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Love a pop of color in your hair, but don’t love the constant root touch-ups? It’s hard to find time during life’s busy hustle to keep your style on point and flawless. Our Denver divas know the glam life doesn’t need to be high maintenance. But the colorists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry can give you a fantastic fall coloring style that doesn’t need root touch-ups quite as often. Consider these five styles for fabulous hair without the stress of strict touch-up schedules.

1. Blended Ombre

Go natural with a blended ombre! Your expert colorist can help match a warm or cool tone to your hair, painting in delicate highlights that fall seamlessly into your virgin locks. The ombre trend has been sweeping the fashion scene for years now and isn’t showing any signs of tapering off. One of the latest takes on this timeless aesthetic is the sombre — or softer ombre. This coloring style is great for fall and works well with a variety of hair types, textures, and complexions.

The best part? Roots are left untouched, which means less maintenance and more loving your sunny new hue.

2. Peek-A-Boo Highlights

If fashion color is your muse, peek-a-boo highlights are the way to go. Root touch-ups don’t have a strict schedule when color is applied underneath. Add a pop of pink or a lock of striking platinum to darker hair for a ponytail-worthy showstopper. If a subtle hint is more your style, pastels work well with lighter hair, while the much loved “oil slick” is perfect for brunettes. Colorful undercuts are also a fun way to give your hair new life, without the commitment of going “full color.”

It’s worth noting that dry or damaged hair may be best suited to a peek-a-boo highlight. This will allow the top layers to rest from intensive lightening, bleaching, and color treatments. While your roots get a break, your ballet buns, high ponies, and updo’s will continue to inspire!

3. Balayage

There’s more than one way to achieve sun-kissed radiance! Balayage is another way to bring out your hair’s lighter side without worrying about roots. The look is achieved by hand-painting highlights into the hair, such that the bottom layers are left darker to add a more subtle sense of dimension and texture.

The result? A beachy glow that only fades better with time! Talk to your stylist about the right balance of highlights that will frame your face but give your roots a bit of wiggle room.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance ‘do to get you through the busy season before the silly season, check out more looks on this list of autumn-inspired coloring styles that are chill in every sense of the word.

4. Choose Your Best Color

Ever notice how certain colors fade quicker? The resilience of each hue can depend a lot on the natural color pigments in your hair. Consult with your stylist and find a color that plays well with your naturally beautiful aesthetic. For examples, reds often work well with a variety of brunette hair types. A professional colorist can help identify the specific hue of auburn best suited to your features — and least likely to fade with time.

Once you’ve found your perfect look, protect your color and treat your hair right with high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Oribe’s award-winning line of runway-ready styling products is an excellent choice for maintaining color-treated hair. While this won’t remove root touch-ups from your calendar, it means you don’t have to worry about hitting the eight-week mark every time.

5. Love Your Color From Day 1 to Day 100

Box dyes and DIY coloring kits may seem like the ticket to Instagram worthy hair, but divas beware! Convenience isn’t worth sacrificing perfection. Achieving the desired color can be a tricky process, especially when light colors are involved. Boxed dyes and bleach kits will dry your hair out with harsh chemicals and unreliable processing times.

The secret to lasting hair color is getting it right the first time! Corrective color treatments may save the day in a pinch, but soft, radiant hair is best left in the hands of salon professionals. Trying to cut out salon treatments all together might have you booking an emergency session. So talk to your stylist about picking a color that won’t give you stress. Budget savvy beauty gurus will love saving the extra money on root touch-ups and cover-ups, while every diva will enjoy a fresh-off-the-runway style that lasts.

Need more reasons to book that next color adventure? Check out these 7 Reasons to Listen to Your Stylist About Salon Hair Color.

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