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Looking for a low maintenance style that will simplify your daily routine? Or maybe you’re ready to take the plunge with a chic set of bangs, but you’re not sure if you can handle the upkeep. The search for effortless glam can be daunting! At Deseo Salon & BlowDry, we’re firm believers in carefree Colorado hair. There’s no need to commit to a high maintenance routine in order to love your style. In fact, bangs can be a great choice for minimalist beauty gurus. Brazilian Blowout bangs are the perfect choice for an easy hairstyle that will actually save you time in your everyday hustle, so book your smoothing treatment today.

Why a Brazilian Blowout?

You’ve probably seen before and after shots of Brazilian Blowouts on Instagram. This deep smoothing treatment is famous for creating jaw-dropping transformations. A professional straightening treatment, the Brazilian Blowout eliminates frizz and unlocks intense shine. Best of all, the treatment can be customized to preference, ranging from pin straight to soft curls.

Brazilian Blowouts last around 12 weeks and work well with any hair type.

Dynamite Bangs with Half the Maintenance

Bangs can be a tricky style to master. Notoriously sensitive to dry Denver air and prone to becoming an oily mess at the gym, the commitment to upkeep is an often cited reason for avoiding bangs.

Don’t let a little maintenance scare you away from staying on trend! Bangs can be classic, edgy, sophisticated, and everything in between. Discover how a Brazilian Blowout can minimize common bang-related woes and keep you looking (and feeling) fabulous.

Silky Smooth Brazilian Blowout Bangs

Getting bangs to lie flat and blend seamlessly into your fringe can be tough. It typically requires busting out the flat iron and utilizing a variety of serums and sprays. Worse, frequent heat treating can dry out your hair even more, leaving your locks frizzy and unmanageable.

Brazilian bangs naturally retain a light, silky texture that allows the hair to lay flat and retain elasticity. Your soft locks won’t poof or curl, even after a morning run or a night out. This means you can ditch the flat iron and start enjoying your day faster.

Master Any Hair Type

Another hesitation many beauty gurus have about bangs is whether or not they’ll work for their hair type. Thick hair is often problematic. Added volume can create a bowl cut bang that’s anything but cute! Likewise, thin hair is so fine that it can appear stringy if you skip a shampoo day.

A salon-quality straightening treatment nourishes hair so that your lovely locks stay fresh and hydrated. Brazilian Blowouts are great for thick, thin, and medium-textured hair. This takes the guesswork out of bangs, so you get the Pinterest-worthy cut you’ve been dreaming of — with no surprise barrel bangs!

Because treatments are long-lasting, your bangs won’t require intensive upkeep as they begin to grow out. When it’s time for a style refresh, book your next salon visit in advance. Simple, convenient, and hassle-free!

All Around Gorgeous

Not only will a Brazilian Blowout tame your bangs, but the uniform smoothness gives hair a seamlessly straight texture if you go for an all-over treatment. This means you won’t have to pull the rest of your hair into a bun or ponytail when you only have time to straighten your bangs. Salon-quality straightening treatments create smoothness throughout your tresses so you can wear your hair up, down, or anything in between.

Enriching treatments like these are the magic ingredient behind flawless glamour with half the work. So if you’re ready to embark on your next style adventure, schedule an appointment and get your Brazilian Blowout bangs in time for the holidays! When you stop by in December and purchase three styling products, you can also enjoy a 20% discount.

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