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We’ve all gotten tired of our hair color. Maybe you’ve used the same color for years and it’s time for a change. Maybe you’ve tried a new color and it’s just not for you. If you want to undo your hair dye or start lightening your locks, it’s certainly possible. But professional hair color correction takes time. It’s about all restoring your hair and finding the right shade. What are some things to keep in mind as you embark on your color correction journey?

Professional hair color correction is a process.

First of all, it’s good to remember that if you want the best possible results, you won’t be able to instantly change your hair color. Actually, you may need to come back to the salon for several appointments to achieve the desired look. Here is what your professional hairstylist might do to help you make that professional hair color correction successful:

Good color correction needs a solid foundation.

The first step may be to detox your hair. Day in and day out, our hair follicles are exposed to external elements such as hard water, contaminants, and other substances. The first step to a color correction may be to remove all hard water buildup and residue from your hair with a cleansing shampoo. Your hair stylist may even do a strand test to determine the extent of damage and processing times. This first step is necessary in order to keep any dye applied to your hair consistent. Also, it ensures that your hair is not damaged by future treatments.

Along with the above step, your hair stylist may need to extract any dye left over from previous color treatments. This provides you with the best and most consistent results. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently get an unanticipated tone or shade, or even worse, damage your hair in the color correction process. Fortunately, there are a lot of great professional techniques that allow for gentle and effective dye removal.

Then we can reach your perfect new shade.

After your stylist has thoroughly cleansed your hair and extracted any remaining dye, they will lay the groundwork for further treatment. The next step may be to start the balayage process. But this shouldn’t always start with your target hair color. Instead, your stylist will most likely need to treat your hair in gradual steps and apply shades that become progressively closer to your desired objective. This can require several appointments in order to make your hair color look rich and clear, especially if you’re transitioning to a lighter color. For those who are used to box colors, this may be an adjustment in thinking. But in the end, it will be worth it!

As the balayage process progresses, your hair color will grow closer and closer to your end goal. Once you hit that target, all that will be left are root touch-ups. You and your stylist have succeeded. You achieved that gorgeous look you were looking for!

Give yourself and your hair reasonable expectations.

As we’ve mentioned, a professional hair color correction is usually a process. It requires some patience and planning. With reasonable expectations, you can enjoy the journey and get the results you want. Seek the assistance of an experienced, professional hair stylist who can help you navigate the process. They can help you select your final colors and the best steps from start to finish.

At Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver, our stylists will create a custom plan to correct your unwanted hair color. We know that you are looking for the perfect hair color, the perfect shade, and the perfect tone. That’s why we ensure that our color correction process yields beautiful results for our clients. Book an appointment today to take the first step.

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