extensions in Denver. You can still pair your at-home beauty routine with a smoothing conditioner before flat ironing like Kérastase’s Fondant Fluidealiste. Just be careful to avoid applying conditioner directly to the bonds.

With a few extra precautions, you’ll heat up the fashion scene with your dream hair extensions.

Alternatives to Heat Styling for Hair Extensions 

One of the many benefits of getting your hair extensions in Denver is access to insider knowledge from top salon professionals. A luxury stylist can best assess your hair’s condition and make recommendations based on how well your natural hair and extensions will tolerate heat styling. Are you concerned about maximizing the life of your hair extensions? Then try these heatless styling tricks as a safe, non-damaging alternative to flat ironing and blow-drying.

Air drying is the latest trend sweeping the home haircare scene by storm. Are you ready to join the legions of women who are breaking up with their hairdryers? Then jot down a few air dryer musts before embarking on your new journey. Always shake excess water out of your lovely tresses after a shower. Also, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel designed to fight frizz. Flip hair upside down and round brush for smoothness. You can use sculpting products like Kevin Murphy’s EASY.RIDER to add natural movement and curls to your extensions. 

For a smoother, sleeker look, try a bottom-up brushing technique while your hair is still damp. This can replace using a traditional flat iron.

Heatless beauty and style that simmers can be yours with a few easy tips and tricks for managing hair extensions in Denver. Book your hair extension appointment today with our Rocky Mountain glam squad.

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