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Gorgeous simplicity is all the rage this fall. So enjoy a pop of colorful hairstyles to invoke the spirit of autumn — without the stress of regular touch-ups! As the beautiful Colorado summer draws to a close here in Denver, we know our glam-loving clients are already planning out their cooler weather look. The leaves are changing and so is your hair! Take a peek at these 5 low-maintenance hair coloring trends for fall, and bring the name your favorite look to your next appointment.

1. Golden Balayage Brunette

If you’re still enjoying your summer highlights, a smooth transition into golden balayage brunette may be just the lift your hair needs. Placement is everything when it comes to blending this autumnal look into either your virgin hair or older highlights. The secret? Keep the lightest strands near the end of the hair. Our luxury hairstylists are well-trained in color, with certifications from Wella, Kevin Murphy and Oribe color classes under their belts.

This style works best with a dark brunette base to create instant dimension with a warm, golden hue. Balayage fades naturally, with no root upkeep required during the busy season.

2. Mushroom Blond

Nothing says fall like a walk through the woods! Embrace your inner Alice in Wonderland with this toadstool inspired color. Mushroom blond is the perfect transitional color for the turn of the seasons. This dusky, ashy hue is rich in depth and works well on natural blonds looking to go a touch darker or light to medium brunettes hoping for a touch of twilight.

This color trend is great for any hair length due to its all-over tone and texture. Where ombres and balayage styles are best suited to longer locks, mushroom blonds can be seen rocking pixies, A-lines, and bobs.

3. Dirty Brunette

This twist on dirty blonds is the look to beat when it comes to dark-haired radiance and beauty. Highlights are kept neutral to enhance rich, cocoa locks. Think of this style as a spotlight for your brunette brilliance! Best of all, this hue works well on virtually all hair types and textures. Curly, kinky, and coily hair pairs especially nicely with this subtle color technique as toned strands create volume and dimension.

Maintenance is minimal as the dirty brunette aesthetic blends seamlessly into dark tones.

4. Faded Pastel

The list wouldn’t be complete without at least one groovy fashion color! Faded pastels are where it’s at for light-haired divas. Subtle hues of pinks, teals, and silvers grow out well. The slow fade aesthetic of a pastel do makes even months’ old hair feel fresh and fabulous.

While this color works best with cooler tones, those with warmer features and darker hair types may find their hearts drawn to the “sunset blend.” This chic new color trend involves painting pink and lavender streaks onto bleached sections of hair. The roots and upper sections are often left dark for a dramatic effect. This one is a winner for curly-haired divas!

While both the faded pastel and the sunset blend offer low-maintenance options for fashion color, the importance of daily maintenance cannot be understated when it comes to achieving a lasting look. The same cardinal rules apply for every color treatment:

  • Go sulfate-free with high-quality styling products.
  • Deep condition and embrace the magic of serums prior to heat treating.
  • Avoid over-washing hair.

Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray will be your hair’s new bff when it comes to keeping autumn styles sleek and radiant.

5. S’mores Fantasy

The image of bonfires and autumn vibes is complete in this effortless look that’s sure to be one of 2019’s best fall hair colors. S’mores hair starts with the chocolate by blending rich, brown roots into golden-brown highlights (your “graham crackers”) and ending with a light platinum reminiscent of toasted marshmallows.

With a look this dramatic, it’s hard to believe this hair color is as low-maintenance as it is on-trend!

Browse our selection of all-over color to subtle highlights when it’s time to start planning your fall hair color. While these hair coloring trends for fall might be on the top of your styling to-do list, Deseo is here to help with all of your hair’s need. When it comes to achieving maximum style for minimal maintenance, schedule a slot with our professional colorists beforehand so you can stress less and love your hair more.

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